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  • New weapon skin

    Notices, 2 weeks ago

    It's time to show off in battle with this splendid weapon skin set, rumors say that it can even enhance your skills in combat! Who knows.

    Code name: 00red

  • Good bye halloween :(

    Notices, 3 weeks ago

    Patch 295 change-log:

    • - Halloween seasonal event has been removed.
      - Community window redesigned.
      - Fixed friend list memos.
      - Added last login time to friend and guild lists.
      - Guild leaders are now allowed to transfer guild leadership by upgrading a rank 2 to rank 1 (this will lower their ranks to 2).
      - Forgotten Restoration relic will now make healing skills consume extra 30% resources (mp/sp).


    - Guardian / Defender changes:
    -- Dayfly skill will now be applied to yourself and your party/raid tab. Range increased from 12m to 15m. 
    -- Shields can no longer be linked with HP or Abs lapis. All existing HP/Abs lapis in shields will be removed.
    -- The effectiveness of the damage reduction from shields enchant has been halved (only for this class).
    -- Untouchable skill (class) cooldown increased to 180, 170, 160, 150 seconds per respective level.
    -- Relic skill Defender's Might absorption reduced from 900 to 500 points.

    Client version has been changed. You know the drill.

  • New companions!

    Notices, 1 month ago

    Ride into the realm of legends on the back of the Longma, a majestic fusion of dragon and horse. With scales glistening like precious gems and the fiery spirit of a mythical beast, this mount embodies the harmonious union of strength and grace, serving as a symbol of unparalleled power and fortune.

    And if that is not enough, feel free to acquire your own personal companion and protector, Minna, a fierce guardian dog that will accompany you everywhere, biting the butt off your enemies.

  • Tiered PvP Updated

    Notices, 1 month ago

    We have updated the list for the Tiered PvP Rewards

    This month it includes a special costume dye (an item that allows you pick the exact values you want for your dye) and the exclusive Sky Tear wings!

  • A flying jewel

    Notices, 1 month ago

    A majestic phoenix, adorned with long, graceful wings that glisten in hues of green and blue. 
    It embodies the essence of elegance and rebirth as it soars through the skies.
    Meet the Jade Phoenix


    Alongside this magnificent mount, you can also match up with one of these new weapon skins:



  • New shop items!

    Notices, 2 months ago

    The body transformation that everyone has been waiting for.. no! not that one, the Body Swapper is here!
    Note: this item is not account bound for now, but it will be after next maintenance, so feel free to gift it around.

    If you find any issues with the parsing of weapons, let me know in a ticket. We have tested it a lot but maybe forgot to check some of them.

    Also a new cute companion that will help you travel around, the Lazy Red Panda is super friendly but fierce when needed. I know it's not a raccoon, I blame Liam.

    As a plus, I've enabled more of the Old-Timey Collections: #1, #2, #10, #11

  • GRB Rewards

    Notices, 2 months ago

    Hello everyone! I've made some changes to the Guild Ranking Battle Reward Page.

    From now on, your rewards will go directly to your mail boxes and will remain there for 10 days, so take them out before they expire!

    I've removed Luminous Brigand from all tiers, but added Graveyard Terror to the top 1 rewards. Enjoy.

    One important change that is not yet enabled but will take place after next week maintenance: 
    - GRB Boss Stones will have a 15 days expiration time.
    - All your current stones must be used or split into stacks of 1, because, after that patch, the max stack of that item will be set to 1.
    - You have been warned!

  • Shop updated with not so spooky things!

    Notices, 2 months ago

    I bring you today some new friends so you don't have to be alone and scared during Halloween!

    White and Dark Griffins, 80's Piggu, Green Blob and many more!

    Shop items have been updated, check out the newest ones!

  • Halloween Has Arrived!

    Notices, 2 months ago

    Greetings, fellow adventurers!

    The spookiest season of the year has arrived, and we're delighted to share some exciting additions to our Halloween update for EG Shaiya! Get ready to start your Halloween adventure!

    Molten Wastelands Beckon

    The Molten Wastelands have once again burst into fiery chaos, with dragon lords causing tremors of fear. 
    Rally your allies and step into this blazing battlefield and vanquish your foes to secure the zone and reclaim it from the brink of destruction.
    The challenge awaits, but the rewards will be worth it! Including the seasonal Dimensional Demon Wings!

    Jack the Skeleton's Cry for Help!

    Jack the Skeleton finds himself in dire need of heroes once more. He's on a quest to save his beloved wife from the clutches of the Mad Pumpkin Queen. Complete his quest line, earn your place among the legends, and acquire the coveted Nightmare Before Halloween and Necromancer Wings!
    Jack awaits for you in your capital cities.

    Locus Graveyard

    For those who crave even more adventure, journey to the haunting Locus Graveyard map. Take on numerous quests to cleanse the evil presence that haunts this land. Your bravery will be richly rewarded with Nephilim Wings and the dreaded Wings of Terror.

    Spooky Bingo Fun!

    Prepare for an exhilarating Halloween Bingo experience! Earn Bingo Coins daily (per account) as you play, and remember not to go AFK, unless you'd prefer to pay for the entire board at once. 
    Completing the full board unlocks exclusive and rare rewards, including a +1 Recreation Rune Stone!

    New PvP Rewards System!

    Introducing our brand-new Tiered PvP Rewards system. Starting this month, we'll reward players for their in-game kills. The more kills you rack up, the rarer your rewards will be. It's your chance to prove your prowess in battle and claim exclusive prizes.
    This system will count all shared kills you earn in pvp maps (arenas excluded).

    So, it is time to dive into the action, conquer the challenges, and embrace the Halloween spirit like never before!

  • 2 new weapon skins to fashion out!

