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  • Forgotten Mounts - oh no!

    Events & Promotions, 1 day ago
    I almost forgot to enable these!

    The Green Thing

    The Night Wing

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  • Spooky Nimbus is back!

    Events & Promotions, 2 weeks ago
    Spooky Nimbus is back on shop! Get yours before its gone again!

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  • New companions!

    Events & Promotions, 2 weeks ago
    It seems that Mad Hatter had a baby... this might be your chance to steal it! Welcome Madjack pet!

    But if what you are looking is some cute companion that you could pet whole day, then this is for you!
    Decaying Zombie, the cutest!

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  • Patch 173 Change Logs

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 weeks ago
    Patch 173 change-log

    - Drop of quest items will now be random between all members of a raid, instead of in sequential order.
    - Halloween quest items are now tradeable.
    - Fixed some issues with normal client, making characters go invisible.
    - Skill Hell's Claw apply range changed to 4 meters.
    - Skill Divine Burst hit type changed from fixed to additional magic damage. Apply range changed to 4 meters and cool down to 30 seconds. Abnormal condition Death removed.
    - Skill Target Lock duration changed to 50s, 150s cool down.
    - Skill Long Range duration changed to 50s, 150s cool down.

    Testing new functionality
    - Skills Blood Rain, Fan Shot and Bomber Shot apply range changed to 8 meters. Only in PvP: your selected target gets hit by 100% of the damage, all enemies around this target will take reduced damage starting at 60% power and down to 0% based on range to center of the skill. In PvE: all targets get hit by 100% of damage.

    For those who won't understand what this means, in simple words, you cast these skills on someone, that player will receive 100% damage, but those around him will receive 60% of damage and those further away from him will receive less and less damage down to minimal damage.

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  • Rules update

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 weeks ago
    Rules has been updated to accommodate a new behavior some seem to be having.

    16. Raid Fixing
    Raid Fixing is the act of moving people around tabs in a raid to fix their positions for a better PvP experience.
    Moving players to be alone when there is space for them in another tab, will be considered harassment and you will be punished accordingly.
    Punishment Type: Moderate.

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  • There is no halloween without Witches!

    Events & Promotions, 3 weeks ago
    Become one today! Get your own broom and fly around the sky throwing spells and curses to your enemies!
    Get your Witch's Broom now!

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  • The end of summer means Halloween is here!

    Events & Promotions, 4 weeks ago

    Happy Halloween!

    We are starting to feel the chill in our bones, but it is not winter that is getting close, it is the spookiest Halloween ever!
    Prepare your gear, weapons and above all, prepare your fingers, because there will be farming, a lot of farming! No, I'm kidding, slight farming only.

    The Incursion to Locus Graveyard continues; dig some graves, find some treasures, and, if you prove yourself, Celerion you make you one of the firsts to get the precious Nephilim Wings. But be careful, you can only get one, either these or Wings of Terror.

    While the incursion goes as planed, on the other side of the world, Jack is back again at your faction capital, looking for brave heroes to help him rescue his loved one.
    Complete all the quest around him and you will be rewarded with the new Necromancer Wings! Or you can chose the old Halloween Wings, up to you.

    Now you know, get your friends, adventure into these maps and try to have fun!
    Watch out with the Mad Hatter! He will be roaming around Proellium, Cantabilian and D-Water maps.

    Soon you will find new pets and mounts to share with your friends and make them jelly!

    Patch 169 change-log:

    - Apply Range of Blood Rain, Fan Shot and Bomber Shot (Archer/Hunter) has been reduced to 2 meters. This will reduce the overall output damage in pvp while keeping farming capabilities.
    - Skill Leadership no longer gives increased ranged attack power.
    - Skill Arcane Aura resist values have been reduced by half.
    - Pressing left control + right mouse click on a name in chat will automatically send a join raid command.
    - Improved Mini Quests window so it doesn't consume processing power, can also be moved around the screen and has an option to be always opaque.
    - Buff and Debuff icons can now be moved around the screen by holding down left control + mouse click.
    - The cool down for calling bosses has been moved to the raid and was reduced to 12 seconds.
    - New key binding system that allows you to bind almost any action in game to your custom keys. It should display keys correctly depending your keyboard layout.
    - Options window changed to allow more toggleable items. All player commands can now be toggled on or off in here.
    - New toggle to show hp bars under player names. Target, Friendly or Enemy.
    - New toggle to ignore whisper messages.
    - New toggle to hide party buff / debuff.
    - Fixed an issue that was causing some times to not display your target buffs / debuffs.

    Remember that class changes are tests we need to have in live server to see how these react in big numbers.

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  • Comics Maker Event!

    Events & Promotions, 4 weeks ago
    Comics Maker Event Hosted by [GS]Unholy

    Event start date: Monday 26th
    The event over date: Tuesday 3rd

    Its time to make you own comics story because we want to see your most creative part!
    It's Halloween and we want to see your Shaiya Horror Story!

