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  • Update 143 : A few tests

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 weeks ago
    Hello all!

    Today I bring you a few changes that I want you to test in game.

    Most important, I have been working on a different way to load assets in game, to help the game have less freezes. It is not forced yet, just optional but it would be good if everyone [capable] could set it up for tests.
    You will have to disable UAC (User Account Control) in order to use this, otherwise you will notice your game closing when the UAC prompt pops-up (search google how to, there are multiple guides and its not hard).

    To enable the magic, you will have to go to your game folder, open the file CONFIG.INI with notepad (or any other text editor) and under [VIDEO] add the following lines and save:

    It should look like this:

    By doing this, you will start to notice a lot less freeze in game when rendering other players, along with our other commands, you should have a more fluid experience. Remember that this is a work in progress change.
    Side effects can be: texture not loaded (white pieces on characters), invisible characters (less often), ... undiscovered.
    But, it should all go well!

    Now, on the other changes...

    To start of, I have worked on making a system that will allow me to set the limit of a raid by map. With this, we can have special maps only for this purpose.
    We have decided to make '30 raid' the following maps: Deep Desert, The Lost Groves and Old Jungle.
    For this reason, Raptor Slayer boss will be moved to D-Water Borderlands, so the limit of raids won't interfere with the amount of players that do bosses every day.

    Yes, you read it right, we have added old jungle so you can test this 30 raid and remember the old days. Map will be clean for now, might get updates or used for events. We will see.

    On the other side, I have worked and fixed the other system: "balanced join". Now it should work better than before and instead of denying you the teleport to map, it will now move you directly to sitters.
    This system will only be available at The Lost Groves (Sitters). It works by checking the amount of players on each side and if it exceeds by more than 2, those players will be sent to sitters, they can still join the raid of 150 and wait to be summoned to play by their raid leaders.

    Another test we want to check is the change on Magic Arrow. Having almost all other spells at higher range, this skill lacked the distance necessary to keep up with the flow. We don't think it will be a big OP thing, but still we need to test it in live and get feedback from players. So its range was increased to 27m at higher level, keeping it at 24m for lv15 and 25m for lv30.

    Now, we have also decided to do some changes on Archer | Hunters because we think these skills were kind of OP in pvp. Both skills got their duration extended when I changed all other buffs. Doesn't mean it was right.
    So we have decided to reduce the duration of Long Range to 60s max but increasing the max range you get. Also, Fleet Foot immunity has been reduced by half so its less of an UT vs ranged.

    Patch 143 change-logs

    - Raptor Slayer boss moved from Deep Desert to D-Water Borderlands (under CS bridge).
    - Luminous Brigand boss moved from KI to D-Water Borderlands (3 spawns around mid section).
    - Changed the rarity of some items so they don't go to the floor when they drop from mobs of bosses.

    - Archer / Hunter
    -- Long Range skill will now increase your attack range by (4,5,6,7,8,9) meters for (30,36,42,48,54,60) seconds (depending on skill level).
    -- Fleet Foot skill will now give you (5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50)% evasion against ranged attacks for (9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18) seconds (depending on skill level).
    -- Removed the 30% damage penalty on close range targets.

    Test Changes
    - Deep Desert, Old Jungle and The Lost Grove will now have raids limited to 30 players.
    - New "Balanced" Groves was added to move to battlefield function. This map will use the "balanced join system" that will automatically move exceeding players to sitter position.
    - Skill Magic Arrow range changed from 24m to 27m (at high level). If this change is not too op, we will keep it.

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  • The Wolf and the Fox... from tales to game.

    Events & Promotions, 1 month ago
    New steeds to travel around, meet up with the Wolf and the Fox, available now at our item shop.

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  • Updates: 2020-01-17: The end of Christmas Event

    Announcements & Maintenances, 1 month ago
    Hope you all had a good month, aside from the usual altercations in game or chat.
    Another year has passed and we are still here, annoying you all like always. But there is much more to come, so bear with us while we slowly do the changes.

    Patch 139 change-log

    - Guild Ranking Battle Changes:
    -- GRB entry portal will now require a minimum of 3 players in party or raid in order to allow entering. All members of this party/raid must belong to the same guild.
    -- GRB will allow players to re-enter if they, somehow, got out of the map (by dc, crash, death, etc).

