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  • Old Timey #9 is here!

    Notices, 3 days ago

    Wearing old clothes is not always a bad move, fashion has no limits!

    Old-Timey Collection #9 is now available at our item shop!

  • I'm moving!

    Notices, 2 weeks ago

    Hello dear nubs

    I just want to let you all know that I will be moving to a different lair this Saturday and might not be available to answer your messages in discord, at least for 1 or 2 days. I've been kind of preparing everything for this day, this means that easter patch will be delayed until next week.

    Hope you all understand <3

  • Old-Timey Collection #21

    Notices, 3 weeks ago

    It is time to renew your wardrobe with this fantastic Old-Timey Collection #21.

    Now available at our item shop!

  • Protect The GS 15 Zone PvP Event

    Notices, 3 weeks ago

    Saturday March 27th 20:00ST

    [GS]Deppy and [GS]Panada will be hosting another round of Protect The GS Event in the 15 Zone.

    Each side will only have 1 GS to protect this time, but they will have boosted stats.
    [GS]Panada will be playing for Fury and [GS]Deppy will be playing for AoL. 

    • - To win, each faction will have to kill the opposing faction's GS ten (10) times.
      - You must protect your GS, by guarding, DF, cross DP, heals, whatever means necessary.
      - GSs will not be allowed to hide in base or port out in the middle of PvP.  But we can run!!!!
      - You must be geared
      - Dirty leeching = kick
      - No drama, let's keep it fun and civil
      - No abuse of staff or other players.
      - Both factions must assist in balancing the raids
      - Once the GSs are dead PvP may continue.  We won't end it as long as ya'll wanna keep going.
      - Only the winning faction gets prezzies.

    In the words of Joe from Family Guy, BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!

  • Battle of the Altars

    Notices, 3 weeks ago

    Wednesday March 24th, 19:00ST

    Capture The Flag has never been so intense! 

    Factions will battle it out in D-Water for the altars. First faction to get all the altars wins! And of course there will be twists and turns, not as easy as it will seem. Your faction will have to devise plans, possibly have to divide to conquer! 

    Remember, players in the opposing faction may have tele points saved to the altar locations!

    -Tele points allowed
    -Must remain in your raid, no solo altar hunting
    -PvP map, so means PvP will go down
    -Respect your raid leads and listen to them, do not go running off on your own.
    -Do not summon tabs without the permission of your raid leads 
    -No.Drama, let's keep it fun and civil
    -No abuse of staff or other players.
    -Dirty leeching = kick, both factions will need all helping
    -Both factions must assist in balancing the raids, no one push, take the altars and done.
    -Only the winning faction gets prezzies

    Let's have some fun!!!!

  • Art Contest Winners

    Notices, 3 weeks ago

    Congratulations to the winners of the Art Contest!


    We want to thank you all for participating and let you know that every submission was was of great quality! But we had to choose a limited amount for winners! 

    Thank you for participating and good luck next time!










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