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  • Updates: 2019-03-22: Patch 86

    Announcements & Maintenances, 1 day ago
    Update 86 Change-log:

    - General fixes and changes to client files to reduce file sizes and loading times.
    - Fix on safe zones to prevent area damage when you are inside one.
    - Seraphim and Dios rooms are now considered pvp maps so you have to wait 10 seconds to port by using the move to battlefield function.
    - Fix on 'inspect' function that will show wings in the correct position.
    - Untouchable potion animation was removed, now you can use it while moving. Effect still remains.
    - Potions linked to skills (such as remedies, candies, etc) wont be able to be used while moving.
    - PvP Matches map has been changed to Arena map, having both teams spawn on opposite sides behind an invisible wall.

    - Skill Critical Strike was changed so it affects critical hit instead of hit rate.
    - Skills that affect hit rate will now apply a value in % and not in flat numbers. Skills such as Razor Will, Sharpshooter, etc, should work as intended, giving you an extra bonus based on a % of your current hit rate.

    - New Raid Target Mark
    -- Leader and sub leader can now press Control+F to mark an enemy target and send an automatic message informing raid members.
    -- Mark and message will only be seen by all raid members in sight of target.
    -- Killing the target will remove the mark and inform raid members.
    -- Marked target can be selected by just pressing F. Previous F function (fkey) will still work over this one if you have a friend selected. If your friend doesn't have a target, pressing F again will switch to raid mark.

    - New setting's window that will allow you to save your preferences.

    - New Hope Costume (made by Scattie) has been added to the game. Soon you will find it in our item mall.

    As always, if you find any issues, let us know and we will fix them as soon as possible.

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  • Updates: 2019-03-01: Changes!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 weeks ago
    On today's patch, we have:

    - New player command /wings_ani on/off to enable/disable wings animation. This might give you some fps without having to hide wings.
    - Magic users can now make use of Horizon Lapis bonuses while using staffs or daggers.
    - Fixed an issue that prevented you from logging out / exiting game.
    - Infinite Boxes are now instantly open instead of having to go through the popup window.
    - Fixed an issue that messed up your personal shop if you sorted out your inventory while shop was active.
    - Fixed several issues related to extended raid system.
    - New Raid chat mode. You can switch to it in the drop down menu at chat or by pressing 'Right Control + Enter'.
    - Sweeper is back! Find him at CoG where he usually hangs out.
    - Skill Charge:
    -- Ending position was changed so you land higher than normal in an effort to prevent being stuck in terrain.
    -- You cannot use this skill while in the air. (no jump charge)

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  • Helping a fellow player's family

    Announcements & Maintenances, 1 month ago
    Today I won't be talking about the game or the server but about one of our players, Rattler.

    He's passing through difficult times, his grandson was born with a congenital heart defect called 'Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return' or TAPVR.
    The baby already had several heart surgeries but its still fighting hard, and at the end, we are sure he will win it.

    There is a fund raising for the family that we want to share, so they can get some help from all of us.
    The smallest amounts are big enough for the needed.
    If you can't donate to them, you can always help by sharing this link:

    Thank you all and sorry is this thread harms the sensibility of your expectations.

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  • Updates: 2019-02-10: Small Changes

    Announcements & Maintenances, 1 month ago
    On today's update:

    - The cool down for the /call command has been increased to 25 seconds to give people more time to get in range.
    - /call command will now work on GRB bosses spawned at guild house.
    - Some bosses are now immune to hp percent based attacks.
    - Moved the raid tabs to the right to prevent miss-click when focusing fire.
    - Raptor Slayer AI should be working fine now.
    - Fixed BOT Police not showing up on some maps.
    - Pressing Char Screen / Quit Game buttons while performing actions will now be ignored. You need to be still for those functions to work.

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  • Secret Valentine!

    Events & Promotions, 1 month ago

    Valentine's Day is getting close and I don't have a date yet! Oh well, better find me someone to get me a present, just in case. Cakes accepted <3

    Join us in this community event on which every single one will be able to sign up for a secret valentine's game.
    You have time until February 10th (inclusive) to apply, after that, a random player will be assigned to you so you can deliver your gift! Be nice and make a thoughtful one.
    The value of the gift will be in the intention of it, not in the price. But you must send a gift! Failing to do, might end up with punishments.

    We hope everyone can apply and we all have a happy time.

    Press on the image or here to apply.

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  • How it all started...

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago

    New mount: Old Guy is now available in store.
    Important: this mount is instant but slow.

