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  • New weapon and shield skins!

    Notices, 4 days ago

    This time, we bring you the run skin in its B and C variations (runb and runc). 
    Now available at our item shop.

  • Patch 252 change log

    Notices, 3 weeks ago

    - Removed balance by numbers from auto balance command. Only classes will be balanced for now.
    - Added new temp fc buff levels for gm command to grant 12h, 24h, 7d or 30d buff.
    - Players faction changed by staff wont be fc around when raids do auto balance.
    - Players faction changed by player command, will now receive 1 extra kill point every 7 gained, as reward for helping balance pvp. This wont trigger on temp fc made by staff.
    - Auto balance command CD increased to a proportional value up to a maximum of 3 minutes, to prevent spam.
    - GM can now kick GS from raids.

    Mage | Pagan
    - Increased the physical and ranged defense granted by Magic Mask Lv4 from 836 to 1036.

    Monk | Druid
    - Increased CD on all levels of Mystic Ember from 30s to 35s.
    - Reduced Mystic Ember Lv4 Additional damage from +1730 to +1530.
    - Reduced Mystic Ember Lv5 Additional damage from +3120 to +2120.
    - Increased CD on all levels of Pyroclasm from 18s to 22s.
    - Increased CD on all levels of Static Slam From 18/16s to 20s.
    - Increased CD on all levels of Crash Lightning from 10s to 12s.
    - Reduced Crash Lightning Lv5 Additional damage from 8168 to 6568.
    - Reduced the attack power granted by the Divine Greatstaff Lv5 buff from 320 to 280.
    - Reduced the attack power granted by the Galeforce Strike Lv5 buff from 320 to 280.
    - Changed all levels of Cataclysmic Impact to now hit only once.
    - Increased Cataclysmic Impact Lv1 Additional damage from +1000 to +2500.
    - Increased Cataclysmic Impact Lv2 Additional damage from +1600 to +3800.
    - Increased Cataclysmic Impact Lv3 Additional damage from +4000 to +6000.
    - Increased Cataclysmic Impact Lv4 Additional damage from +6000 to +8500 (keeps the scaling AoE).
    - Reduced the damage reduction gained while under the effect of Astral Fade by 10% on all levels. 

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update. 

  • Patch 249 change-log

    Notices, 1 month ago

    - Fixed quests not triggering the popup on completion. You can now talk to the npc or use the item that gave you the quest to complete it if all requirements are fulfilled.
    - New setting to change the color of your skill cooldown numbers.
    - Skill cooldown numbers get bigger when its less than a minute, for better readability.
    - Fixed not being unmounted when a mob uses polymorph on you.
    - Fixed stat reset stone not properly resetting your kill rank.

    - Panda skill changes
    -- Fixed some panda skills consuming more fury than the one displayed in tooltip.
    -- Fixed panda untouchable skill to not stop for an animation when used.
    -- Fixed tab location for some of the skills.
    -- Astral Fade duration changed to 6s, increased damage reduction by 5% per level and added 100% ranged protection for its duration.
    -- Increased and adjusted the damage of several skills at lower tiers.
    -- Increased and adjusted the damage of some skills at max level.
    -- Reworked Cataclysmic Impact Lv4 to hit twice for 6000 additional damage, increasing its damage by +15% per target hit up to a maximum of 75% at 5 targets.
    -- Increase the bonus damage % of Dragon's Rage and White Tiger's Fury Lv4 skills to 110%.
    -- Static Slam is now a 3/4 meters AOE around your target. CD changed to 18s/16s. 

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update. 

  • Rose is here!

    Notices, 2 months ago

    Gift someone you love this precious flower companion, its so adorable you won't want it gone.

    Now available at our item shop!



  • Patch 248 change-log

    Notices, 2 months ago

    Some small fixes that needed to be done, hope everyone is having a good day.

    - Fixed core exit point for pandas. 
    - Fixed some wrong text descriptions. 
    - Fixed default costumes off display for pandas. 
    - Fixed Dragon's Rage not doing intended extra damage. 
    - Removed cast/animation from panda Untouchable skill so it works like in other classes. 
    - Fixed market to only include the selected category when doing a search by name. 

  • Summer Update!

    Notices, 2 months ago

    New Player Class: Monk | Druid

    After months of tests and development, we can finally announce the release of this long waited new character class! The Monk (for AOL) and the Druid (for UOF).

    A melee class, proficient in the use of fists and great staff weapons with a new curious mechanic that requires the build up of your Fury in order to use the most devastating skills.

    We want to make it clear that this release will still be tested and adjusted in the following months, there will always be balance changes to do, as testing in a live environment is more rich and beneficial.

    Feel free to check it out and give us your feedback and suggestions, we will continue to work on it until we are happy with the results.

    There is no unique relics for this class yet, they will be added in the future. Also, there is no costumes or weapon skins for it at the moment, but you can equip any existing ones without altering your appearance.


    Patch 245 change-log

    - Volcano Island summer quests enabled. Kill Orders quest enabled. 
    - Fixed FKey issues when not using a market target.
    - Added a new key bind for 'Assist Player', that will ignore raid targets (left shift + F by default).
    - Added a new drop down title bar so you are able to minimize, maximize, close and move your game window (while in window mode). Just press left ALT for it to show up.
    - Added a new character slot.
    - Character select and character create screens redesigned to adapt the new slot.
    - New login screen design.
    - Server XP multiplier lowered from 50 to 5 during normal days and from 100 to 10 during weekends.
    - New EXP Stones added to level up packages so you can chose the level up speed you want.
    - Added WIS version of level 80 infinite staffs that you can get from the same sources as the others.
    - Added a new set of fireworks that will drop from same sources as the others.
    - Fixed Auction window categories and favorite clear all button.
    - Raid sub leader can now switch fixer and respawner roles.
    - Fixed auto balance command to include fixed roles into the counter, but not fcing them.

