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  • End of Christmas

    Notices, 1 week ago

    Patch 259 change-log:

    - Removed Christmas patch.
    - Added new versions of Infinite Bows for 15,30,60,80 with Infinite Crossbow stats, for those who want to use slow and strong weapons while being able to use weapon skins (these bows can be crafted in core like all the others). Its a bow with crossbow stats, so it will use bow passives.
    - Gaia's Blessing range increased from 11m to 28m.
    - Increased the success rate of all %skills to 100% in all levels.
    - Removed raid/party leader icon from players view.
    - New setting to show/hide raid icons next to player names.
    - Item dye window updated to show a bigger model.
    - New Faction chat channel that should replace normal Trade messages, like join pvp or whatever. Use trade for trades, faction for random chat.
    - New International chat channel where you can speak (faction-wide) in your own languages. Setting is at User Settings. New languages can be added if we get enough players using it, otherwise use "Other".
    - Added 2 new key binds to move R bar current position forward or backwards.
    - Found and fixed an issue with assist targets, it should work as intended now.
    - Fixed pandas going invisible after using snowballs.
    - Fixed Auction Board not returning any results on some categories.
    - You can now use chat while having Auction Board open. To use the search field, click on it. To stop using it, click anywhere.

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update. 

  • New travel companions

    Notices, 2 weeks ago

    If you like to fly around, pecking and pooping on people's heads, then here is your chance! Get your own owl friend and fulfill your dreams!

    Welcome Gizmo!


    But if you prefer to look mean and evil, maybe this one is for you. Razor! the electric raptonian.

  • Special winter delivery

    Notices, 1 month ago

    Traverse the hills and mountains of the realms of winter, faster than everyone else, in this super special Long Boi, the longer it is, the faster you will go.

  • A new companion appears

    Notices, 1 month ago

    You all forgot about Christmas already? Fear not, he is here to remind you of it! 
    Look at this beautiful little boy, so cute Smol Santa Helper! A good companion to end up, again, filled by the spirit of Christmas.

  • The frosty shimmer is here

    Notices, 1 month ago

    The cold is here, the snow sparkle like diamonds, celebrate with your love ones the end of the Year by wearing this fabulous Frosty Shimmer costume.

  • Merry Christmas!

    Notices, 1 month ago

    Greetings, friends! As Christmas approaches, we wanted to take a moment to wish our community a very merry holiday.

    We hope that this time of the year brings you plenty of opportunities to celebrate with loved ones, enjoy delicious food and drink, and embrace the joy and magic of the holiday season. Whether you're leveling up, farming nonstop, or just spending quality time by killing each other, we hope that you are able to fully embrace the spirit of Christmas and help Santa find his lost presents.

    Wishing you all the best, Merry Christmas!


    And by the way, here you have your ugly perm candy skin :C

  • Margot is here!

    Notices, 1 month ago

    The fluffy Margot is now available at our item shop! 
    She will keep you warm while you travel the frozen steppes of the Realms of Winter.


  • Christmas patch is now live

    Notices, 1 month ago

    Once again, the Realms of Winter open up to see if they can accomplish their plans of conquering the continent. Its up to our heroes to stop them! Help the guards control this imminent threat and have another chance at completing all those quest you might have not finished last year.

    Along with this patch, I have made 2 quality of life changes that we will be testing out in game. One is that you can move your chat cursor back and forth using the arrow keys, like in any other normal chat, the second and more important to test is that you can now link items into chat so people can see its tool tip with the most important data of it. 

    To do this, you have to Ctrl + Mouse Click an item in your inventory. If you do it with your chat closed, it will send a WTS message with the linked item, if you do it with chat open it will paste the item name wherever your cursor is.


    In short, Patch 257 change-log:

    • - Christmas patch is now live.
    • - Players can now move the chat cursor around words by using the arrows keys or they home/end keys. Ctrl + arrows will move the cursor to the next empty space.
    • - Players can now Ctrl + Left Mouse Click on an inventory item to link it to a message, displaying its tool tip to everyone in chat.
    • - Mob chat will now be shown in chat (not as notice), you can filter it out in chat settings.

