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  • Comics Maker!

    Events & Promotions, 4 days ago
    Comics Maker Event Hosted by [GS]Unholy

    Event start date: Tuesday 02nd !
    The event over date: Tuesday 9th !

    Its time to make you own comics story!
    If you have a story in your head that you would bring to a comic!

    1.: Only images taken in the game can be used.
    2.: It cannot contain violence, offensive content, harrassmen and please avoid nasty worlds to.
    3.: You can use you own Comics speech bubble to and you can use any program what you can, to make you story!
    4.: You can ask you friends help with PrintScreens if your story is multiplayer, but do not share with us the characters names in the comics!
    5.: Your story should have a minimum of one page and a maximum of 5 pages. The reading direction is from left to right!
    6.: Mounts, Pets and mobs can talk at you story to!

    GMs and GSs will vote for the best stories and there will be three ranking lists. Each place has a total of 5 winners.

    Join our discord server to submit your comics!

    If you don't have editing tools, you can use this site:

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  • Time to look like a hobo!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 1 week ago
    Do you want to look like hobo UZC?
    You can now! with the now available Spheniscidae costume.

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  • Patch 152: End of Easter

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 weeks ago
    Hello everyone!

    Sadly our Easter Event has to go and as I have said before, all unopened baskets have been removed, but maybe good things come with this.
    We have introduced a series of changes that could help a little with the amount of ranged players and the overall damage output of these classes. A few touches here and there to bring some sense to it.

    Also, I have created a new map for those players that keep doing 2v2 duels, or 3v3, or 4v4, etc.
    It was not considered stat pad in the past but from now on, it will. I'll modify our rules to include these open matches and make them illegal.
    From now on, if you want to do practice matches with your friends, you will have to use this map as in it, you won't get any kills, it also supports mixed parties, just in case you want to train with friend from your own faction.

    The new client is close to be ready, some players have been helping with testing and feedback and seems like everything is almost done. I'll post later a public version so more can test it out before forcing it in a future update.

    Now the change-log:
    - Added invisible walls and push back portals to Cantabilian bases.
    - Added invisible walls and push back portals to Kanos Ilium bases.
    - Fixed floor skeletons in Locus Graveyard.
    - Boss /call can only be done with an open party, to avoid mistakes.
    - New mixed party map in Move to Battlefield window for party pvp duels (2v2, 3v3, etc). Kills in this map won't count. All other 2v2, 3v3, etc done in normal maps will be considered stat padding and everyone involved will be punished.
    - Fixed move to party member when in mixed raid.
    - Kills required to change the bless levels have been increased.

    Guardian | Defender
    - Skill DayFly range changed from 6,7,8,9 meters to 6,8,10,12 meters.

    Mage | Pagan
    - Skill Meteor Strike, Kamain Breath cool down changed from 150,170,190,210 seconds to 180,200,220,240 seconds.

    Mage | Pagan | Priest | Oracle
    - Skill Magic Arrow range changed from 27 meters to 24 meters.

    Archer | Hunter
    - Skills Arrow Bombing, Blood Rain, Fan Shot area of effect range changed from 3,4,5,6,7,8 meters to 2,2,3,4,5,6 meters.
    - Skill Arrow Bombing cool down changed from 15 seconds to 20 seconds.
    - Skill Blood Rain, Fan Shot, Bomber Shot cool down changed from 12 seconds to 20 seconds.

    Ranger | Assassin
    - Skill Death Touch damage changed from current HP to max HP, skill state changed from death to normal.
    - Skill Sprinter duration changed from 60,80,100,120 seconds to 20 seconds and move speed increased from 2 to 4.
    - Skill Stealth will now increase your move speed by 1.

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  • Last days of easter!

    Events & Promotions, 4 weeks ago
    We couldn't end Easter Season without releasing these 2 cuties! If you still want to own a perfectly healthy rabbit as a pet or mount, this is your chance!
    Now available at item shop until seasonal event is done (that might be around the 15th of this month).

    Mr Tails

    Lucky Feet

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  • Our beloved nightfury had a baby!

    Events & Promotions, 1 month ago
    Welcome to Baby Fury!

    He might not look fearsome yet, but give it time! We will soon need to find him a new mommy.

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  • Bunnies are out!

    Events & Promotions, 1 month ago
    New scary bunnies are now available at our item mall! Check out the New Shop Items category.

    We also have this beauty: Nibbles!

    All pets come in its two versions, normal and critical.
    Hope they find a good family.

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  • The Piggy Brothers!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago
    Let me introduce you to this family of Piggy brothers! They come in all kinds, from most pretty to most dirty.
    Available now at item mall.

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  • A late Easter? Never!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago

    Happy Easter everyone!

    It's finally here! You thought I would forget? Maybe I did!

    Join now, gather your friends and adventure into the Bunnies Hideout, a place full of diabolic invaders from another plane! Fight your way into the deeper chambers and discover what lies beneath.
    But be careful because the enemy faction has already settled up some forces in there.

