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  • Horney boys in your area

    Notices, 1 week ago

    So you get delighted by horns? 
    No problem! Here you have a few to pick from!

    Black Wizard costume

    Mystic Dragon costume 


    Maybe you can also consider mixing it with this splendid drake skin set

  • Dragonspine Enclave is back!

    Notices, 2 weeks ago

    Dragonspine Enclave is back!

    From now on, the map will temporarily open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at times 02hs, 10hs and 18hs server time for the duration of 2 hours on each time frame.

    The first week, you will be able to continue with the quests in it with the old rewards, but as from next week, the special rewards will be removed and only the Wings will remain.

    You can also farm and pvp to get the bloody tokens in order to craft your pre elemental tops.

    These are the times for now but might be susceptible to changes in the future.


    Patch 285 change-log:

    - Dragonspine Enclave will now open for 2 hours on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at server times 02hs, 10hs, 18hs.
    - Fixed an issue that would dismount you when using UT skill and having the dismount at target setting enabled.
    - Leaders can now auto balance in mixed maps.
    - Leaders can now only use the Raid: Play action if the selected player is inside a safe zone.
    - Fixed an issue with auction board not showing tool tips correctly when mouse over.
    - New settings to change some of your chat message coloring, damage in/out and healing in/out.
    - New slot added for future body change skins.

    Client version has been changed. You know what to do.

  • I've heard you guys like purple

    Notices, 1 month ago

    So I put some purple into your purples; new weapon and shield skins: UniqueMoon

    Now available at our item shop!

  • Patch 283 change log

    Notices, 2 months ago

    - Dragonspine Enclave access has been closed for now.
    - The test period for Magic Dodge changes is over, skill goes back to normal.
    - Fixed an issue with one of the wings quest line, you will be able to continue it from now on.
    - Cloron Dragong and Fantasma Dragon are now callable bosses. HP has been increased a little bit.


    An update on the auto balance rule:

    Since new map is now closed and there is no need for compete for bosses, raids are no longer forced to accept autos for world bosses. It will be up to leaders to decide. But, when doing normal pvp outside boss areas, you must still accept autos. In short:

    You can reject autos when doing bosses.
    You cannot reject autos when doing only pvp in non boss areas.

    Reject notice still shows names mixed up. Will fix some other day :D

  • New shop items

    Notices, 2 months ago

    New weapon skins for you to pick! Code Name: (light)


    And in case you were feeling alone lately, you can pick this cute Mechanical Toad companion. 

  • New autobalance rule

    Notices, 2 months ago

    Starting today and until further notice, pvp raids must accept all auto balance requests when received (includes all maps).

    During boss time:
    - Raids can send request to other raids before or while fighting on a boss, request must be accepted only until one raid has to base or leave the boss area.
    - Auto balance request can only be stopped or rejected once one raid won the pushes, forcing the other raid to leave the area.
    - Forcing the other raid to leave the boss area means your raid won the fight and the boss. Other raid should not try to auto balance anymore until boss is dead.
    - In the case of one raid doing a boss and enemy raid comes to dispute it (for the first time), you also have to accept requests.

    Auto balance can be rejected only when:
    - PvP was around a boss or during a boss fight and after a somewhat balanced fight, your raid won the push, forcing the other raid to leave the boss area.
    - Requesting raid is not in line of sight or close by.
    - If you want to pve, have a party, not a raid.

    Failing to comply will lead to punishments.
    This temporal rule may change or evolve based on suggestions.

  • Patch 282 change log

    Notices, 2 months ago

    - The delay between Trade Chat messages was increased to 20 seconds, so you start using faction chat more.
    - Fixed combat log message not showing when you die by floor damage spells from mobs.
    - Added map notice messages when a raid rejects auto balance command.
    - Fixed auto balance popup to remain visible even if you die or teleport. To avoid missclick, popup will be shown for a few seconds before being able to press any buttons.
    - Fixed old FFA map so you can get kills.
    - Added bless auto unlock option because GMs keep forgetting to do it.
    - Fixed an issue that kept infinite dungeon status active when going back to character selection screen while inside of core.

    Client version has been changed. You know what to do.

  • Patch 280 change log

    Notices, 2 months ago


    - Removed another 2 skills from Dragonspine mobs that stun and kill players, because you are all weak and can't handle it.

    Defender / Guardian

    - All levels of the Armored Tank skill now have a cooldown of 40 seconds (was 80s)
    - The buff Magic Dodge now only protects against mind control effects
    - The passive skill Body Training no longer grants magical defense

    Archer / Hunter / Mage / Pagan

    - Changed the range falloff damage of affected skills to start at 75% down to 25% (was 60% and 0%)

    Ranger / Assassin

    - All levels of Dark Bomb skill now have 2m range (was 1m)

    Priest / Oracle

    - Added new skill Frost Barrier
    -- Frost Barrier Lv1 - Level 68 - 4 Points - 750 MP - Apply Range 3m - 30min Duration - WATER 1 - 2405 damage per tick
    -- Frost Barrier Lv2 - Level 78 - 4 Points - 1930 MP - Apply Range 3m - 30min Duration - WATER 1 - 3974 damage per tick

  • New friendos for you!

    Notices, 3 months ago

    A cute hatchling that will spit fire at your enemies, or try to. Welcome to MoltenDew!

    And just in case you already got mommy seahorse, 
    now you can bring her baby too; Sapphire Seahorse!

