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  • Oh Sexy!

    Events & Promotions, 7 days ago
    Created out of Scattie's mind, we bring you this new and exclusive fashion set to make everyone jelly at the beach.
    This is the first creation in the collection, let us just hope we can get more!

    Scattie's Collection #1

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  • Updates: 2019-07-15: Crit Pet Buffed, FFA Fixes and more...

    Announcements & Maintenances, 7 days ago
    Summer Event is still going and portals will stay open for another 15 days until end of July! So you still have time to get those fancy wings!

    Now, lets talk about the changes:
    - Critical Pet has been buffed a little bit. It will now give a bonus based on your overall damage, not just the damage you get out of LUC. Tests will continue and this pet might keep getting changes until we find something balanced.
    - Fixed the position of name, guildname, title and chat bubbles.
    - Fixed an issue preventing raid leaders from using Raid Mark on same faction players.
    - Fixed a chat issue when typing % in raid chat.
    - Raid mark messages will now be displayed to everyone within the raid while in FFA map.
    - New emote icons for Raid Mark, Raid Sit, Raid Play.
    - Healing spells can now be used on enemy players inside FFA map.
    - Resurrection Spell and Target Resurrection Rune are now blocked in FFA map.
    - Fix for skill bar 3 to be automatically placed at the third position of skills.
    - New Attack Player behavior that will target and attack the closest enemy player.
    - Renamed GM Extraction Hammer to Perfect Extraction Hammer to allow it to be searched in the auction board.

    - New raid leader command: Raid Sit
    -- This command can only be used in a designated map and will move the targeted player to the sitters position.
    - New raid leader command: Raid Play
    -- This command can only be used in a designated map and will move the targeted player to your position.

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  • The Savior of Raptors

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 weeks ago
    After months of rescuing and protecting their children, The Mother of Raptors has finally allowed us to start giving them a new home.
    Welcome the unpronounceable new permanent pet that will enhance your critical damage by 20% plus giving you the fancy 'Savior of Raptors' title.
    Check it out at our Item Shop > Pets > Special Pets


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  • Updates: 2019-07-01: Summer Escapade!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 weeks ago

    Welcome back to the Forgotten Resort !
    Summer is here and we are planning an escapade to the forgotten resort, problem is... its still full of monsters!
    Gather your friends and adventure one more time into this mystic island to discover what secrets it holds.

    Portals are located on each main capital, outside city walls (Apulune / Iris) and will be open all July.
    Sealakel Leaders spawn every 3 hours and one of them guards a portal that will allow you to access the enemy's resort. Be on your watch!

    - We have made some changes to Canyon of Greed that will prevent people from going back inside their faction tunnel. Instead they will need to go around the long path (or use town portal). We will be testing and checking feedback on this change to see if it improves (or not) the daily CoG pvp.
    - A Tiny Raptor pet (from Mother of Raptors quest line) is now a 10% critical bonus damage pet with max OJ values of 10/20. This pet will grant you the title "The Caretaker" for its duration.
    - Eyjafjallajokull pet (from Mother of Raptors quest line) is now a 20% critical bonus damage pet with max OJ values of 10/20. This pet will grant you the title "Savior of Raptors" for its duration.
    - Removed hidden cool down for Potions in Quick Bar and Revolver Skill Bar (Z/X and R). There was a weird delay on the use of these slots that did not happen on normal quick bars or inventory.
    - New 7 day version of Cure/Dispel/Abolishing/Blessing/Holy potions was added to the Mysterious Woman at Auction House. You can purchase these with gold. Permanent version will be added later to Item Mall.
    - A new quick bar was added to the game. You can enable or disable it by pressing shift + plus|minus. It will work with the same hotkeys as the second quick bar. Check hotkeys options for more information.
    - Fixed mixed party system to allow raids in ffa map.
    - PvP Matches map have been changed back to the original one.
    - Made some fixes to chat input to prevent words being removed. Please report if this keeps happening and on what circumstances.
    - Movement Rune will now allow you to use it on any party or raid member.
    - Position for raid tabs, raid party and loot options will now be saved after relog.
    - Skill bars will be unmovable while having the Skill bar lock option enabled in User Settings.