    Capital cities have received a decoration overhaul, with new NPCs and Quests for you to complete.
    Most daily quests will reward you with a crafting material that you will use to see if you have enough luck to craft a brand new 64k Microchip. You can also craft the old Heavenly Wings if you decide to, from last Easter season.
    Get some juicy new titles! New item slot in inventory for title items that you can get from quests or drops and share with your friends.
    Two new experimental weapon and shield skins! Not in drops yet, but I'll be adding those soon.
    There will be new pets and mounts too, just wait for more announcements!

    I have created a GM command (for now) that will allow us to switch someone's faction while they are online, without modifying their sets or appearance, it will tell the server that you belong to the other faction, allowing you to form groups with them, respawn in their cities, be friend with their npcs, etc., just like if you were from that faction. This change will only affect your character while you are online, after relog, you will go back to your original faction.
    We will be testing this to see how it behaves in live server and to see if it can help balance the daily pvp by moving some people around.
    Don't be afraid if you see enemies with white name in your base!

    I don't know if are all aware, but I have been working on re-coding the whole game system that is in charge of loading of assets, this is a slow process but I think that it will improve considerably the game performance. Might have something done by the end of this month. We will see.
    For now, I have made a few changes in game to reduce some little freezes here and there and also I have added a new player command /costumes on|off that will make everyone have the same costume once you re-enter the zone.
    This could reduce freezes in big pvp, because you won't have to load the different designs.

    Hope you all enjoy farming and pvping in game.

    Some extra changes:
    - Super Potions are now Level 1, so you can use them in Lv15 PvP.
    - OJ Transfer Item will now allow the transfer between different accessory types.

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  • Update 146

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago
    Patch 146 change-log:

    - Item OJ Transfer and Item Enchant Transfer will now allow you to transfer between different armor pieces. Item Link Transfer will still require same kind pieces.
    - Teleport actions are now allowed in sitters maps so long you are outside the safe zone.
    - Fixed the "IgnoreBless" in events maps. It should be working now.
    - Fixed an issue that made players spawn under objects when moving from one map to another.
    - Fixed click on name to whisper.
    - Updated skill tooltips to show more reliable information.
    - Fixed potion bar and R bar tooltips.
    - Increased the amount of slots for R bar from 6 to 10.
    - Fixed words disappearing for Verde when typing $, space, word, space.
    - Skill Call of the Goddess (untouchable) duration extended to 15 seconds for Ranger/Assassin and Archer/Hunter that respawn inside FFA or Mixed maps.
    - Skill Call of the Goddess (untouchable) duration extended to 20 seconds for Mage/Pagan and Priest/Oracle that respawn inside FFA or Mixed maps.

    - Implemented a piece of code to maintain the ram usage between set limits. To test this out, you must add or edit the following lines to your CONFIG.INI file under [VIDEO]

    - Increased the amount of lines for chat history from 100 to 500. You can set your own value between these numbers in your config.ini file.

    - Defender | Guardian
    -- Skill Dayfly target changed to raid except caster. This means everyone in raid will get the buff except the player using it.
    -- Skill Entice duration changes from 1,2,3 seconds to 2,3,4 seconds.
    -- Skill Greater Provocation duration changed from 3,4,5 to 2,3,4 seconds.

    - Fighter | Warrior
    -- Skill Rising Uppercut duration increased by 2 seconds per level and ability value increased by 50% of old value.

    - Locus Graveyard
    -- Some extra lv82+ mobs will spawn for the faction that controls the altar. These mobs will also drop PAL Boxes.

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  • New mounts!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago
    New mounts at item mall!

    Phoenix (don't confuse it with old phoenix)
    You can die all you want, but this mount will keep coming back!

    Fly around the world in this mini red rocket!

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  • Update 145: Random fixes and changes

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago

    In this patch I have addressed some few random things but between others, the most important one that you have to make sure you read and understand is that we have changed the required rank on guild members to take items out of guild warehouse from 2 to 3. This means you can set even more people but also means that you have to pay attention when giving rank to your guild mates.
    To make sure no one can access warehouses without leader permission, I have moved all actual rank 3 players to rank 4.
    I don't want people complaining about guild members taking items without permission. You have been notified.

    Patch 144 change-log

    - Important: guild members with rank 3 will now be allowed to take items out of your guild warehouse. For this reason, I have moved all existent rank 3 into rank 4, just in case.
    - One Hand Axes and One Hand Swords have received a change on damage so both have the same values.
    - Skill Long Range cool down decreased from 300s to 100s.
    - Skill Pantera Vision status changed from death to flat damage. It will now work on players using Transformation Skill.
    - Skill Bloody Arc range changed from 0m to 2m.
    - Duels made at Arena will now reset your cool downs but only if both players have the same class.
    - The Lost Groves (Sitters) has been redesigned to add two bases and sitters zone at each base. You will have to do with that for now until I find a way to create safe zones in the sky.
    - The Mists (PvP) will now have invisible walls around spawn and push back portal at bases entrance. Only snipers will be left at base.
    - Old Jungle changed to balanced pvp system with automatic sitters zone once 30v30 is reached.
    - Events maps such as Stadium, FFA, Mixed will not increase bless when someone dies in them.
    - Game window will now blink (at taskbar and if not in focus) when you receive private messages or when you are required to answer a popup message like trade, combat, invites, etc.
    - [Whisper] tag changed to [From] and [To] respectively.

    That's all for now, please report any issues you might find.

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