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  • Patch 194 Change Logs

    Announcements & Maintenances, 4 days ago
    Patch 194 change-log

    - New user options to set camera max distance and default distance when teleporting or changing maps.
    - New user option to enable | disable moving to range for healing and dispel skills.
    - New user option to ignore allies when you use mouse to target unless control key is held down.
    - New color options to set the default color for some of the texts in game, such as character names or damage numbers.

    Remember to replace your Game.exe if you use Dev Client, zip file inside your game folder.

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  • Slinky, the god of thunder!

    Events & Promotions, 2 weeks ago
    Oh, it seems like the God of Thunder has decided to pay us a visit!
    Get yours while you can and zap everyone around you!

    Welcome Slinky! our newest mount companion.

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  • Year of the Ox !

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 weeks ago

    The Year of the Ox comes bearing new companions, mounts and costumes!
    Be one of the first to adopt the fearsome and cute Shishi, they will protect you, even while you sleep!

    The lunar new year must not catch you wearing old and raggedy clothes! Get your Lunar Festivities today!

    And if you still have time, don't miss the 2 new mounts:



    Oh! And while you prepare the fashion display, your Commander will be showing off at Apulune and Iris to give you more Kill Orders!
    Quest will be available for the duration of the seasonal festivities, so hurry up and get those juicy new recreation runes!

    Old-Timey Collection #24 is also available!

    Patch 190 change log:
    - Skill Scouting will now also show the size of that player's raid (if any).
    - Untouchable potions have been removed and replaced with a no cost skill that does the same. CD of this skill varies depending on your class.
    - Option added to show own hp bar below character name.

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  • 1v1 Tournament !

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 weeks ago
    [1v1 Tournament]

    It is time for another 1v1 tournament, held between Dreams and staff members.
    Event will take place on Feb 20th, 2021
    Last day to apply and have your fee paid is: Feb 18th, 2021
    Inscription Fee: 10 gold bars.

    Prizes for first place on each class:
    1 Microchip 64k
    1 Elemental Stone of choice (+20 ele)
    2 Triple Battlefield Rune
    3000 AP

    Special Price
    1 Wing of choice (given randomly to one of the 6 winners)

    Prices for second place on each class:
    1 Double Battle Rune (30d)
    1000 AP

    The 10 gold bars fee must be in the inventory of the participant, if gold is not found by the 18th, that account will be banned until tournament is over.
    To apply and more information, visit this link:

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  • Old Timey #14

    Events & Promotions, 1 month ago
    Aaah, the good old times...

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  • Old Timey #19 is here!

    Events & Promotions, 1 month ago
    Old Timey #19 (or human blue chicken) now available at our item shop!
    There is previews for all classes and races like always.

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  • Maintenance 22-01-21 : Change Log

    Announcements & Maintenances, 1 month ago
    Patch 185 change-log:

    - Good bye Christmas season u.u
    - Fixed click to whisper function
    --- lead and raid messages can be clicked
    --- filtered (hidden) messages will be ignored
    - Player name on Boss call messages can now be [control + right clicked] to join that raid.
    - Removed the small hill on VI next to oasis to mirror aol side.
    - New User Option to change the screenshot's folder.
    - Healing abilities will now show the full healed amount in chat log.
    Test Change: Fighter | Warrior skills will now have 0.5% life leech for every enemy player within 20 meters, up to a maximum of 40%.

    Changes on Healing Spells

    - Heal 3000 increased to 6000
    - Cast time 0.5 decreased to 0.25
    - MP 4534 increased to 6801

    Great Heal
    - Heal 8000 increased to 12000
    - Cast time 1 decreased to 0.5
    - MP 4007 increased to 12021
    - It will also use Dispel Lv2 on the target

    Hasty Heal
    - Heal 15000 increased to 20250
    - No cast
    - MP 10680
    - Cooldown 50 seconds

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  • Happy New Year!

    Events & Promotions, 2 months ago
    We at EterniaGames would like thank you all for another wonderful year together, with its ups and downs, lefts and rights.
    A new year starts soon and we have to face it with all our energies, we hope you have a great night and a happy new year, surrounded by all your family and loved ones.

    Don't drink too much, be nice.

    If you need to go fast somewhere, don't worry, Minna will help you!
    And if you want to still look christmassy, then you can wear the latest Red Winter garment.

    Once again, have a great new year!

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  • Secret Santa over

    Events & Promotions, 2 months ago
    Our Secret Santa event is over, with almost 140 participants, thank you all for taking part of this gift exchange process.
    Some have sent wonderful gifts while others just sent items you get from lv1 mobs, but its fine.

    We have also had people that didn't send anything and will receive an account ban until 1st of January.

    - Yukko
    - SoulFroze
    - CollectHunter
    - Mizuki
    - .Neko.
    - Joerisa
    - .BeNgel.
    - Mrs.Wine
    - Sicane
    - J.A.F.O.
    - FakiR85
    - Shou
    - Rever

    Don't apply for events you won't complete, there was people waiting for their gifts and you disappointed them.

