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  • Patch 220

    Notices, 5 days ago

    Patch 220 change-log

    - Fixed login popup message not showing up when you receive a login error.
    - Fixed right click menu on raid window when you are fixer and click on yourself or an empty spot.
    - You can now press escape key to toggle settings menu like before.
    - Using runes or auto attacking while mounted will now unmount you.

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update.  

  • Goodbye halloween

    Notices, 6 days ago

    Patch 217 change log:

    - Halloween patch has been removed.
    - Fkey System will be disabled for the month of december.
    - New Lv29 Infinite Dagger (wis based) was added to the game.
    - All Infinite Weapon quests in core have been removed and replaced with Infinite Weapon Recipes.
    - Removed Keeper of the Fire. New sources of ele stones are now KI bosses, they drop elemental fragments and small chance of ele stones.
    - The invisible wall at dd1 has been replaced with a collision mesh.
    - I've made some adjustments to random drop system. It should be more random.
    - Some fixes to temporal faction change system. Relogging should not flag everyone as enemy.
    - Conditional quests can now be removed. Just be careful because you won't be able to take them again. (mostly, old quests)
    - New user settings to show only your own ranks, titles, guild names, guild tags. 

  • Kitty on fire!

    Notices, 2 weeks ago

    Someone forgot its cute lion in the molten wastelands and it caught fire!

    Get your Sacred Fire Guardian today at our item shop!

  • Still chasing the moon?

    Notices, 4 weeks ago

    If evil witches can't fly to the moon, the moon must come to them.

    Try with this cute Moon Ride!

  • Embedded in void energies

    Notices, 4 weeks ago

    Terror from the Void, now available at our item shop!

  • Chasing the moon

    Notices, 1 month ago

    My love, I give you the moon and the stars.. ok, not the stars. Just this beautiful Moon Rabbit.

    Now available at our item shop!

  • Tonight, we dine in black

    Notices, 1 month ago

    Now available at our item shop, two new darker versions of some lovely costumes.


    Scarlet Mage


    Black Ranger

  • Secure your account

    Notices, 1 month ago

    It has come to my attention that a group of people has distributed a database with accounts and passwords from another server. 

    Some of the players in this list decided to have the same user and password as in this other server so now, their accounts are compromised.

    If you believe that you are one of these dumbos, please change your password. If you are in doubt, change it too. If today is cloudy, change it too. If tomorrow has not come yet, change it too.

    EG takes no responsibility of the lack of self account care. You have been advised.

  • The molten ones

    Notices, 1 month ago

    What is the best way to travel around fiery steppes than to to be on top of your loyal Molten Death's Strider, now available at our item shop!


    Or maybe you prefer a smaller friend, in this case, Molten Menace might be for you.

  • Jump into the lava?

    Notices, 1 month ago

    After noticing that the Keeper of the Fire went missing from Volcano Island, task teams got created to find out its new location.

    To our surprise, a portal was found at the top of the volcano, leading to new and never seen lands.

    Did it go in there? Few weeks passed since the first team was dispatched, but main camp did not get any news from them and has now decided to send you in.

    It is your time to shine, gather your friends and venture into the deep chasms of Volcano Island, find out what happened to the incursion team and help them reach their destination.

    New quests, enemies and riches awaits you along your path, feel no fear and jump into the lava.


    Halloween patch is now online

    - You will find all new zones and quests by going through the portal at the top of the volcano at Volcano Island.
    - Old quests at Locus Graveyard for the Terror and Nephilim wings are now available.
    - Old quests at Capital for the Nightmare before Halloween and Necromancer wings are now available.
    - Halloween crafting books are available for purchase at the halloween witch in capital. There is a titles crafting book that you only get from drops in the two new maps.



    - Ranger / Sin using mob transformation skill will show as a mob dot in mini map and won't trigger the danger flashing.
    - Fixed an issue with Mount/Pet dyes window closing the game.
    - Fixed skill comparison tooltip not showing correct information.
    - Priest / Oracle evolution skill is now self cast.
    - Relic of Spatial Strike for tanks was added to npc.

    Relic Changes

    - Divine Savior: duration reduced from 3s to 1s.
    - Darkening Reach: additional damage increased from 1000 to 2500. CD reduced from 34s to 30s.
    - Silencing Reach: additional damage increased from 1000 to 2500. CD reduced from 34s to 30s.
    - Brutal Shock: additional damage increased from 1500 to 3000. CD reduced from 40s to 32s.
    - Shockwave: additional damage increased from 1500 to 2500. CD reduced from 35s to 28s.
    - Explosive Impact: additional damage increased from 2500 to 4000. CD reduced from 45s to 38s.
    - Air Shot: added 2200 additional damage. CD reduced from 30s to 22s. Slow level increased from 1 to 2.
    - Venom Sting: added 2800 additional damage. CD reduced from 38s to 36s.
    - Multi Shot: CD reduced from 45s to 42s.
    - Agony: added 3000 additional damage.
    - Rumbling Earth: additional damage increased from 2000 to 4000.
    - Deadly Throw: added 1600 additional damage. CD reduced from 36s to 32s.
    - Gaia's Blessing is now an universal relic skill, available for all classes. 

  • Names Lifespan - 6 months

    Notices, 2 months ago

    Starting next month (October), character names that have been inactive for more than 6 months will be automatically renamed to random numbers when someone requests that name with an in-game rename scroll.

    In simple words, when someone uses a rename scroll in game, if the name is taken, it will be made available for this player if the previous owner has not logged the account in the last 6 months.

    If you get a name taken, it means the owner is still active.

    Renamed characters will be able to get a new name if the owner eventually logs back in. 
    Previous owners lose all rights on the names and won't be able to request them back.