    - Lost Groves Changes:
    -- I have created a "balanced thingy system" (professional name) that will modify a counter (per faction) every time someone enters or leaves that map. This counter will be checked against enemy faction value to maintain a balanced amount of players on both sides. For example: there is 1 AOL in map, only 2 UOF are allowed to enter until more AOL join.
    -- We will be testing this system to see if it helps balance the raids without fear of over calling.
    -- Its not perfect, but I'll keep updating to make it better. Just report and give suggestions about it.
    -- This is a work in progress. If its welcomed, I'll keep working on it, if not, I'll find another solution.

    - General Changes:
    -- Toggleable skills will now have a cool down that will start when you turn them off.
    -- AFK Debuff level 1 duration reduced from 30 minutes to 2 minutes but all consequences won't start until level 2. This is to give time to the player to react to being afk.
    -- New command /mobs on|off to enable|disable rendering and update of mobs.
    -- New command /chars on|off to enable|disable rendering of players, this is for those with critical fps issues.
    -- Maps will now allow me to set up spawn point after a relog. This way we can set people to go directly to sitters place in event maps.
    -- I have updated the name change system to be more strict on naming characters. From now on, no more 2 letter names or bigger count than allowed.
    -- I have made several "improvements" to game rendering and usage of resources. I'll be doing some tests in live before releasing the final product. Fingers crossed, we will be able to reduce most freezes.

    - Important:
    -- The Mists (PvP) time has been changed from 17hs to 18hs. Moved 1 hour after GRB ends to give some breath time to players.

    Let me know if you find any issues or have suggestions about current or future changes.
    With this amount of changes, I expect at least 6 bugs.

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  • Website Rankings update

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago

    Our website PvP Ranking just got an overhaul.
    I have been working in the past few months on gathering data so we could start using this new PvP Ranking that will display not only the total amount of kills per character but also the new solo kills option.
    Feel free to check it out here.

    Let me know if you find any issues with it or if you have suggestions on how to improve or add different filters.
    Also, important: if you see someone ranking up the ladder and you don't really see him doing pvp, feel free to report them to any staff member in our discord server. I do check the lists every few days and take care of them retrospectively.


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  • Merry Christmas!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago

    We at EG Shaiya would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and hope you can have a wonderful night/day, that all your desires fulfill and you get all those juicy present you were expecting :D (not nobi, sorry)
    Christmas is a wonderful time where people come together and share with the love and joy that this date brings, doesn't matter if you don't believe in whatever Christmas is, just be with your family and close ones and enjoy.

    Santa has allowed me to sent a small gift to all accounts that logged in the last month, you will find it in your Mail Box.
    The items will be there for 30 days, so make sure you open and claim all of them.

    And again, merry Christmas to all!

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  • Christmas Season!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago

    Christmas is upon us and Santa is coming to bring coal to all the kids in this server!
    Yes, you all know you have been naughty.

    The Realms of Winter opens once more, evil forces are trying to bring chaos and destruction to the holidays and we must prevent it!
    Adventure into the frozen steppes and find out who is behind all the nasty deeds.
    Find Santa and his companions and help him out with the branch new quest lines, have fun and remember to leave some cookies on Christmas eve. For me, of course.

    Patch 131 change-log:

    - New Christmas quests, mounts and pets to discover.
    - New quest line that will reward you with the new Tinsel Ornament Wings.
    - Fixed an issue that allowed TP usage in blocked maps.
    - Fixed the stats of UOF Two-Handed Swords to match their counterpart in AOL. Now both sides will have the same damages.
    - Item OJ Transfer function will now allow the transfer of stats to same kind items no matter the faction. You will also find Enchant and Link transfer items along with OJ Transfer (drop from event bosses).
    - Fixed quest completion system to only take the required amount of items instead of whole stacks.
    - Fixed quest marks not showing in maps. Now all quests will show their markers.
    - Accessory Lapis Lv1 (Rasyo, Inter, etc) have been added to Rusty Desert map drops.
    - Old Christmas Wings are now dyeable.

    Important: Yellow Grade (Medium Battle Runes)
    I had to recode the whole battle rune system because it was not working as intended. Now that it works fine and we can make use of the +1 or +2...
    I have added Medium Battle Runes (MBR) back to game. Drop locations will be the same as Weak Battle Runes. MBR can only be used by Yellow Grade characters.
    By adding these runes now, current Yellow Grade characters are put into an unfair position versus future Yellow Grade characters, because they achieved their current kill values without any bonuses. This means every kill counted as 1 since 200.000 kills.
    In order to make it fair for them, I will have to double the amount of kills they got since Yellow Grade. For example: if FakeUZC has 215.000 kills now, FakeUZC will receive 15.000 extra kills making it a total of 230.000 kills.