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  • A new family

    Events & Promotions, 2 months ago
    The noise of swords and maces clashing each other was so loud that little Knut woke up from his nap.
    Now, along with his dad, Nanook, they both will travel around the realms of winter, munching the knees of those responsible!

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  • Last 2 days on Secret Santa!

    Events & Promotions, 2 months ago

    Remember that you have until 28th of December to send your gifts!
    I'll start banning after that date!

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  • Secret Santa matching is done!

    Events & Promotions, 2 months ago

    The matching of players for our Secret Santa event is ready!
    You can start sending those gifts to them, remember that you have time until 28th of December!
    Send some good gifts, don't be a grinch.

    Thank you all for applying, we had around 180 happy participants.

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  • Winter is cold, but they are not

    Events & Promotions, 2 months ago
    Born from extreme cold, elemental monsters that terrorize the valley of the realm of winter.
    They are now at your command!

    Frozen Vengance

    Frozen Paw

    Manny the Mammoth

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  • Secret Santa !

    Events & Promotions, 2 months ago

    It is time to stop being a grinch and share one of all those hoarded up items you have laying around your warehouses!
    It is time to make true the Spirit of Christmas and share your love with a random stranger!

    Time for Secret Santa event!

    Apply today and get matched with a random player to exchange gifts between each other.
    You have time until December 24th to apply.
    The matching process will be done on December 25th and from that day up to December 28th, you will be able to send your gifts.

    Don't be lame and forget to send your gifts, might lead to some headaches your way.

    Go to and apply!

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  • What a beautiful girl

    Events & Promotions, 2 months ago
    All good boys needs a good girl at their side... get your Miss BauBau and find her the perfect companion!

    Miss BauBau

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  • Good bye Halloween!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago
    Today was the last day of the seasonal event, I hope everyone enjoyed farming and playing during this time, but now we have to look ahead, into Christmas.

    See you all in game!

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  • Patch 173 Change Logs

    Announcements & Maintenances, 4 months ago
    Patch 173 change-log

    - Drop of quest items will now be random between all members of a raid, instead of in sequential order.
    - Halloween quest items are now tradeable.
    - Fixed some issues with normal client, making characters go invisible.
    - Skill Hell's Claw apply range changed to 4 meters.
    - Skill Divine Burst hit type changed from fixed to additional magic damage. Apply range changed to 4 meters and cool down to 30 seconds. Abnormal condition Death removed.
    - Skill Target Lock duration changed to 50s, 150s cool down.
    - Skill Long Range duration changed to 50s, 150s cool down.

    Testing new functionality
    - Skills Blood Rain, Fan Shot and Bomber Shot apply range changed to 8 meters. Only in PvP: your selected target gets hit by 100% of the damage, all enemies around this target will take reduced damage starting at 60% power and down to 0% based on range to center of the skill. In PvE: all targets get hit by 100% of damage.

    For those who won't understand what this means, in simple words, you cast these skills on someone, that player will receive 100% damage, but those around him will receive 60% of damage and those further away from him will receive less and less damage down to minimal damage.

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  • Rules update

    Announcements & Maintenances, 4 months ago
    Rules has been updated to accommodate a new behavior some seem to be having.

    16. Raid Fixing
    Raid Fixing is the act of moving people around tabs in a raid to fix their positions for a better PvP experience.
    Moving players to be alone when there is space for them in another tab, will be considered harassment and you will be punished accordingly.
    Punishment Type: Moderate.

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  • Summer event ends soon

    Announcements & Maintenances, 4 months ago
    I hope you had some fun with the summer event, but sadly, it will end soon, probably this Wednesday 28th.
    Map will stay, but quests will be removed, make sure you use all those pvp tokens as they will become useless after event ends.
    Bosses in that map will also go away for their own vacations.

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  • A new destination

    Announcements & Maintenances, 6 months ago

    A new land has been discovered... once hidden by a dense fog, a secret to all of us.. now both factions have made foot hold in it waiting for the ties of war to balance for each of them. Now it is your turn to venture there and discover what it has to offer.

    Welcome to Volcano Island, a place of mysteries and secrets, a place of thieves and scoundrels, the perfect location for some vacations.

    New quests have been added to this map, some are hidden, some are visible, more will come later.
    New titles, pets, mounts and much more!