    1.: Only images taken in the game can be used!
    2.: It cannot contain violence, offensive content, harassment and please avoid nasty worlds to.
    3.: You can use you own Comics speech bubble to and you can use any program what you can, to make you story!
    4.: You can ask you friends help with Print Screens if your story is multiplayer, but do not share with us the characters names in the comics!
    5.: Your story should have a minimum of one page and a maximum of 5 pages. The reading direction is from left to right!
    6.: Mounts, Pets, Pumpkins and mobs can talk at you story to!
    7.: You can decorate your comics with anything related to Halloween.
    8.: Do not copy the works of others!

    GMs and GSs will vote for the best stories. You can send you final work to any GM or GS.

    If you don't have editing tools, you can use this: Photopea | Online Photo Editor

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  • Summer event ends soon

    Announcements & Maintenances, 4 weeks ago
    I hope you had some fun with the summer event, but sadly, it will end soon, probably this Wednesday 28th.
    Map will stay, but quests will be removed, make sure you use all those pvp tokens as they will become useless after event ends.
    Bosses in that map will also go away for their own vacations.

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  • Old Timey #6 is here!

    Events & Promotions, 1 month ago
    The Old-Timey collection keeps growing, this time with the #6. Is this the best one?

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  • New crustaceous friend!

    Events & Promotions, 1 month ago
    From the ocean shallows, a new kind of friend arrives. Welcome Crabs are People mount!

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  • The Eternal Whale

    Events & Promotions, 2 months ago
    The Eternal Whale is now available at our item shop! Be one of the first to own and ride this special astral whale!

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  • 2 classic ones!

    Events & Promotions, 2 months ago
    Now available at our item shop!

    Old-Timey Collection #22

    Old-Timey Collection #23

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  • Scattie's Collection #2

    Events & Promotions, 2 months ago
    Scattie's Collection #2 is now available at our item shop!

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  • A new destination

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago

    A new land has been discovered... once hidden by a dense fog, a secret to all of us.. now both factions have made foot hold in it waiting for the ties of war to balance for each of them. Now it is your turn to venture there and discover what it has to offer.

    Welcome to Volcano Island, a place of mysteries and secrets, a place of thieves and scoundrels, the perfect location for some vacations.

    New quests have been added to this map, some are hidden, some are visible, more will come later.
    New titles, pets, mounts and much more!

    Patch 161 change-log:
    - D-Water bridges to access Caelum portals will now have pushback portals and invisible walls around them.
    - Jungle bridges to go into enemy spawn will now have pushback portals making the entering to those island illegal.
    - Skill Fire Strike (Mage/Pagan) spell damage has been doubled and made unpotable.
    - Skill Missile Salvo (Mage/Pagan) spell extra damage was added back, cool down reduced from 43 to 35 seconds.
    - Skill Arrow Bombing (Archer/Hunter) has been made unpotable.
    - Skill Death Touch (Ranger/Assassin) damage changed from (65, 70, 75, 80)% to (35, 40, 45, 50)% max HP.
    - Fixed an issue that prevented the showing of the right click menu in party.
    - Fixed an issue that made F1-F6 not add a yellow mark on raid window when you are in tabs 2 to 5.
    - Removed sound notification for /raid chat.
    - General fixes and improvements to the new Fixer/Respawner system.
    - Successfully enchanting items with normal lapisias will now auto select the lapisia like when you fail.
    - New chat filter options to show or hide raid messages and notices (including raid mark messages).
    - VSync was added to the game as a default setting, you can turn it off in options window if you decide to. What does it do? It keeps your game at a maximum of 60 frames per second to prevent gpu overuse. If you disable it, the maximum changes to 300 fps. In this game, having more than 60 fps is just a waste of energy.

    Dev Client was added as default executable to have a wider range of tests. This client uses a smart cache to store most used files into memory preventing reload of assets that cause freeze in game. It is in development but we think it works fine at this point. If you still want to use the old one (because of issues you might have), you can download the normal game.exe and replace by using this link:
    Just download, open and extract into your game folder, replacing the other one.

    We have heard the feedback about current status of Mage/Pagan and we will be releasing more changes adjusting their damage until we find values we can all agree on.

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  • Patch 157 : Magic Nerf !

    Announcements & Maintenances, 4 months ago
    The long awaited Mage / Pagan nerf is here.

    We didn't want to just nerf their damage because that would impact on the usability of the class in low numbers pvp. That's why we have decided to do some changes here and there to make the most powerful spells less op and still give the class some use and power.

    Along with this, we believe Archer / Hunter had too many aoe impact skills, so we changed one to be just aoe debuff instead of damage + debuf. This will reduce a little the overall output damage without being too significant.