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  • Updates: 2019-06-05: Patch 98 / Some minor changes...

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago
    Patch 98 Change-log:

    - Bonuses given by the Blessing of the Goddess has been balanced. Now both factions will get the same bonus at the same bless stage.
    - Infinite Sanctuary portals have been moved to each faction's map 1 (Ereumana / Reikeuseu). Same location as Core 1. All other locations have been closed.
    - Dispel Lv1 is now instant cast but only if you are level 30 or below.
    - Several fixes to mobs drop system.
    - Some fixes to pet equip action to prevent them going invisible.
    - Emotes can now be targeted to another players.
    - Fixed an issue that made bosses spawn instantly after a server restart.
    - Several fixes and changes to chat display and chat tabs.
    - Added missing minimap to Lost Grove.
    - Added missing icon to Underworld Garment.

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  • New Underworld Garment!

    Events & Promotions, 2 months ago

    Unleash your inner darkness and vanquish your foes while wearing these dark leather clothes. Fashion will never be dead, but they might.
    Introducing Underworld Garments, now available at our item mall.

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  • Updates: 2019-05-14: Patch 97 / The End of Easter

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago
    Sadly, we have to let our bunnies go.. even if it's nightmare's bunnies.

    - Easter patch has been removed along with all its related items.
    -- Heavenly Cores and Dust will remain one more week so people can try to complete a last pair of wings.
    -- No further event mobs will be spawned, so don't ask.
    - Fixed Clean Dyes function making you lose connection.
    - New Show Taskbar option to be used with Borderless Window, for those who always want to see their windows bar.

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  • Updates: 2019-05-10: Patch 95 / Random Drop & Stuff

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago
    - Raid Random Drop option was reworked:
    -- It will now give one item to a different eligible member up to the maximum of items it can drop. (in most cases, this value is 9)
    -- The order of these items will be randomized, so you can't fix your position in raid to get the one you want. (will also work like this for team order)
    -- Quest items will only go to those players with the quest active and will only drop in floor if the player is not eligible to receive the item.
    -- Note: An eligible player is a member of the killing raid that is close by and alive. If that player is not close to the kill, or its dead, or its teleporting around, item will go to the next one until there is no one else. No items should drop on floor anymore.

    General changes:
    - Elemental icons will now be shown for equipped items.
    - Fixed tool tip information for items equipped in different war modes than the one active. It should now show correct lapis/enchantment/ojs data.
    - Fixed an issue preventing getting a trade request while warehouse rune was active.
    - Fixed an issue preventing the use of warehouse rune on new maps.
    - Trade/Duel requests will now be automatically rejected if you have a window dialog open. (npc dialogs, trade, bank, wh, extract/link, etc)
    - Trade channel has been disabled inside GRB to prevent nonsense spam.
    - Dragon pet obtained from the last quest in Mother of Raptors quest chain has been upgraded to 45 days duration.
    - While in PvP Maps or PvP Matches and not in a Duel: changes to enemy equipment, other than weapons, will not be rendered by your client in order to reduce game freezes. We will be testing this feature the next few days and if it does indeed improve the overall playing experience, it will stay.
    - Blessing of the Goddess will now take 3 minutes to fully reset.
    - New graphic options that will allow you to enable or disable the processing of in-game shaders. By disabling shaders you will get considerably more FPS out of the game.
    - New graphic options to enable or disable border less window.

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  • Updates: 2019-04-29: Patch 94 / Small Changes

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago
    In today's mini update:

    - Small increase in drop chance for Heavenly Dusts and Cores.
    - Potions at Z/X slots will now, once depleted, auto refill with a new stack but only if you have the same potion in inventory.
    - Changed the area around Assaultron 9000 so it has more room to spawn towers.
    - Fixed raid own health bar not changing to pink when getting a debuff.
    - Visual update for inventory and skill bar to show armor and weapon linked element.
    - Also, while I was there, I did a small change to the amount value on items so its more readable and aligned to right as it should be.

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  • Updates: 2019-04-18: Patch 92 / Easter Patch!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago

    Happy Easter!!!