  • They are coming

    Notices, 3 months ago
  • Good friday everyone!

    Notices, 3 months ago

    I'm just here to drop something.


  • What is worth fighting for?

    Notices, 3 months ago
  • New weapon skin!

    Notices, 3 months ago

    A new weapon skin is now available for you to show off around pew pew!

    This time, we introduce the rudra skin, a beautiful set with some dragonesque touches.

  • Patch 243 change-log

    Notices, 3 months ago
    • - Fixed not being able to use some basic actions while muted.
      - Fixed lead/raid ban issues.
      - New solo kills display at status window.
      - Fixed some rendering issues with random things.

      Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update.
  • Start your sunday with fashion

    Notices, 4 months ago

    Shine and bright today by wearing this splendid Old-Timey #10 design, now available at our item shop!


    And if you want to combine it with something, why not try this fresh Tiamat weapon and shield skins!

  • Patch 240 change-log

    Notices, 4 months ago

    Sorry for the long maintenance, there was some unforeseen issues that got finally solved.
    If you have a problem opening your game, just reinstall from scratch.

    Patch 240 change-log

    - Easter removed.
    - Auto balance command can now be used on any player in the enemy raid.
    - New GM command to deny players from getting lead/sub in raids and to also deny them from even join raids. So behave.

    The following changes are part of the "nerf tank" topic. 
    We will be monitoring these changes to see how it develops and future adjustments.

    - Guardian | Defender Changes
    -- Impact Buffer skill has been removed (skill points refunded).
    -- Shield Mastery skill evasion values reduced. From 20,23,26,29,32,35 ranged to 10,12,14,16,18,20 and from 5,7,9,11,13,15 physical to 2,3,4,5,6,7.
    -- Scholarship skill bonus stat values reduced. From 5,10,20,50 to 4,5,10,20.

    - New Ranger | Assassin Skill
    -- Find Weakness: deals normal damage and applies a debuff that reduces defense by 15%, lasts 10s, cannot be removed, 45s cd.

    - New Mage | Pagan Skill
    -- Mind Zapper: deals normal damage and applies a debuff that reduces resist by 15%, lasts 12s, cannot be removed, 45s cd.


    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update.

  • Share your love!

    Notices, 5 months ago

    Find yourself someone to love and secretly gift them this beautiful package so they treasure it forever.

    Now available at our item shop: Love Present

  • Raksha weapon skin available!

    Notices, 6 months ago

    There is a new weapon skin available for you at our item shop right now! You can use the search box and type weapon skin or just by its name: raksha

    Make sure you preview our 3D render before acquiring it (doesn't include crossbows, like always).

  • Patch 228 change-log

    Notices, 7 months ago

    There is a new Updater update.

    If you run the updater and it doesn't update or your game doesn't open. Make sure you check your game folder to see if the updater successfully replaced the file. 

    If you see a file named new_updater.exe (or in your folder, just delete Updater.exe and (unzip) rename this new_updater.exe into Updater.exe and run updater again.

    Your client version should change to 229, if you get client error after updating, open your Version.ini and change current version to 227, save and update again.

    All this is just in case your pc has more power than you irl and doesn't allow you to do things in it.

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update. 

  • Surviving the Nerds!

    Notices, 7 months ago

    Don't make plans for this Saturday! We are going to have a Last One Standing event (free for all with eliminations) to see who is the best of each class! (or at least who runs faster)

    Event will start this Saturday after midday, around 16hs server time. It will be divided into 6 groups, 1 per class. 

    You will receive more information on that day, but each group will be asked to move to our Mixed Arena map, to one of the arenas we have there, from where you will be sent to our FFA map.

    Once in the FFA map, you will have to fight everyone in that zone until only you remain. Each player dying will be sent outside of that map zone where they will be able to keep fighting each other until the round ends.

    There will be a time limit for each round, if that time is reached, bomb mobs will be spawned around the players to see who survives last.

    Winners will receive the following prizes:

    - 3500 AP
    - 3 Triple Battle Runes (1h)
    - 1 +20 Elemental Stone of choice
    - 1 64k Microchip
    - 20 PvP Tokens

    Event will be held by Dreams (to celebrate her birthday) with the help of [GM]Chad.

    Event rules will be announced by the organizers, but the most important is, same person/account cannot win 2 times. If you do, you will be jailed for a month for making me work on checking who should have won :<

  • Patch 227 change log

    Notices, 8 months ago

    - Fixed Fkey issues. Now if you have a friendly selected in raid window, it will assist that friend when it attacked a player. But if you select an empty slot or yourself, it will always assist the raid mark target.
    - Fixed lv60 map portals and invisible walls.

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update. 

  • Patch 226 change log

    Notices, 8 months ago
    • - Christmas event has been removed.
      - Polymorph (piggy) can now only be removed by time, dispel and direct hits (auto attack or single target skills).
      - F key (assist) will now prioritize the target of the selected friendly in raid, if you have no one selected, then it will look for the marked target, if there is no marked target or you are not in raid, it will check for a selected friendly player.
      - Fixed weapon dyes not showing for others.
      - Added javelin to released weapon skins (will use staff model).

      Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update. 

    • Those that requested their 1 million kills title, check mail boxes tomorrow, I'll send them all tonight probably.

      If you find any errors or issues in game, let us know by making tickets in our discord server.
  • The cold is not gone yet

    Notices, 9 months ago

    A Frozen Deer appears, for you and your friends to ride together

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