    We also gave Fighter / Warrior the ability to take Fleet Foot so they can survive a little longer behind enemy lines.

    All these changes are focused on maintaining a more balanced damage over the amount of numbers we have in pvp.

    Now, the technical stuff...
    Patch 156 change-log

    Mage / Pagan changes:
    - Damage from INT changed from 1.5 per point to 1.4 per point.
    - Damage from WIS changed from 1.3 per point to 1.2 per point.
    - Skill Transformation bonus INT received changed from (55*CharLevel) to (27*CharLevel).
    - Skill Kamain Breath overall damage reduced from 1000, 2400, 3990, 16000 to 800, 1600, 3990, 14000 (Lv15, Lv30, Lv60, Lv80)
    - Skill Meteor Strike overall damage reduced from 2000, 4000, 8246, 32000 to 1200, 2900, 8246, 20000 (Lv15, Lv30, Lv60, Lv80)
    - Skill Missile Salvo is now instant cast, 6m aoe, no element.
    - Skill Turbulence is now instant cast, 6m aoe, no element.
    - Skill Fire Strike is now a damage over time aoe debuff, non potable, only dispelable.
    - Skill Arcane Aura is now a party buff that gives 100, 200, 600, 1200 Magic Resist. (Lv15, Lv30, Lv60, Lv80)
    - Skill Cosmic Rage bonus Magic Attack changed from 500 to 200.

    Archer / Hunter changes:
    Skill Arrow Bombing is now a damage over time aoe poison debuff, potable, dispelable.
    Skill Blood Rain cd changed from 20s to 16s.
    Skill Fan Shot cd changed from 20s to 18s.

    Fighter / Warrior changes:
    - Skill Fleet Foot was added. 6 seconds duration, 3 minutes cd, 100% evasion versus ranged attacks. (this change is a test change, could be removed if we see it becomes too strong)

    Other changes:
    - Pet orange stats reduction in Lv15 and Lv30 zones have been rolled back to normal, so you can still opt for normal pet with high OJs or crit pet with low OJs.
    - Res on Leader delay changed from 10s to 6s.
    - Two Handed Swords, Axes and Blunt weapons range has been changed from 1m to 2m.

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  • Friendly Reminder: Be aware!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 4 months ago
    There has been some reports of a random guy named as me, adding people to discord to invite them to a new event, giving random links to cloned websites.

    Remember that staff members will never ask or require for your username or passwords. We can just get any information by asking for a character name.
    Also, we only have one website and it is No staff would ask you, ever, to login on a different site.

    When chatting with a staff member in discord, make sure you check the Mutual Server tab to check if that user comes from EG Discord.
    If you have doubts, you can go to the staff list message in our discord and compare the IDs with the person you are chatting with.

    Be smart, be cautious... all strange activity must be analyzed first.

    Tim got a message from FakeUZC asking to join his website and login and vote for a new event, website was
    Tim used his account information to log in that site and voted as normal, FakeUZC said thanks and went away.

    Don't be like Tim, Tim is naked now.

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  • Patch 155 : Some changes

    Announcements & Maintenances, 5 months ago
    Patch 155 change-log

    - All costumes have been upgraded and standardized to +25 so you chose by looks and not stats.
    - New respawn options for raid (won't work inside Infinite Dungeon or PvP Matches)
    -- Party leader location : only available if you have CRR buff active and in party (10s wait time).
    - Costumes and Pets equipped in lv15 or lv30 maps will have its orange stats reduced for that zone. Stats will go back to normal once you leave the map.
    - Stat points received from rank cannot be redeemed on level 30 or below characters. All character stats have been reset to accommodate to this setting.
    - Removed the rank requirement for battle runes usage and activation, all runes got renamed to Double and Triple Battle Runes.
    - Animation frames for Dispel have been normalized for both sexes and races.
    - New options in User Settings to enable/disable holding left control to display tooltip for items, skills and buffs.
    - Added resolution 2560x1080 as requested.
    - Updated Premium Recreation Rune creation at Professional Blacksmith to produce the maximum amount of runes allowed by used materials. For example: if you have 100 runes and 40 vials, it will consume 80 runes and 40 vials and produce 40 premium runes.
    - Fixed raid command move and sit so you can use it by getting your target from raid window (no need for it to be in line of sight).
    - Perm Elixirs are now Account Bound.
    - Updated /costumes off command to instantly update everyone around you (don't use it around a lot of people).
    - Raids can now set someone to be Party Fixer, that player will have "move" permission.
    - Raids can now set someone to be Party Respawner, everyone dying and choosing to respawn on Lead, will respawn at this player's location.

    Next patch will include some nerfs for ranged classes along with (if we can), summer event.

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  • Time to look like a hobo!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 6 months ago
    Do you want to look like hobo UZC?
    You can now! with the now available Spheniscidae costume.