    We have been working hard to release this update so you can enjoy sharing new adventures.
    Introducing two new quest groups for you to discover, the Heralds of Winter and the Nightmare Realm.

    Each group contains a few daily quests that you can complete in order to get their reward bags, these bags have different useful items and chances to drop some of the new pets!

    Meet Lucky Pig, a small friend that will bring you luck in your adventures.

    Meet the Herald of Winter, one of only ones that was friendly enough to come with us.

    Meet Hawk, captain of the order of Scraps Disposal. An excellent warrior and friend.

    You can also notice that beautiful dress I am wearing, that's the new Envoy of Spring costume. +20 to all stats. Here is a better look:

    Follow these links to learn more about each quest group:
    - The Envoys of Spring
    - The Nightmare Realm

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  • Easter Event: The Envoys of Spring

    Events & Promotions, 3 months ago
    The Envoys of Spring are here and are asking for your help!

    Winter seems to want to stay and they are recruiting brave warriors to adventure into the Realms of Winter and fight the source of its problem.
    Help our little piggy friends to get rid of winter and the cold and discover the many rewards you can get in this new (recycled) map. Talk to each Herald of Winter to receive their daily quests.

    The Realms of Winter is a PvP Map where both factions will fight to get access to 2 bosses that spawn every 5 hours.
    These bosses are important because they will drop one of the required items for the Heavenly Wings quest. You must contact Puny Trevor in there to access the quest.

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  • Easter Event: The Nightmare Realm

    Events & Promotions, 3 months ago
    Crazy Willow has opened a portal to a place we are not supposed to go! The Nightmare Realm.
    Guards tried to help out but they are too weak! We need your help defeating these demons.

    Find Willow and his assistants at each Capital City and help him contain the terrors inside this new Event Dungeon.
    Only the bravest will be able to face the evil monsters inside this place..

    In this map you will find 3 mini bosses with a 4 hour respawn and 1 boss with a 4 hour respawn. In order to get to the last boss, you will need to kill all 3 mini bosses to unlock all doors.

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  • Updates: 2019-04-04: Patch 89

    Announcements & Maintenances, 4 months ago
    Patch 89 change-log:

    - Raid Mark message will now display the name of the player that killed the target.
    - Raid Window Health Bars will now blink when that player has an active debuff allowing healers to instantly identify them. This might need more testing, just let me know if you see it blink with a debuff you can't dispel.
    - Changed PR/VR/Teodores/Pantanasa to PvP Maps so you can't instantly teleport by using move to battlefield function.
    - Fixed an issue with Infinite Dungeon messages showing up after relog.
    - Fiery wings texture replaced with a better quality one.
    - Not a bot respawn time changed to 8 hours.
    - Minimap will now show different colored dots for friendly, enemy or unknown players.
    - Added a new button on Dyeing Window so you can remove your current item's dye.
    - Skill Third Eye can now be casted in dungeons (CoG, Dios Room, etc).

    - Pet Eira has been changed due to the amount of fps it was consuming.
    -- If you own one and want me to change it, send me a message in discord with the name of the new pet you want.
    - Changed all current Skill and Stat reset stones to account bound, but new ones that you get from level 80 pack will still be character bound.

    More Important:
    - Server Timezone has been changed to UTC so its more easy to make conversions.

    How the radar will look now: White (friendly), Red (enemy), Grey (unknown)

    Dyeing Window: Clear Dye button will allow you to remove all custom colors from your items.

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  • Updates: 2019-03-22: Patch 86

    Announcements & Maintenances, 4 months ago
    Update 86 Change-log:

    - General fixes and changes to client files to reduce file sizes and loading times.
    - Fix on safe zones to prevent area damage when you are inside one.
    - Seraphim and Dios rooms are now considered pvp maps so you have to wait 10 seconds to port by using the move to battlefield function.
    - Fix on 'inspect' function that will show wings in the correct position.
    - Untouchable potion animation was removed, now you can use it while moving. Effect still remains.
    - Potions linked to skills (such as remedies, candies, etc) wont be able to be used while moving.
    - PvP Matches map has been changed to Arena map, having both teams spawn on opposite sides behind an invisible wall.

