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  • The cold is not gone yet

    Notices, 2 weeks ago

    A Frozen Deer appears, for you and your friends to ride together

  • You got the moon..

    Notices, 3 weeks ago

    Now the stars.. with this beautiful Star Fox


  • Icy sets and another year goes by!

    Notices, 3 weeks ago

    Second and last release of weapons skins for christmas season is here!

    The Icy set, now available at our item shop.

    We hope you have a great time tonight with your family and friends and start a new and prosperous new year. Happy new year!

  • Cutest friend ever

    Notices, 3 weeks ago

    Meet Rodolfo the Alpaca, your new companion in battles, and if it doesn't work, you can transform him into a coat.

  • Custom Titles

    Notices, 4 weeks ago

    Just a reminder for everyone with above 1 million kills. You qualify for your own custom title.

    Just join our discord server and make a ticket with your character name and the title you would like to have.

    This offer is limited to the first 100 players, we already have 27 in, but I think only 7 have asked for one.

  • Frozen Skin

    Notices, 4 weeks ago

    The first set of weapon and shield skins available on shop, this one called Frozen, because I had no other creative name.

    If your weapon is not shown in the render, means the skin is not available for it. In this case, crossbow and javelin (I think).

  • Merry Christmas!

    Notices, 4 weeks ago

    We at EG Shaiya hope that you have a great Christmas Eve and a wonderful day with your family and loved ones. 

    Take nothing from granted, be thankful of what you have and those around you. Have a lot of fun, eat and drink and come back with joy in your souls.


    If you want to dress pretty for the night, don't miss out the Oath of the Mist costume.

  • Mama Wolfie is here!

    Notices, 4 weeks ago

    Mama Wolfie is looking for a good boy, will you be the one?

  • One moon is not enough

    Notices, 1 month ago

    The second and most cute installment of the moon ride is now here!

    The Special Moon Ride completes the set of moon items. Now available at our item shop.


  • Christmas is here!

    Notices, 1 month ago

    Christmas once again, a new year is about to end and we are still together.

    So it is time for you all go away... 
    away to the frozen lands! And while in there, help Santa save Christmas!

    The Grinch once again with his plans to ruin everything! Don't let him, fight until the end and protect the portals.

    A new quest chain awaits you, a new escort mission that will reward you the pieces you need to complete the most fabulous item in game.

    It is time to say goodbye to your fingers and your sleep hours, it is time to farm!

    As always, Realms of Winter can be accessed through the portals at your Capital cities.


    We hope you have a wonderful time. If you find any issues, please report.


    Patch 222 change-log

    - Christmas events enabled.
    - Fixer and respawner won't be affected by auto balance functions.
    - Fixed bot police not showing up on some maps.
    - Fixed an issue that made the settings window not show up when you press escape or use the key or button for it.
    - Kill Orders quest kills won't count in FFA maps.

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update.

  • Patch 221

    Notices, 2 months ago

    Patch 221 change-log

    - Fixed a double chat message when killing mobs with AOE.
    - You can now have more than one kill quest active at all times, because kills will now count towards the first uncompleted kill quest.
    - Pressing F to assist your target will now first try to get the target of the player you have selected in the raid window (yellow markings).

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update.

  • Patch 220

    Notices, 2 months ago

    Patch 220 change-log

    - Fixed login popup message not showing up when you receive a login error.
    - Fixed right click menu on raid window when you are fixer and click on yourself or an empty spot.
    - You can now press escape key to toggle settings menu like before.
    - Using runes or auto attacking while mounted will now unmount you.

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update.  

  • Goodbye halloween

    Notices, 2 months ago

    Patch 217 change log:

    - Halloween patch has been removed.
    - Fkey System will be disabled for the month of december.
    - New Lv29 Infinite Dagger (wis based) was added to the game.
    - All Infinite Weapon quests in core have been removed and replaced with Infinite Weapon Recipes.
    - Removed Keeper of the Fire. New sources of ele stones are now KI bosses, they drop elemental fragments and small chance of ele stones.
    - The invisible wall at dd1 has been replaced with a collision mesh.
    - I've made some adjustments to random drop system. It should be more random.
    - Some fixes to temporal faction change system. Relogging should not flag everyone as enemy.
    - Conditional quests can now be removed. Just be careful because you won't be able to take them again. (mostly, old quests)
    - New user settings to show only your own ranks, titles, guild names, guild tags. 

  • Kitty on fire!

    Notices, 2 months ago

    Someone forgot its cute lion in the molten wastelands and it caught fire!

    Get your Sacred Fire Guardian today at our item shop!

  • Still chasing the moon?

    Notices, 3 months ago

    If evil witches can't fly to the moon, the moon must come to them.

    Try with this cute Moon Ride!

  • Embedded in void energies

    Notices, 3 months ago

    Terror from the Void, now available at our item shop!

  • Chasing the moon

    Notices, 3 months ago

    My love, I give you the moon and the stars.. ok, not the stars. Just this beautiful Moon Rabbit.

    Now available at our item shop!

  • Tonight, we dine in black

    Notices, 3 months ago

    Now available at our item shop, two new darker versions of some lovely costumes.


    Scarlet Mage


    Black Ranger

  • Secure your account

    Notices, 3 months ago

    It has come to my attention that a group of people has distributed a database with accounts and passwords from another server. 

    Some of the players in this list decided to have the same user and password as in this other server so now, their accounts are compromised.

    If you believe that you are one of these dumbos, please change your password. If you are in doubt, change it too. If today is cloudy, change it too. If tomorrow has not come yet, change it too.

    EG takes no responsibility of the lack of self account care. You have been advised.

  • The molten ones

    Notices, 3 months ago

    What is the best way to travel around fiery steppes than to to be on top of your loyal Molten Death's Strider, now available at our item shop!


    Or maybe you prefer a smaller friend, in this case, Molten Menace might be for you.

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