    We also have these two enabled now:

    Trusty Companion

    Daddy Sheep

    And for the amusement of some: (only allowed on certain wings)

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  • Updates: 2019-02-05: Tyros Revenge

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago

    A new group of robots have been seen roaming around Proelium Frontier, we still don't know what they are up to, but we will find out.
    Incursion into this zone and deliver our welcome message.

    Patch Notes:
    - Raids have been extended to 150 players.
    - Not a Bot (Lv15 Boss) was added to Proelium Frontier (12h respawn). Once killed, it will spawn the next boss in line. There are 5 new bosses in that zone.
    - New accessory lapis lv60+ that only drops from these tier 15 bosses.
    - Fruit boxes are back on menu! These will spawn around bosses to randomize a little bit the drop order. We will be testing this in the next week.
    - Mists PvP: Relic Protector was replaced by Raptor Slayer.
    - Important: Bosses will now be invulnerable until a /call command is performed 3 times. I'll remove our rule to call 3 times since its now ineffective.
    - Absolute Recreation Runes are no longer bound to character/account.
    - Fixed an issue that prevented some quest items to be stored or traded.
    - Fixed an issue with Resurrection skill and targets not dead.
    - Fixed an issue with some dialogs (infinite dungeon, move to battlefield) allowing a character to stay in place instead of being moved by lures or skills when the mouse was over the popup window.
    - All wings are now level 1.
    - Using skills while mounted will now un-mount you.
    - Added a new system to allow mutes to persist after relog and become account wide.
    - The BOT Police is back on duty! Watch out, you better show those papers or be ready to get boot out of game.

    And as always, report any issues you might found. Thanks.

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  • Maintenace 2019-01-10: The end of christmas

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago
    Today's maintenance brought the end of all Christmas related stuff and a few other minor changes.

    Patch notes:
    - Christmas related events have been removed. Including decorations, quests, mobs and reward boxes.
    - Fixed an issue with screenshot button and emote button sharing cooldown with everyone in map. Emote (5s) cooldown and Screenshot (2s) cooldown will now work as intended.
    - Target Resurrection Runes will now have a casting time. (needs live testing)
    - Skill Target Lock will now work as intended by ignoring DEX on the opponent and giving you a 100% hit rate on auto attack or skills that use auto attack to land.
    - Skill Charge cannot be used while jumping. To prevent client syncing issues.
    - Fixed an issue that prevented the normal duration of animations by moving your mouse over certain windows.
    - Boss pets are now account bound.

    Hope everything is fine, please report any issues you might find.

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  • Christmas Event is coming to an end!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago
    Hello everyone, hope you are having a nice day!

    Remember that on January 10th, all Christmas related events will end and with it, all christmas boxes will be removed.
    This includes: Christmas Mount Box, Christmas Party Box, Christmas Pet Box, Christmas Costume Box, Santa's Socks.

    So make sure you open yours and get those juicy coals!

    On other news and in the spirit of sharing, I will allow the transfer of Christmas Wings for those who want to gift away their extra pairs.
    Just send me a message in discord with your charname and the charname of the person you want to get it. Transfer will only be allowed to the original owners of the wings.

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  • Merry Christmas to all!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago

    Hello everyone!

    We at EterniaGames want you to know that we are happy for having you playing in our server and sharing with us this experience that is the making of a game community.
    We also want to extend our gratitude by sending you a Christmas Gift to your bank teller! (gift was sent to all accounts that logged in the last 3 months)
    Hope you have a great day with your family and friends and all your wises come true.

    Remember that the Christmas Event will end on January 10th and that all Christmas related boxes will be disabled after that date. So make sure you open your gifts before that!
    This includes:
    -Christmas Mount Box
    -Christmas Party Box
    -Christmas Pet Box
    -Christmas Costume Box
    -Santa's Socks

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  • Updates: 2018-12-13: Minor changes.

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago
    - New Christmas Quest NPC (Johnathan Splat) was added at each Capital City, giving you the chance to get Christmas Spirits by doing PvP.
    - Fixed some mob and quest issues.

    - New costume Christmas Gown added to game / mall.

    - New pet Worn-Out Teddy Bear added to game / mall.

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  • Christmas Events! (ends 10th January)

    Events & Promotions, 3 months ago
    Christmas is getting closer and we need to be ready!
    But there is an issue! Santa has crashed his sleigh and all the reindeer have escaped! Help him out, and all his friends, so we can save Christmas!