    - Skill Critical Strike was changed so it affects critical hit instead of hit rate.
    - Skills that affect hit rate will now apply a value in % and not in flat numbers. Skills such as Razor Will, Sharpshooter, etc, should work as intended, giving you an extra bonus based on a % of your current hit rate.

    - New Raid Target Mark
    -- Leader and sub leader can now press Control+F to mark an enemy target and send an automatic message informing raid members.
    -- Mark and message will only be seen by all raid members in sight of target.
    -- Killing the target will remove the mark and inform raid members.
    -- Marked target can be selected by just pressing F. Previous F function (fkey) will still work over this one if you have a friend selected. If your friend doesn't have a target, pressing F again will switch to raid mark.

    - New setting's window that will allow you to save your preferences.

    - New Hope Costume (made by Scattie) has been added to the game. Soon you will find it in our item mall.

    As always, if you find any issues, let us know and we will fix them as soon as possible.

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  • Updates: 2019-03-01: Changes!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 5 months ago
    On today's patch, we have:

    - New player command /wings_ani on/off to enable/disable wings animation. This might give you some fps without having to hide wings.
    - Magic users can now make use of Horizon Lapis bonuses while using staffs or daggers.
    - Fixed an issue that prevented you from logging out / exiting game.
    - Infinite Boxes are now instantly open instead of having to go through the popup window.
    - Fixed an issue that messed up your personal shop if you sorted out your inventory while shop was active.
    - Fixed several issues related to extended raid system.
    - New Raid chat mode. You can switch to it in the drop down menu at chat or by pressing 'Right Control + Enter'.
    - Sweeper is back! Find him at CoG where he usually hangs out.
    - Skill Charge:
    -- Ending position was changed so you land higher than normal in an effort to prevent being stuck in terrain.
    -- You cannot use this skill while in the air. (no jump charge)

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  • Secret Valentine!

    Events & Promotions, 5 months ago

    Valentine's Day is getting close and I don't have a date yet! Oh well, better find me someone to get me a present, just in case. Cakes accepted <3

    Join us in this community event on which every single one will be able to sign up for a secret valentine's game.
    You have time until February 10th (inclusive) to apply, after that, a random player will be assigned to you so you can deliver your gift! Be nice and make a thoughtful one.
    The value of the gift will be in the intention of it, not in the price. But you must send a gift! Failing to do, might end up with punishments.

    We hope everyone can apply and we all have a happy time.

    Press on the image or here to apply.

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  • Christmas Events! (ends 10th January)

    Events & Promotions, 7 months ago
    Christmas is getting closer and we need to be ready!
    But there is an issue! Santa has crashed his sleigh and all the reindeer have escaped! Help him out, and all his friends, so we can save Christmas!

    You will find the following quests in your Capital City:
    - Santa's Lost Presents (repeatable)
    - Catch the Mischievous Goats (daily)
    - Catch a Myth (repeatable)
    - Christmas Decorations (daily)
    - Preparing the Feast (daily)
    - A Troll Problem (daily)
    - Donner and Blitzen (daily)
    - Get Filled with the Christmas Spirit (repeatable)

    Discover all the rewards you can get by doing the daily quests and if you complete enough tasks to get filled by the Christmas Spirit, you will be able to get your own Christmas Wings!

    Hope you guys like the events.

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  • Spooky October!

    Events & Promotions, 9 months ago

    Spooky Halloween!
    Halloween Zombies and Halloween Pumpkins have been seen roaming around our battle zones.
    Help your faction by exterminating these pests and keeping their generals in line.

    If you wander too much around them, you will find who is in charge and that would be the Mad Pumpkin (Lv15), the Mad Pumpkin Princess (Lv30) and the Mad Pumpkin Queen (Lv80)!
    Oh and by the way, if you see The Most Ugly Pumpkin (Lv80) in the world, stomp it!

    The Nightmare before Halloween
    Help Jack the Skeleton free his wife from the hands of the Mad Pumpkin Queen by gathering the required materials for it.
    You will require three special pumpkins for him to regain his strength. Check out around the city for someone to help you out.