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update. 

  • Patch 256 change-log

    Notices, 2 months ago

    - Hasty Heal will now also cast Dispel Lv2 on your target, just like Great Heal.
    - Auto balance will now balance numbers after classes, just like before.

    - Ranger | Assassin
    -- Mental Storm - Confusion Lv1 required level changed from 33 to 13, duration changed from 2s to 3s.
    -- Mental Storm - Confusion Lv2 required level changed from 48 to 29.
    -- Mental Storm - Lure Lv1 duration changed from 2s to 3s.
    -- Disruption Stun Lv1 required level changed from 29 to 13, duration changed from 2s to 3s.
    -- Disruption Stun Lv2 required level changed from 49 to 29.
    -- Fixed description for all these spells as it was showing wrong data.


    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update. 

  • Halloween is over :(

    Notices, 2 months ago

    Due to recent issues with some Turkish players not being able to update their games, I have decided to remove Halloween without doing a client update.

    That's why you will still see Halloween decorations but not event npc or mobs.

    Client update will be done once their ISPs can resolve the issues, otherwise they would not be able to update and log.

  • How to wear your dragon

    Notices, 3 months ago

    Forged deep in the bowels of the lava pits at Molten Wasteland, pieces of defeated dragons, all put together to form this new set of weapons. Drakan skin set, is now available at our item shop!

  • Today is cat's day!

    Notices, 3 months ago

    Every day should be cat day! But today is special, we have these 2 adorable new mounts!

    Puff and White Paws now available at our item shop! (mounts might not contain enough meows yet

  • Happy Halloween!

    Notices, 3 months ago

    Tonight is your chance to make all your scary dreams come true. Become the monster and go scare someone! 

    Wishing you all a Halloween to remember for the rest of your life, hope you have more fun than the ghosts haunting your house.

    Happy Halloween!

    But don't be alone tonight! Hire this Young Assistant pet to help you cast ugly spells on your foes! 
    Now available at our item shop.

  • The Molten Wastelands waits for you

    Notices, 3 months ago

    It's that time of the year again, a time for sharing and cari.. wait, no! 

    It's time for terror! It's time to hunt your enemies down and scare them on every corner, until they go back crying to their beds!

    The Molten Wastelands awaits you and your comrades, all halloween quests have been enabled, also in capital cities and Locus Graveyard.

    Patch 253 change-log

    - Reduced auto balance command CD to a maximum of 1 minute.
    - Probably fixed an issue with auto balance command not working when you accept too fast.
    - Added the possibility to set a 10 second cool down on raid FKey marks that can be enabled by maps. We might test this out instead of disabling it.
    - Fixed a game issue not properly saving chat tabs when relogging into different characters.
    - Fixed lv80 spears range back to 2m. It got mistakenly changed to 1m when panda was released.
    - Added new Assist Target option for raid right click menu to assign a player as your main target for assists.
    - New key bind to target yourself. No default key.
    - Fixed chat key binds to allow you to press it again to close or switch chat modes.
    - Resurrecting will now also apply a 8 seconds stealth to allow you to move out of danger unnoticed (will also help conceal respawner).
    - Raid leaders and tanks will now see colored nameplates in raid window of those affected by dayfly buff.
    - Players affected by dayfly buff will now get a chat message saying who used the skill (if loaded).

  • Website login issues

    Notices, 4 months ago

    There is a broken link between website and our server. I'll leave the site open just in case it happens to come back online while I sleep.
    Services will be offline until the link is fixed.

  • New weapon and shield skins!

    Notices, 4 months ago

    This time, we bring you the run skin in its B and C variations (runb and runc). 
    Now available at our item shop.