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  • Sad pumpkin noises

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago
    Hey everyone!
    Sadly, Halloween has come to an end and everything should be removed with this patch. Hope you all enjoyed while it lasted.

    Patch 130 change-log:

    - Halloween event is over. All related drops and quests have been removed. Locus Graveyard and dungeons will be kept available but only Graveyard Terror boss will stay.
    - Olgar, the pet that you receive from PvP Monthly Reward will now give you 10% extra critical damage (same as the ones in shop).
    - Weak Battle Runes will now automatically lose effect once you reach Yellow Rank, even if you still have the buff, kills will count as 1.
    - New chat filter options. You now have more options to filter in or out from your system messages.
    - Raid window will now show, in grey, those players that are in a different map than yours.
    - Character allowed per account increased by 1. You can now have 6 characters in total. NO, I will not be transferring characters from different accounts.

    FFA Changes: in order to make FFA more anonymous, we have made the following changes:
    - Raid UI has been removed.
    - Weapon and Costumes will now be shown as non dyed.
    - Players can not longer target dead characters.
    - "Previous target" value will be cleared when that player dies (the one you get when you press backspace).
    - Names will now be shown as "Enemy" if you join the raid from outside FFA map.

    New filter options

    New Raid window colors

    New character select display

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  • New fancy clothes for you..

    Events & Promotions, 3 months ago
    Again with the weird names.. suit up with these sexy red clothes made just for you!

    Aegyo +20

    Oh, and if you have time, you can also check on these new companions, they seem hungry.
    Meet the three hounds, fresh born from the deeps of hell.

    Garmr, Oogie and Percy
    These come in 2 versions, normal and critical. Make sure to pick yours.

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  • Lasts 10 days of Halloween Season

    Events & Promotions, 3 months ago
    We are getting close to the end of our Halloween Event, hurry up in doing the quests and getting the new Wings of Terror!
    All Halloween quests will be removed around the 20th of November, or close to it.

    In the meanwhile, check out these fresh new mounts you can use to catch up to your enemies!

    Spooky Nimbus

    Night Wing

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  • Updates: 2019-11-10: Some small changes

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago
    Patch 125 change-log:

    - Several fixes and changes to Locus Graveyard map, moved some skeletons blocking path, added extra invisible walls, etc.
    - Fixed floating building at Apulune.
    - Fixed some issues making Tarkas Aul'quru not spawn when its supposed to.
    - Fixed an issue that allowed Bastard Swing and Whirling Dervish to ignore damage reduction in the target.
    - Removed Infinite Sanctuary NPCs and inactive Portals from D-Water.
    - Some halloween quest items are now tradeable.

    - Greendieta Seraphim room changes:
    -- Moved first spawn point closer to main room to see if that helps prevent load freezes.
    -- Added invisible push back portals at enemy portals location to prevent people hiding behind them.

    - Mage | Pagan changes:
    -- Skill Death's Touch:
    --- Tick changed from 2 minutes to 30 seconds.
    --- Casting time reduced to 0.25 seconds.
    --- Range reduced from 30 to 20 meters.
    -- Skill Magic Mask:
    --- Lv1 | Increase physical and ranged defense by 32 and HP by 500.
    --- Lv2 to Lv4 | Increase physical and ranged defense by 94,282,836 and SP by 800,2000,6000.
    -- Skill Cosmic Kinesis:
    --- Renamed to Cosmic Rage
    --- Self buff that increases your attack speed by 2 levels and your magic attack by 50 to 500 while reducing your HP by 5% every 12 to 30 seconds. (magic attack and tick depend on skill level)

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  • Good old days...

    Events & Promotions, 4 months ago
    Lets remember the good old days while showing off these nostalgic pieces of gear.

    Cryptic Attire +15
    Despite its appearances, this armor is stronger than the hide of the Cryptic One. Forged and worn by ancient kings from another world, now its yours to show off.

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  • New suit options

    Events & Promotions, 4 months ago
  • New mounting options!

    Events & Promotions, 4 months ago
    Here are the new mounts that were added with the last content update. Some of these wont be available after Halloween ends.