    A witch's gift (Daily)
    Talk to Esther/Aisha and help her out by gathering the candies she want. Witches like candy too!

    Nightmare on Halloween (Daily)
    Lapoon/Hashi have trouble sleeping. Find out why!

    All NPC are in your Capital City.
    Mad Pumpkin spawns in Proelium Frontier every 8 hours.
    Mad Pumpkin Princess spawns in Cantabilian every 8 hours.
    Mad Pumpkin Queen spawns in D-Water Borderlands every 8 hours.
    The Most Ugly Pumpkin spawns in D-Water Borderlands every 8 hours.

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  • The Mother of Raptors travels our land

    Events & Promotions, 9 months ago

    The Mother of Raptors seeks aid!
    Help the Mother of Raptors recover her loved pets so they can grow free and strong. She will be visiting your capital cities just outside of the main gates.
    You will need to travel to different battle zones and find these crazy Raptor Hunters and put and end to their enclave. But be aware of the monstrosity they are summoning in Deep Desert.

    New quest chain that will make you go through each battle zone farming mobs to help the Mother of Raptors.
    New Raptor Hunter mob for each zone.
    New Raptor Slayer boss spawns in Deep Desert every 12 hours.

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  • Event's Schedule has been updated!

    Events & Promotions, 11 months ago
    This covers the week starting on Monday 20th until Sunday 26th.
    Check it out here:

    15.00 “Defend the Castle” (Lv80 PvE)
    Your Capital city is under attack. Go defend it for the honour of your faction!
    19.00 “Exploring new lands!” (Lv15 PvP)
    Go on an adventure in unexplored territory to find new treasures and opportunities!
    21.00 “Come find us!” (Lv80 PvE)
    Lumen and his friends have escaped from their bounds in Kallium Illos. Go find them and put them back where they belong!

    10.00 “Humble beginnings” (Lv80 PvE)
    Your starter friends are being hunted by robots. Go save them!
    16.00 “Defend Medius” (Lv80 PvP)
    Team up with your faction to hold the relic!
    22.00 “Cuddling goodness” (Lv80 PvE)
    Cute creatures are lurking with nice goodies to collect!

    10.00 “The Riddler” (Lv80 PvE)
    Solve all the riddles to find your way to a hidden treasure!
    18.00 “Old macdonald had a ..” (Lv80 PvE Mists)
    Battle the strange monsters in the Mist to find proper treasure! Portals will open in each Capital.
    23.00 “Follow the leader” (Lv15 PvP)
    Team up with your faction to hunt the opposite leader to gain prizes!

    10.00 “Tropical vacation” (Lv80 PvP)
    Defend the Oasis from the opposite faction to enjoy the monsters hanging around there!
    16.00 “Defend your newer players” (Lv80 PvE)
    Starfumos and Willoseu are under attack. Fight off the defenders!
    22.00 “Protect Reno” (Lv80 PvP)
    The opposite faction has come to take the altar as well as some sneaky monsters. Take the altar and you will prevail to glory!

    12.00 “Time to fight” (Lv80 4v4 Matches)
    Make your teams and get to the top!
    18.00 “Defend the Castle” (Lv80 PvE)
    Your Capital city is under attack. Go defend it for the honour of your faction!
    20.00 “Time to fight” (Lv80 4v4 Matches)
    Make your teams and get to the top!

    14.00 “Devine interruption” (Lv80 PvP)
    The goddesses have come to life to check on their armies when they arrived the opposite faction started hunting them. Go protect your goddess and be the first to destroy the other’s!
    18.00 “Time to fight” (Lv80 5v5 Matches)
    Make your teams and get to the top!
    22.00 “Cuddling goodness” (Lv80 PvE)
    Cute creatures are lurking with nice goodies to collect!

    14.00 “Winged Demons” (Lv80 PvP)
    The angels have left their sanctuaries and came to rule new lands. Stop them before they become too powerful!
    18.00 “For Honor and Glory” (GRB)
    Fight for the honor of your guild to claim the top 1 spot!
    19.00 “See through the Mist” (Lv80 PvP Mists)
    Help your faction defeat the opponents and claim the mist for your own!

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