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  • Command your forces in style

    Notices, 2 weeks ago

    With this newly available outfit, The Commander. An all dark tones, just like everyone likes it.


    Or maybe you prefer to fight in red and gold, with this Huangyan set, the choice is yours!

  • Patch 273 change-log

    Notices, 2 weeks ago

    - Easter event disabled. Brunnietta NPC will remain there for 2 or 3 more days, allowing players to finish using all tokens.
    - New User Settings to toggle Discord Rich Presence on|off, along with extra settings to show name, map or class if needed.
    - Fixed an issue that was causing shuffle command to break auto balance commands.
    - Fixed party/raid kick command so gamesages can be kicked.
    - New skill bar buttons to allow players to change the amount of slots on each bar.
    - New special dye system that will allow players to chose the color values of the item instead of getting one random (unobtainable atm).

    Client version has been changed. You know what to do.

  • An easter friend for you

    Notices, 1 month ago

    Easter is getting close to be over and I've forgot to present you Madame Bunny!

    I've also added the missing War Mounts and Combat Mounts for other races. 
    Check them out at our item shop!

  • Kids grow so fast

    Notices, 1 month ago

    Remember when these 2 used to be little tiny pets? Well, now they have grown up to be big bois and they can finally help you in your travels!

    Welcome our old friends, Chocobo and Big Birb!

  • Happy Easter!

    Notices, 2 months ago

    Gather your forces and travel into the Bunnies Hideout, discover its secret and destroy your enemies! 

    Easter season is now enabled, complete all quests and obtain those special wings and titles you couldn't get last year, or complete the new event tasks to get one, or all, variations of the new spring festival wings!


    Patch 270 change-log:

    - Easter event enabled.
    - Enabled discord rich presence that will show at discord that you are playing EG. If you want to disable that, go to your discord privacy settings.
    - Enabled again that people outside of raids or in a different raid cannot heal/buff other players that are not part of their own raids.
    - Fixed the duration shown in tool tips that was showing always max date.
    - Fixed an issue with appearance scroll now changing your face/hair.
    - Fixed an issue with quest mobs not showing correctly in world map.
    - Fixed several things that I've already forgot what they were.

    - There is a new client that I've been testing out, it should work similar to dev client but with less to none crashes. If you want to try it out, run the file GameNew_Install.exe once and then start your game normally.

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update. 

  • More skins for you!

    Notices, 2 months ago

    Today I bring you 2 new skins for your weapons.

    Code name: u009


    Code name: vitra

  • New weapon skin sets

    Notices, 3 months ago

    Get your brand new weapon and shield skin sets, available today at our item shop.

    Code name: under


    Or maybe you don't like that one and prefer this, with the mark of the lion.

    Code name tegrak

  • The chonky life chose you

    Notices, 3 months ago

    Feel like royalty while traversing the fields with this precious princess. 

    Miss Chonky!

  • Cute weapon skin for that special one!

    Notices, 4 months ago

    If you forgot your Valentine's gift to your loved one.. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!

    But no worries, you can still redeem yourself by gifting this cute weapon skin set full of love and destruction.

  • Happy Valentines!

    Notices, 4 months ago

    We have added some activities in game for everyone to share and enjoy with your romantic partners, or with just your friends!

    The new Event System that allows us to add random tasks for players to complete and get rewarded along side with the old and loved Bingo Event!

    To access these 2 new things, you have to find their icons at the in game bottom icon menu.

    Now you can play every day to acquire those bingo coins from events so you can fill that board in no time, while getting some random prizes in your path.

    By completing the whole board, you will get an exclusive and permanent piece of furniture, to sit along your love one. Exclusive because it wont be displayed in our item shop. One like in the image below, where I'm sitting all alone (sadge).

    To get your Bingo Board, find the most cute NPC at the Market and buy one from it.

    Event will last 30 days, don't wait too much to fill that bingo board!

    Note: both new events will be monitored for stability and issues, if something fails, I'll have to disable them until it gets fixed, so expect restarts if things don't go as planned.


    Patch 263 change-log:

    - Added new versions of Infinite Bows for 15,30,60,80 with Infinite Javelins stats, for those who want to use slow and strong weapons while being able to use weapon skins (these bows can be crafted in core like all the others). Its a bow with crossbow stats, so it will use bow passives.
    - Added 2 new extra save points to your TP stones.
    - Added extra functions to auction registration.
    – Copy Last button: allows you to repeat your last item/amount registration.
    – Copy Selected button: allows you to register the same item/amount you have selected in your **sell list**.
    – Unit Price field in the registration popup: allows you to set the bidding price of each item in your stack, to avoid having to do inverse calculations. Unit Price and Stack Price are linked, changing one will change the other.
    - Auction House can now be accessed everywhere by using the icon menu.
    - Enabled the new Event System that you can access by its icon at the icon menu. I'll be testing this to see if it works correctly.
    - Enabled Bingo System with some rewards for Valentine's Day. I'll be testing this to see if it works correctly.
    - Players that are outside a raid or not in the same raid as the target, will now get a target error when trying to heal or buff them.
    - Fixed Dayfly Guard to only work on raid/party members that are in range of your selected target.
    - Range of Polymorph reduced from 21 meters to 6 meters, cast time reduced from 2 to 1 second.
    - Temporal Faction Change buff can now only be removed if remaining time is below 1 hour and it wont be removed if you leave raid. (to test if it's better or not)

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update. 