  • New mounts for you

    Notices, 3 months ago

    I bring you today, two new underwater friends for you to travel around! But be safe, don't drown!


    Deep Sea Warrior

    Big Spikey

  • Dragonspine Enclave is now open!

    Notices, 3 months ago

    The highly-anticipated Dragonspine Enclave, our newest PvP map, is finally here!

    Get ready to dive in and help those in need by defeating the hordes that protect this ancient place. 
    Fight your way into the peaks and discover what lies within. A new (not too long) questline is awaiting for you to be completed.

    But, the heart of Dragonspine Enclave holds a secret, for it is the exclusive source of the coveted pre-elemental tops. These unique pieces of armor come with their very own elemental stone infused within, granting you a little bit of extra room for more power. But obtaining these extraordinary gear sets won't be easy. Brace yourselves for challenging encounters with bosses, mobs, and PvP battles, as you gather the required ingredients to craft them.

    One of these ingredients will be Bloody Tokens. A currency that players will acquire by slaying enemies in this map. The more foes you defeat, the richer you become! Collect these tokens and use them to purchase a variety of goodies, from rare crafting materials to special event items only obtainable in this place.

    We value your participation and feedback greatly. As we venture into Dragonspine Enclave, we will closely monitor the gameplay experience and make any necessary adjustments or enhancements based on your invaluable input.

    Gather your weapons, rally your allies, and prepare for an exhilarating journey through Dragonspine Enclave.



    - the map will be available as 'event' for one month
    - after event period ends, this map will open and close during the week, something similar to mists (TBA)
    - items in the black market may vary in price and/or availability
    - pre-elemental tops are a copy of original tops but have +20 to all stats (which is what you get by linking an elemental stone)
    - pre-elemental tops cannot be linked with any other elemental gems
    - I believe I've tested everything, but if you find some issue, let us know.

    Extra patch notes:

    - Fixed a click through issue in last slot of raid window.
    - Added new Infinite Duals for level 15, 29, 59, 80 with same stats as spears, so you can use dual sword skins. Obtainable from same sources as the others.

    Client version has been changed, you know what to do.

  • A bit of fashion for our pandas

    Notices, 3 months ago

    They are finally here! Two new sets of beautiful hand crafted armor for our lovely panda warriors.

    White Dragon

    Black Guard

  • Dragonspine Enclave

    Notices, 3 months ago

    A new land will soon be available for everyone to go in and discover its secrets. 
    New quests, new monsters and powerful new bosses reside and protect this place. It will be up to you to fight them off and restore peace where it's most needed.

    We would like to invite all our players to watch a small trailer I've made for you.

  • Become a ninja!

    Notices, 3 months ago

    Start training today with these ancestral weapons skins and unlock your full potential.. or not.
    Now available at our item shop: (ninja) weapon and shield skins!

  • Patch 277 change-log

    Notices, 3 months ago

    - Dark Lord has grown up and is now a full boss. Raid will have to /call it and will have to follow boss killing rules.
    - Fixed mobs getting brighter when other mobs talk.
    - Fixed an issue with the new dismount setting, it should work as intended now.
    - Fixed an issue with some key binds still working even with chat open.
    - Fixed an issue with hit numbers showing wrong colors on some players.
    - Skill lock setting will now also lock party and raid windows in place. You can still move them if you hold down control and drag the windows.

    Client version has been changed. You know what to do.

  • Patch 275 change-log

    Notices, 3 months ago

    - Fixed Discord rich presence display, added extra buttons for others to join us.
    - Magic Roots is now unpotable. Can only be removed by dispel. CD increased from 13 to 20 seconds and duration decreased at max level from 4 to 3 seconds.
    - Fixed some issues with minimap/worldmap render, not showing npc icons. Also improved it a little.
    - Fixed monster chat to be shown like normal players chat.
    - Fixed an issue with chat box, it made the client crash at some point while switching channels.
    - Applied a fix to FFA map to try to prevent the game from spawning you inside structures. Will see how it goes.
    - Fixed an issue with quick slot bars that made you cast a wrong skill while mounted.
    - The Market has been redesigned to have a built dock. A new land will be open soon.

    Client version has been changed. You know what to do.

  • 2 new wild skins appear

    Notices, 4 months ago

    Just for you, 2 new skins to replace your ugly weapons with these beautifully crafted pieces. 

    Now available at our item shop, look for them as (r013) and (steampunk)

  • Command your forces in style

    Notices, 4 months ago

    With this newly available outfit, The Commander. An all dark tones, just like everyone likes it.


    Or maybe you prefer to fight in red and gold, with this Huangyan set, the choice is yours!

  • Patch 273 change-log

    Notices, 4 months ago

    - Easter event disabled. Brunnietta NPC will remain there for 2 or 3 more days, allowing players to finish using all tokens.
    - New User Settings to toggle Discord Rich Presence on|off, along with extra settings to show name, map or class if needed.
    - Fixed an issue that was causing shuffle command to break auto balance commands.
    - Fixed party/raid kick command so gamesages can be kicked.
    - New skill bar buttons to allow players to change the amount of slots on each bar.
    - New special dye system that will allow players to chose the color values of the item instead of getting one random (unobtainable atm).

    Client version has been changed. You know what to do.

  • An easter friend for you

    Notices, 5 months ago

    Easter is getting close to be over and I've forgot to present you Madame Bunny!

    I've also added the missing War Mounts and Combat Mounts for other races. 
    Check them out at our item shop!

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