    You will find the following quests in your Capital City:
    - Santa's Lost Presents (repeatable)
    - Catch the Mischievous Goats (daily)
    - Catch a Myth (repeatable)
    - Christmas Decorations (daily)
    - Preparing the Feast (daily)
    - A Troll Problem (daily)
    - Donner and Blitzen (daily)
    - Get Filled with the Christmas Spirit (repeatable)

    Discover all the rewards you can get by doing the daily quests and if you complete enough tasks to get filled by the Christmas Spirit, you will be able to get your own Christmas Wings!

    Hope you guys like the events.

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  • Updates: 2018-12-11: Christmas!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago
    - Christmas Patch is now active until 10th January.
    - All relics have been transformed into Christmas Trees and if you are really lucky, they will drop you a Tiny Christmas Tree Pet.
    - Elusive Christmas Goat will spawn (x2) at Theodores and Pantanasa in random spots. If you are lucky enough to see one, kindly invite others to kill it with you.
    - Important: A new popup will appear on you while farming to make sure you are paying attention. Failing this validation will create a record and having multiple records might end up with your account suspended.
    - Infinite dagger and shield scrolls (lv80) added to the NPC at Infinite Sanctuary.
    - Infinite shields (lv80) added to the Infinite Weapon Converter.
    - Removed the ability to call bosses in guild houses.
    - Raptor Slayer boss received a little buff to make it last longer.

    Dios Exiel Dungeon
    - A bind point was added so you can spawn (after death) in your safe zone.
    - Guards have been added to tunnels so you are not camped when exiting the portals from your safe zone, moving the pvp far into dios room instead of next to portal.
    - We will be testing these changes to see the impact they have in game.

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  • Spooky October!

    Events & Promotions, 5 months ago

    Spooky Halloween!
    Halloween Zombies and Halloween Pumpkins have been seen roaming around our battle zones.
    Help your faction by exterminating these pests and keeping their generals in line.

    If you wander too much around them, you will find who is in charge and that would be the Mad Pumpkin (Lv15), the Mad Pumpkin Princess (Lv30) and the Mad Pumpkin Queen (Lv80)!
    Oh and by the way, if you see The Most Ugly Pumpkin (Lv80) in the world, stomp it!

    The Nightmare before Halloween
    Help Jack the Skeleton free his wife from the hands of the Mad Pumpkin Queen by gathering the required materials for it.
    You will require three special pumpkins for him to regain his strength. Check out around the city for someone to help you out.

    A witch's gift (Daily)
    Talk to Esther/Aisha and help her out by gathering the candies she want. Witches like candy too!

    Nightmare on Halloween (Daily)
    Lapoon/Hashi have trouble sleeping. Find out why!

    All NPC are in your Capital City.
    Mad Pumpkin spawns in Proelium Frontier every 8 hours.
    Mad Pumpkin Princess spawns in Cantabilian every 8 hours.
    Mad Pumpkin Queen spawns in D-Water Borderlands every 8 hours.
    The Most Ugly Pumpkin spawns in D-Water Borderlands every 8 hours.

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  • The Mother of Raptors travels our land

    Events & Promotions, 5 months ago

    The Mother of Raptors seeks aid!
    Help the Mother of Raptors recover her loved pets so they can grow free and strong. She will be visiting your capital cities just outside of the main gates.
    You will need to travel to different battle zones and find these crazy Raptor Hunters and put and end to their enclave. But be aware of the monstrosity they are summoning in Deep Desert.

    New quest chain that will make you go through each battle zone farming mobs to help the Mother of Raptors.
    New Raptor Hunter mob for each zone.
    New Raptor Slayer boss spawns in Deep Desert every 12 hours.

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  • Event's Schedule has been updated!

    Events & Promotions, 7 months ago
    This covers the week starting on Monday 20th until Sunday 26th.
    Check it out here:

    15.00 “Defend the Castle” (Lv80 PvE)
    Your Capital city is under attack. Go defend it for the honour of your faction!
    19.00 “Exploring new lands!” (Lv15 PvP)
    Go on an adventure in unexplored territory to find new treasures and opportunities!
    21.00 “Come find us!” (Lv80 PvE)
    Lumen and his friends have escaped from their bounds in Kallium Illos. Go find them and put them back where they belong!

    10.00 “Humble beginnings” (Lv80 PvE)
    Your starter friends are being hunted by robots. Go save them!
    16.00 “Defend Medius” (Lv80 PvP)
    Team up with your faction to hold the relic!
    22.00 “Cuddling goodness” (Lv80 PvE)
    Cute creatures are lurking with nice goodies to collect!