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  • Patch 152: End of Easter

    Announcements & Maintenances, 6 months ago
    Hello everyone!

    Sadly our Easter Event has to go and as I have said before, all unopened baskets have been removed, but maybe good things come with this.
    We have introduced a series of changes that could help a little with the amount of ranged players and the overall damage output of these classes. A few touches here and there to bring some sense to it.

    Also, I have created a new map for those players that keep doing 2v2 duels, or 3v3, or 4v4, etc.
    It was not considered stat pad in the past but from now on, it will. I'll modify our rules to include these open matches and make them illegal.
    From now on, if you want to do practice matches with your friends, you will have to use this map as in it, you won't get any kills, it also supports mixed parties, just in case you want to train with friend from your own faction.

    The new client is close to be ready, some players have been helping with testing and feedback and seems like everything is almost done. I'll post later a public version so more can test it out before forcing it in a future update.

    Now the change-log:
    - Added invisible walls and push back portals to Cantabilian bases.
    - Added invisible walls and push back portals to Kanos Ilium bases.
    - Fixed floor skeletons in Locus Graveyard.
    - Boss /call can only be done with an open party, to avoid mistakes.
    - New mixed party map in Move to Battlefield window for party pvp duels (2v2, 3v3, etc). Kills in this map won't count. All other 2v2, 3v3, etc done in normal maps will be considered stat padding and everyone involved will be punished.
    - Fixed move to party member when in mixed raid.
    - Kills required to change the bless levels have been increased.

    Guardian | Defender
    - Skill DayFly range changed from 6,7,8,9 meters to 6,8,10,12 meters.

    Mage | Pagan
    - Skill Meteor Strike, Kamain Breath cool down changed from 150,170,190,210 seconds to 180,200,220,240 seconds.

    Mage | Pagan | Priest | Oracle
    - Skill Magic Arrow range changed from 27 meters to 24 meters.

    Archer | Hunter
    - Skills Arrow Bombing, Blood Rain, Fan Shot area of effect range changed from 3,4,5,6,7,8 meters to 2,2,3,4,5,6 meters.
    - Skill Arrow Bombing cool down changed from 15 seconds to 20 seconds.
    - Skill Blood Rain, Fan Shot, Bomber Shot cool down changed from 12 seconds to 20 seconds.

    Ranger | Assassin
    - Skill Death Touch damage changed from current HP to max HP, skill state changed from death to normal.
    - Skill Sprinter duration changed from 60,80,100,120 seconds to 20 seconds and move speed increased from 2 to 4.
    - Skill Stealth will now increase your move speed by 1.

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  • The Piggy Brothers!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 7 months ago
    Let me introduce you to this family of Piggy brothers! They come in all kinds, from most pretty to most dirty.
    Available now at item mall.

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  • A late Easter? Never!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 7 months ago

    Happy Easter everyone!

    It's finally here! You thought I would forget? Maybe I did!

    Join now, gather your friends and adventure into the Bunnies Hideout, a place full of diabolic invaders from another plane! Fight your way into the deeper chambers and discover what lies beneath.
    But be careful because the enemy faction has already settled up some forces in there.

    Capital cities have received a decoration overhaul, with new NPCs and Quests for you to complete.
    Most daily quests will reward you with a crafting material that you will use to see if you have enough luck to craft a brand new 64k Microchip. You can also craft the old Heavenly Wings if you decide to, from last Easter season.
    Get some juicy new titles! New item slot in inventory for title items that you can get from quests or drops and share with your friends.
    Two new experimental weapon and shield skins! Not in drops yet, but I'll be adding those soon.
    There will be new pets and mounts too, just wait for more announcements!

    I have created a GM command (for now) that will allow us to switch someone's faction while they are online, without modifying their sets or appearance, it will tell the server that you belong to the other faction, allowing you to form groups with them, respawn in their cities, be friend with their npcs, etc., just like if you were from that faction. This change will only affect your character while you are online, after relog, you will go back to your original faction.
    We will be testing this to see how it behaves in live server and to see if it can help balance the daily pvp by moving some people around.
    Don't be afraid if you see enemies with white name in your base!

    I don't know if are all aware, but I have been working on re-coding the whole game system that is in charge of loading of assets, this is a slow process but I think that it will improve considerably the game performance. Might have something done by the end of this month. We will see.
    For now, I have made a few changes in game to reduce some little freezes here and there and also I have added a new player command /costumes on|off that will make everyone have the same costume once you re-enter the zone.
    This could reduce freezes in big pvp, because you won't have to load the different designs.

    Hope you all enjoy farming and pvping in game.

    Some extra changes:
    - Super Potions are now Level 1, so you can use them in Lv15 PvP.
    - OJ Transfer Item will now allow the transfer between different accessory types.

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