    Notices, 2 months ago

    Today I bring two new weapon skins for you all, check them out at our item shop!




  • Horney boys in your area

    Notices, 3 months ago

    So you get delighted by horns? 
    No problem! Here you have a few to pick from!

    Black Wizard costume

    Mystic Dragon costume 


    Maybe you can also consider mixing it with this splendid drake skin set

  • Dragonspine Enclave is back!

    Notices, 3 months ago

    Dragonspine Enclave is back!

    From now on, the map will temporarily open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at times 02hs, 10hs and 18hs server time for the duration of 2 hours on each time frame.

    The first week, you will be able to continue with the quests in it with the old rewards, but as from next week, the special rewards will be removed and only the Wings will remain.

    You can also farm and pvp to get the bloody tokens in order to craft your pre elemental tops.

    These are the times for now but might be susceptible to changes in the future.


    Patch 285 change-log:

    - Dragonspine Enclave will now open for 2 hours on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at server times 02hs, 10hs, 18hs.
    - Fixed an issue that would dismount you when using UT skill and having the dismount at target setting enabled.
    - Leaders can now auto balance in mixed maps.
    - Leaders can now only use the Raid: Play action if the selected player is inside a safe zone.
    - Fixed an issue with auction board not showing tool tips correctly when mouse over.
    - New settings to change some of your chat message coloring, damage in/out and healing in/out.
    - New slot added for future body change skins.

    Client version has been changed. You know what to do.

  • I've heard you guys like purple

    Notices, 4 months ago

    So I put some purple into your purples; new weapon and shield skins: UniqueMoon

    Now available at our item shop!

  • Patch 283 change log

    Notices, 4 months ago

    - Dragonspine Enclave access has been closed for now.
    - The test period for Magic Dodge changes is over, skill goes back to normal.
    - Fixed an issue with one of the wings quest line, you will be able to continue it from now on.
    - Cloron Dragong and Fantasma Dragon are now callable bosses. HP has been increased a little bit.


    An update on the auto balance rule:

    Since new map is now closed and there is no need for compete for bosses, raids are no longer forced to accept autos for world bosses. It will be up to leaders to decide. But, when doing normal pvp outside boss areas, you must still accept autos. In short:

    You can reject autos when doing bosses.
    You cannot reject autos when doing only pvp in non boss areas.

    Reject notice still shows names mixed up. Will fix some other day :D

  • New shop items

    Notices, 4 months ago

    New weapon skins for you to pick! Code Name: (light)


    And in case you were feeling alone lately, you can pick this cute Mechanical Toad companion. 

  • New autobalance rule

    Notices, 4 months ago

    Starting today and until further notice, pvp raids must accept all auto balance requests when received (includes all maps).

    During boss time:
    - Raids can send request to other raids before or while fighting on a boss, request must be accepted only until one raid has to base or leave the boss area.
    - Auto balance request can only be stopped or rejected once one raid won the pushes, forcing the other raid to leave the area.
    - Forcing the other raid to leave the boss area means your raid won the fight and the boss. Other raid should not try to auto balance anymore until boss is dead.
    - In the case of one raid doing a boss and enemy raid comes to dispute it (for the first time), you also have to accept requests.

    Auto balance can be rejected only when:
    - PvP was around a boss or during a boss fight and after a somewhat balanced fight, your raid won the push, forcing the other raid to leave the boss area.
    - Requesting raid is not in line of sight or close by.
    - If you want to pve, have a party, not a raid.

    Failing to comply will lead to punishments.
    This temporal rule may change or evolve based on suggestions.

  • Patch 282 change log

    Notices, 4 months ago

    - The delay between Trade Chat messages was increased to 20 seconds, so you start using faction chat more.
    - Fixed combat log message not showing when you die by floor damage spells from mobs.
    - Added map notice messages when a raid rejects auto balance command.
    - Fixed auto balance popup to remain visible even if you die or teleport. To avoid missclick, popup will be shown for a few seconds before being able to press any buttons.
    - Fixed old FFA map so you can get kills.
    - Added bless auto unlock option because GMs keep forgetting to do it.
    - Fixed an issue that kept infinite dungeon status active when going back to character selection screen while inside of core.

    Client version has been changed. You know what to do.

  • Patch 280 change log

    Notices, 5 months ago


    - Removed another 2 skills from Dragonspine mobs that stun and kill players, because you are all weak and can't handle it.

    Defender / Guardian

    - All levels of the Armored Tank skill now have a cooldown of 40 seconds (was 80s)
    - The buff Magic Dodge now only protects against mind control effects
    - The passive skill Body Training no longer grants magical defense

    Archer / Hunter / Mage / Pagan

    - Changed the range falloff damage of affected skills to start at 75% down to 25% (was 60% and 0%)

    Ranger / Assassin

    - All levels of Dark Bomb skill now have 2m range (was 1m)

    Priest / Oracle

    - Added new skill Frost Barrier
    -- Frost Barrier Lv1 - Level 68 - 4 Points - 750 MP - Apply Range 3m - 30min Duration - WATER 1 - 2405 damage per tick
    -- Frost Barrier Lv2 - Level 78 - 4 Points - 1930 MP - Apply Range 3m - 30min Duration - WATER 1 - 3974 damage per tick

  • New friendos for you!

    Notices, 5 months ago

    A cute hatchling that will spit fire at your enemies, or try to. Welcome to MoltenDew!

    And just in case you already got mommy seahorse, 
    now you can bring her baby too; Sapphire Seahorse!

  • New mounts for you

    Notices, 5 months ago

    I bring you today, two new underwater friends for you to travel around! But be safe, don't drown!


    Deep Sea Warrior

    Big Spikey

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