  • Preparing for Valentine's Day

    Notices, 4 months ago

    Being so close to Valentine's Day means you have to start your preparations! 
    You have to get everything perfect for that special day. 

    Why don't you show your love by gifting their own personal Love Present or maybe a cute Rose

    Then you can both watch the flying Love Balloons with those looking for adventures.

    Maybe, while sitting on a matching set of Love Couches! How romantic!


  • Custom Titles

    Notices, 4 months ago

    Remember that if the sum of your kills in your whole account goes above 1 million, you are entitled to a custom title and icon of choice. 

    There are still around 40 slots, so don't miss the opportunity. Once all slots are filled, I wont make any more for a while.

    If you have the required amount of kills, join discord and request yours today!

  • End of Christmas

    Notices, 4 months ago

    Patch 259 change-log:

    - Removed Christmas patch.
    - Added new versions of Infinite Bows for 15,30,60,80 with Infinite Crossbow stats, for those who want to use slow and strong weapons while being able to use weapon skins (these bows can be crafted in core like all the others). Its a bow with crossbow stats, so it will use bow passives.
    - Gaia's Blessing range increased from 11m to 28m.
    - Increased the success rate of all %skills to 100% in all levels.
    - Removed raid/party leader icon from players view.
    - New setting to show/hide raid icons next to player names.
    - Item dye window updated to show a bigger model.
    - New Faction chat channel that should replace normal Trade messages, like join pvp or whatever. Use trade for trades, faction for random chat.
    - New International chat channel where you can speak (faction-wide) in your own languages. Setting is at User Settings. New languages can be added if we get enough players using it, otherwise use "Other".
    - Added 2 new key binds to move R bar current position forward or backwards.
    - Found and fixed an issue with assist targets, it should work as intended now.
    - Fixed pandas going invisible after using snowballs.
    - Fixed Auction Board not returning any results on some categories.
    - You can now use chat while having Auction Board open. To use the search field, click on it. To stop using it, click anywhere.

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update. 

  • New travel companions

    Notices, 5 months ago

    If you like to fly around, pecking and pooping on people's heads, then here is your chance! Get your own owl friend and fulfill your dreams!

    Welcome Gizmo!


    But if you prefer to look mean and evil, maybe this one is for you. Razor! the electric raptonian.

  • Special winter delivery

    Notices, 5 months ago

    Traverse the hills and mountains of the realms of winter, faster than everyone else, in this super special Long Boi, the longer it is, the faster you will go.

  • A new companion appears

    Notices, 5 months ago

    You all forgot about Christmas already? Fear not, he is here to remind you of it! 
    Look at this beautiful little boy, so cute Smol Santa Helper! A good companion to end up, again, filled by the spirit of Christmas.

  • The frosty shimmer is here

    Notices, 5 months ago

    The cold is here, the snow sparkle like diamonds, celebrate with your love ones the end of the Year by wearing this fabulous Frosty Shimmer costume.

  • Merry Christmas!

    Notices, 5 months ago

    Greetings, friends! As Christmas approaches, we wanted to take a moment to wish our community a very merry holiday.

    We hope that this time of the year brings you plenty of opportunities to celebrate with loved ones, enjoy delicious food and drink, and embrace the joy and magic of the holiday season. Whether you're leveling up, farming nonstop, or just spending quality time by killing each other, we hope that you are able to fully embrace the spirit of Christmas and help Santa find his lost presents.

    Wishing you all the best, Merry Christmas!


    And by the way, here you have your ugly perm candy skin :C

  • Margot is here!

    Notices, 5 months ago

    The fluffy Margot is now available at our item shop! 
    She will keep you warm while you travel the frozen steppes of the Realms of Winter.


  • Christmas patch is now live

    Notices, 5 months ago

    Once again, the Realms of Winter open up to see if they can accomplish their plans of conquering the continent. Its up to our heroes to stop them! Help the guards control this imminent threat and have another chance at completing all those quest you might have not finished last year.

    Along with this patch, I have made 2 quality of life changes that we will be testing out in game. One is that you can move your chat cursor back and forth using the arrow keys, like in any other normal chat, the second and more important to test is that you can now link items into chat so people can see its tool tip with the most important data of it. 

    To do this, you have to Ctrl + Mouse Click an item in your inventory. If you do it with your chat closed, it will send a WTS message with the linked item, if you do it with chat open it will paste the item name wherever your cursor is.


    In short, Patch 257 change-log:

    • - Christmas patch is now live.
    • - Players can now move the chat cursor around words by using the arrows keys or they home/end keys. Ctrl + arrows will move the cursor to the next empty space.
    • - Players can now Ctrl + Left Mouse Click on an inventory item to link it to a message, displaying its tool tip to everyone in chat.
    • - Mob chat will now be shown in chat (not as notice), you can filter it out in chat settings.

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update. 

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