  • PvP Tournament (1v1)

    Notices, 3 months ago

    Don't forget to enlist yourself in our 1v1 Tournament
    It is time to show off that you are the best in your selected class.

    Matches will take place on Saturday, October 9th at 15:00ST.
    Inscriptions will be open until Wednesday, October 6th at 20:00ST.

    For more information, check out the following link:

  • Good bye summer... (Patch 209 change-log)

    Notices, 3 months ago

    - New graphic settings to change the visual distance to different things.
    - Fixed some issues with right click in raid window.
    - Fixed some issues with relic skills.

    - New raid leader command to request an auto balance to another raid leader.
    -- Example: /auto name_of_enemy_leader
    -- This command will only work between raid leaders in a same map.
    -- Enemy leader will get a popup for 30 seconds to accept or decline.
    -- A cool down will be set on command usage.
    -- Only maps enabled (for now) to use this command are VI, D-Water, DD1. GM can enable/disable the system by map.
    -- Do not use this command while fighting a boss. Any abuse or misuse of the system will be punished.

    Relic Skills public beta test

    - We move to the next stage in testing, making relics available to everyone so we can check them at greater scales.
    - Any issues or suggestions about the values in the skills will be appreciated.
    - This is a beta test, relics will be deleted once it's over so we can add them the way we wanted.
    - You will find an NPC at Market selling every relic.
    - Don't forget to set your key binds for the 2 new relic slots. Or you can just move active relics to your current skill bars.

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run the dev client installer again.

  • Patch 207 change log

    Notices, 3 months ago

    - Fixed some random things that came up after testing relics.
    - Fixed an issue that popped up after setting stealth to no cast, this + delay made it remove stealth from players.
    - Fixed the default rarity search in board to All instead of Pink.
    - Fixed an issue that made your game keep a wrong target when using Fx keys in raid.
    - Setting transparency to raid window will now transparent the respawner icon and the buttons.
    - Using field target skills in R bar will now work as intended.
    - And some other things I don't remember anymore. :smile:

    We will keep testing relic skills so there is no issues for when we decide to release them.

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run the dev client installer again.

  • Patch 206 change log

    Notices, 3 months ago

    Fixed some random things that came up with patch 205.

    Fixed the correct time you need to be temp fc to remove the buff, which is 10 minutes.
    Fixed dungeons being all black when using static shadows.
    Fixed some wrong text display in buffs and items.
    Moved 1px up the icon rank so people don't lose their minds.
    Fixed raid mini info window not showing up.

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run the dev client installer again.

  • Some summer releases

    Notices, 3 months ago

    Summer is almost coming to an end, but you still have chances of showing off these designs.


    Offshore on the left, Kinton at the center and Duckdive to the right.

    Celestial Fortune, Ending Hope and Flaming Torch

    You can find all these in our item shop, check also the other new releases.

  • Patch 205 change-log

    Notices, 3 months ago

    - Relic Skills are now ready for testing in live server (not available for the public).
    - Repair All and Aura of Thorns have been included to the list of removable buffs.
    - Ranger/Sin Transformation Skill will now increase DEX by 4000 instead of LUC (as test).
    - Stun Slam will now do normal damage instead of fixed flat damage.
    - Quelling Kick will now do normal damage instead of fixed flat damage.
    - Dayfly Guard skill changed from self cast to selected friendly target. It will apply on every friendly around the selected target. If you don't have a friendly target, it will use the caster as target (skill still excludes the caster).
    - Added support for 1280x768 screen resolution.
    - Fixed raid target mark not showing with effects off.
    - With effects off, portals can now be seen as simple objects.
    - Raid leaders can now see the amount of players per class in the raid mini info window. Order: Fig, Guard, Ranger, Archer, Mage, Priest.
    - Fixed an issue with temp fc and showing correct faction after a relog.
    - Replaced most teleport runes with an unified Town Portal Scroll, including all the locations of normal stones.
    - Fixed an issue that removed your current friendly target when they went into stealth.
    - Fixed a visual glitch when spamming attack player action.
    - Rank icons have been extended up to 2.500.000 kills, but not the rewards (for now).
    - New key binds to toggle on|off party and raid windows.
    - Temp FC buff extended to 2 hours.
    - Auto balance command has been optimized.
    - Fixed an issue that caused some dungeons to not load properly when you went previously to CoG.


    Wings of Greendieta quest

    - This quest was merged between AOL and UOF and received 2 new additions for a total of 6 wings you can get.
    - NPC giving the quest will now sell Nobility Recycle Box, allowing you to exchange nobility wings + feather of beauty + feather of bravery for a Feather of Nobility.

    You can now get these 2 new wings from this quest


    Remember to run the dev client installer if you are using that one.

  • Old-Timey Collection #27 is now available!

    Notices, 4 months ago
  • Old-Timey #26 is now available!

    Notices, 4 months ago
  • Patch 204 change-log

    Notices, 5 months ago

    - Removed confirmation window when taking rewards from Vet Manager.
    - Fixed item tool tip requirement display when you temp fc.
    - Fixed an issue that denied you from taking quests when you temp fc back to your original faction.
    - Improved AutoBalance command to try to balance numbers after balancing classes, by sending random Archers/Hunters/Mages/Pagans into other raid.
    - Temp fc players will now receive a buff that lasts 1 hour, allowing them to remain temp even after dc. You can remove this buff by holding down left control + right mouse click, but only after 10 minutes of being temp fc.
    - Players getting temp fc, will receive 6s UT to give them time to load when they get teleported to raid leader.

    Note: for those using our dev client, there is an auto installer file in your game folder: GameDev_Install.exe. Run it to replace your current game.exe into dev game.exe.

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