    Patch 161 change-log:
    - D-Water bridges to access Caelum portals will now have pushback portals and invisible walls around them.
    - Jungle bridges to go into enemy spawn will now have pushback portals making the entering to those island illegal.
    - Skill Fire Strike (Mage/Pagan) spell damage has been doubled and made unpotable.
    - Skill Missile Salvo (Mage/Pagan) spell extra damage was added back, cool down reduced from 43 to 35 seconds.
    - Skill Arrow Bombing (Archer/Hunter) has been made unpotable.
    - Skill Death Touch (Ranger/Assassin) damage changed from (65, 70, 75, 80)% to (35, 40, 45, 50)% max HP.
    - Fixed an issue that prevented the showing of the right click menu in party.
    - Fixed an issue that made F1-F6 not add a yellow mark on raid window when you are in tabs 2 to 5.
    - Removed sound notification for /raid chat.
    - General fixes and improvements to the new Fixer/Respawner system.
    - Successfully enchanting items with normal lapisias will now auto select the lapisia like when you fail.
    - New chat filter options to show or hide raid messages and notices (including raid mark messages).
    - VSync was added to the game as a default setting, you can turn it off in options window if you decide to. What does it do? It keeps your game at a maximum of 60 frames per second to prevent gpu overuse. If you disable it, the maximum changes to 300 fps. In this game, having more than 60 fps is just a waste of energy.

    Dev Client was added as default executable to have a wider range of tests. This client uses a smart cache to store most used files into memory preventing reload of assets that cause freeze in game. It is in development but we think it works fine at this point. If you still want to use the old one (because of issues you might have), you can download the normal game.exe and replace by using this link:
    Just download, open and extract into your game folder, replacing the other one.

    We have heard the feedback about current status of Mage/Pagan and we will be releasing more changes adjusting their damage until we find values we can all agree on.

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  • Patch 157 : Magic Nerf !

    Announcements & Maintenances, 8 months ago
    The long awaited Mage / Pagan nerf is here.

    We didn't want to just nerf their damage because that would impact on the usability of the class in low numbers pvp. That's why we have decided to do some changes here and there to make the most powerful spells less op and still give the class some use and power.

    Along with this, we believe Archer / Hunter had too many aoe impact skills, so we changed one to be just aoe debuff instead of damage + debuf. This will reduce a little the overall output damage without being too significant.

    We also gave Fighter / Warrior the ability to take Fleet Foot so they can survive a little longer behind enemy lines.

    All these changes are focused on maintaining a more balanced damage over the amount of numbers we have in pvp.

    Now, the technical stuff...
    Patch 156 change-log

    Mage / Pagan changes:
    - Damage from INT changed from 1.5 per point to 1.4 per point.
    - Damage from WIS changed from 1.3 per point to 1.2 per point.
    - Skill Transformation bonus INT received changed from (55*CharLevel) to (27*CharLevel).
    - Skill Kamain Breath overall damage reduced from 1000, 2400, 3990, 16000 to 800, 1600, 3990, 14000 (Lv15, Lv30, Lv60, Lv80)
    - Skill Meteor Strike overall damage reduced from 2000, 4000, 8246, 32000 to 1200, 2900, 8246, 20000 (Lv15, Lv30, Lv60, Lv80)
    - Skill Missile Salvo is now instant cast, 6m aoe, no element.
    - Skill Turbulence is now instant cast, 6m aoe, no element.
    - Skill Fire Strike is now a damage over time aoe debuff, non potable, only dispelable.
    - Skill Arcane Aura is now a party buff that gives 100, 200, 600, 1200 Magic Resist. (Lv15, Lv30, Lv60, Lv80)
    - Skill Cosmic Rage bonus Magic Attack changed from 500 to 200.

    Archer / Hunter changes:
    Skill Arrow Bombing is now a damage over time aoe poison debuff, potable, dispelable.
    Skill Blood Rain cd changed from 20s to 16s.
    Skill Fan Shot cd changed from 20s to 18s.

    Fighter / Warrior changes:
    - Skill Fleet Foot was added. 6 seconds duration, 3 minutes cd, 100% evasion versus ranged attacks. (this change is a test change, could be removed if we see it becomes too strong)

    Other changes:
    - Pet orange stats reduction in Lv15 and Lv30 zones have been rolled back to normal, so you can still opt for normal pet with high OJs or crit pet with low OJs.
    - Res on Leader delay changed from 10s to 6s.
    - Two Handed Swords, Axes and Blunt weapons range has been changed from 1m to 2m.

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  • Friendly Reminder: Be aware!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 8 months ago
    There has been some reports of a random guy named as me, adding people to discord to invite them to a new event, giving random links to cloned websites.

    Remember that staff members will never ask or require for your username or passwords. We can just get any information by asking for a character name.
    Also, we only have one website and it is No staff would ask you, ever, to login on a different site.

    When chatting with a staff member in discord, make sure you check the Mutual Server tab to check if that user comes from EG Discord.
    If you have doubts, you can go to the staff list message in our discord and compare the IDs with the person you are chatting with.

    Be smart, be cautious... all strange activity must be analyzed first.

    Tim got a message from FakeUZC asking to join his website and login and vote for a new event, website was
    Tim used his account information to log in that site and voted as normal, FakeUZC said thanks and went away.

    Don't be like Tim, Tim is naked now.

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