  • Patch 252 change log

    Notices, 5 months ago

    - Removed balance by numbers from auto balance command. Only classes will be balanced for now.
    - Added new temp fc buff levels for gm command to grant 12h, 24h, 7d or 30d buff.
    - Players faction changed by staff wont be fc around when raids do auto balance.
    - Players faction changed by player command, will now receive 1 extra kill point every 7 gained, as reward for helping balance pvp. This wont trigger on temp fc made by staff.
    - Auto balance command CD increased to a proportional value up to a maximum of 3 minutes, to prevent spam.
    - GM can now kick GS from raids.

    Mage | Pagan
    - Increased the physical and ranged defense granted by Magic Mask Lv4 from 836 to 1036.

    Monk | Druid
    - Increased CD on all levels of Mystic Ember from 30s to 35s.
    - Reduced Mystic Ember Lv4 Additional damage from +1730 to +1530.
    - Reduced Mystic Ember Lv5 Additional damage from +3120 to +2120.
    - Increased CD on all levels of Pyroclasm from 18s to 22s.
    - Increased CD on all levels of Static Slam From 18/16s to 20s.
    - Increased CD on all levels of Crash Lightning from 10s to 12s.
    - Reduced Crash Lightning Lv5 Additional damage from 8168 to 6568.
    - Reduced the attack power granted by the Divine Greatstaff Lv5 buff from 320 to 280.
    - Reduced the attack power granted by the Galeforce Strike Lv5 buff from 320 to 280.
    - Changed all levels of Cataclysmic Impact to now hit only once.
    - Increased Cataclysmic Impact Lv1 Additional damage from +1000 to +2500.
    - Increased Cataclysmic Impact Lv2 Additional damage from +1600 to +3800.
    - Increased Cataclysmic Impact Lv3 Additional damage from +4000 to +6000.
    - Increased Cataclysmic Impact Lv4 Additional damage from +6000 to +8500 (keeps the scaling AoE).
    - Reduced the damage reduction gained while under the effect of Astral Fade by 10% on all levels. 

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update. 

  • Patch 249 change-log

    Notices, 6 months ago

    - Fixed quests not triggering the popup on completion. You can now talk to the npc or use the item that gave you the quest to complete it if all requirements are fulfilled.
    - New setting to change the color of your skill cooldown numbers.
    - Skill cooldown numbers get bigger when its less than a minute, for better readability.
    - Fixed not being unmounted when a mob uses polymorph on you.
    - Fixed stat reset stone not properly resetting your kill rank.

    - Panda skill changes
    -- Fixed some panda skills consuming more fury than the one displayed in tooltip.
    -- Fixed panda untouchable skill to not stop for an animation when used.
    -- Fixed tab location for some of the skills.
    -- Astral Fade duration changed to 6s, increased damage reduction by 5% per level and added 100% ranged protection for its duration.
    -- Increased and adjusted the damage of several skills at lower tiers.
    -- Increased and adjusted the damage of some skills at max level.
    -- Reworked Cataclysmic Impact Lv4 to hit twice for 6000 additional damage, increasing its damage by +15% per target hit up to a maximum of 75% at 5 targets.
    -- Increase the bonus damage % of Dragon's Rage and White Tiger's Fury Lv4 skills to 110%.
    -- Static Slam is now a 3/4 meters AOE around your target. CD changed to 18s/16s. 

    Client version was updated. If you were using dev client, run GameDev_Install.exe once after update. 

  • Rose is here!

    Notices, 6 months ago

    Gift someone you love this precious flower companion, its so adorable you won't want it gone.

    Now available at our item shop!



  • Patch 248 change-log

    Notices, 6 months ago

    Some small fixes that needed to be done, hope everyone is having a good day.

    - Fixed core exit point for pandas. 
    - Fixed some wrong text descriptions. 
    - Fixed default costumes off display for pandas. 
    - Fixed Dragon's Rage not doing intended extra damage. 
    - Removed cast/animation from panda Untouchable skill so it works like in other classes. 
    - Fixed market to only include the selected category when doing a search by name. 

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