    10.00 “The Riddler” (Lv80 PvE)
    Solve all the riddles to find your way to a hidden treasure!
    18.00 “Old macdonald had a ..” (Lv80 PvE Mists)
    Battle the strange monsters in the Mist to find proper treasure! Portals will open in each Capital.
    23.00 “Follow the leader” (Lv15 PvP)
    Team up with your faction to hunt the opposite leader to gain prizes!

    10.00 “Tropical vacation” (Lv80 PvP)
    Defend the Oasis from the opposite faction to enjoy the monsters hanging around there!
    16.00 “Defend your newer players” (Lv80 PvE)
    Starfumos and Willoseu are under attack. Fight off the defenders!
    22.00 “Protect Reno” (Lv80 PvP)
    The opposite faction has come to take the altar as well as some sneaky monsters. Take the altar and you will prevail to glory!

    12.00 “Time to fight” (Lv80 4v4 Matches)
    Make your teams and get to the top!
    18.00 “Defend the Castle” (Lv80 PvE)
    Your Capital city is under attack. Go defend it for the honour of your faction!
    20.00 “Time to fight” (Lv80 4v4 Matches)
    Make your teams and get to the top!

    14.00 “Devine interruption” (Lv80 PvP)
    The goddesses have come to life to check on their armies when they arrived the opposite faction started hunting them. Go protect your goddess and be the first to destroy the other’s!
    18.00 “Time to fight” (Lv80 5v5 Matches)
    Make your teams and get to the top!
    22.00 “Cuddling goodness” (Lv80 PvE)
    Cute creatures are lurking with nice goodies to collect!

    14.00 “Winged Demons” (Lv80 PvP)
    The angels have left their sanctuaries and came to rule new lands. Stop them before they become too powerful!
    18.00 “For Honor and Glory” (GRB)
    Fight for the honor of your guild to claim the top 1 spot!
    19.00 “See through the Mist” (Lv80 PvP Mists)
    Help your faction defeat the opponents and claim the mist for your own!

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  • Promotion More Pets!

    Events & Promotions, 8 months ago
    Welcome these new pets:

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  • New Pets!

    Events & Promotions, 9 months ago
    3 New Pets added to Item Mall

    Mr Cuddle, Scar and the Red Queen

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  • 3 New Pets!

    Events & Promotions, 10 months ago
    Welcome our new pets: Lala, Larry and Loui!

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  • 3 New Companions!

    Events & Promotions, 10 months ago
    Stop being alone and find company in one of these 3 new friends!
    You can get them at Item Mall as 30d and Perm versions or in future events.

    Meet Shredder, Trixie and Freya!

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  • Meet Eliza!

    Events & Promotions, 11 months ago
    Let me introduce to you these new companions that will follow you everywhere you go.
    These girls will also pick up any items or gold you may get from killing mobs.

    Meet Eliza and Bloody Eliza

    To be available soon at the Item Mall or in-game events.

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  • Event Screenshot Event! Year of the Dog

    Events & Promotions, 11 months ago

    Hey, guys!

    Since our online base has increased nicely, we can start doing some forum events to increase the amount of free rewards you can get :D!

    The first and most basic event every mmorpg has is SCREENSHOT EVENT! Cool, huh?

    But, since our dev has been so busy decorating the server for you, I think the best we can do to start is making the theme of this event the new decorations!

    Instructions of the Event:

    -Take a Screenshot of your character in our server, showing some spot where the new decoration is.
    -Upload it to some image host, and post the image in our forums. In your post, the image must be visible! (use img tags).
    -The event will remain open until April 26th!

    Rules of the Event:


    -Screenshot must show the new decoration (for more info, click here)
    -We will judge the best screenshot! You can always add some effects with design tools, some text, or whatever. But in the end, they must add to an already amazing picture. No amount of editing will make a lame picture good.
    -Each player can participate only once! We will check IPs! if you get caught with several entries, you will be disqualified!

    1st place: One of the following costumes: Golden Blade, The Jester, Pretty Guardian (30 days duration), one of the following pets: Mushu y Rainbow Bird (30 days duration), 750 coins.
    2nd place: One of the following costumes: Golden Blade, The Jester, Pretty Guardian (30 days duration), 500 coins.
    3rd place: one of the following pets: Mushu y Rainbow Bird (30 days duration), 250 coins.

    For all that participate 250 coins.

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