    Halloween Wagon
    Click to view image

    War Mount
    Click to view image
    Click to view image
    Click to view image
    Click to view image

    Combat Mount
    Click to view image
    Click to view image
    Click to view image
    Click to view image

    Flaming Star
    Click to view image

    Pink Pearl
    Click to view image

    Sky Dancer
    Click to view image

    Star Burst
    Click to view image

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  • Some new friends you might have not noticed

    Events & Promotions, 4 months ago
    Here are all the pets that were added with the latest content update. Some of these pets are limited offers during the Halloween event and won't be available after it ends.

    Demonic Clown (crit pet)
    Click to view image

    Scorpion (crit pet)
    Click to view image

    Halloween Clown
    Click to view image

    Halloween Scarecrow
    Click to view image

    Nightmare Bunny
    Click to view image
    Click to view image
    Click to view image
    Click to view image

    Undead Teddy
    Click to view image

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  • Welcome to Locus Graveyard

    Events & Promotions, 4 months ago

    New discoveries rise as both factions continue to incursion into this new island to the east.
    This time, a few days north of the lost grove, hidden withing a mountain wall, a long forgotten battleground, filled with monsters and death.
    Archeologists came to the conclusion that this place is an ancient graveyard that came to be after numerous battles and wars. They have named it: Locus Graveyard.

    Join your comrades and travel to this new location to uncover its mysteries! For glory or profit, everyone has a purpose.

    Locus Graveyard is a new pvp map accessible from Apulune|Iris by gatekeeper, at the center of the city, or by using the Move to Battlefield function.
    This map contains a few quests and two new dungeons:
    - Shiva's Sewers: faction dungeon with an invasion portal controlled by the altar at Locus Graveyard.
    - Death's Lair: shared dungeon with a locked treasure room that can be accessed after defeating its map boss.

    Map drops contain a bunch of goodies, such as:
    - Halloween pockets, Halloween pet, mount and costume boxes.
    - Level 1 helmets (similar to easter and christmas).
    - Item OJ Transfer.
    - Ancient Transferring Catalysts (to be used with Item OJ Transfer).

    Other changes is this update:
    - Stacking of lures testing period ended. Now it goes back as before, no stacking.
    - Dread gear lv15 to lv25 added to Cornwell and Argilla Ruins map drops. You need to be level 30 to get these drops.
    - Fixed an issue that allowed players to Fkey targets that went invisible after being marked.
    - Did some changes on recreation rune usage, you will now get lesser lower values when using them.
    - Website Item Shop will be updated shortly with halloween items.

    Read the quests, pay attention and gather all the pieces of the final puzzle.
    Have fun!

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  • Tournament 1v1 (same class) :: Update

    Events & Promotions, 5 months ago
    Hello everyone!

    I have received some more information for the event that will take place in the weekend of the 12th.
    Here are some basic rules, per class, that were created to make the fights enjoyable and short:

    - Players are not allowed to use Untouchable Skills, Magic Dodge and HP Pots.
    - MP and SP pots are allowed.

    - HP, MP and SP Pots are allowed.
    - All battles will start with skills off cool down.

    - HP, MP and SP Pots are allowed.

    - HP, MP and SP Pots are allowed.
    - Fleet Foot skill is not allowed.

    - HP Pots are not allowed. MP and SP pots are allowed.

    - HP Pots are not allowed. MP and SP pots are allowed.
    - Healing skills and Magic Veil are not allowed.

    General Rules for every class
    - UT Pots are allowed but you are not allowed to relog when you are in a series.
    - Transformation Skills are allowed.

    You still have time to enter! Just fill the following form at:
    Then contact one of the hosts to pay your entry fee.

    - AryaGoesWest (@Monkey#3556)
    - [GS]Makarov (@Chad#1462)

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  • Tournament: 1v1 (same class)

    Events & Promotions, 5 months ago
    Hello everyone!

    It is time to finally find out who is the best of each class! No chickens this time!
    That is why we have managed to find us some hosts to make this wonderful pvp event.

    The event will take place on the weekend of the 12th of October. So hurry up and fill the form!

    Winners of each bracket will get rewarded gold and a special title to show off and make everyone else jelly!

    Here are some basic rules:
    - Entry fee is 1b per character / finalist takes his gold back and the winner gets all the rest.
    - Every participant must use their own buffs and have no extra buffs from other classes or items before entering the match (no nosses or hp remedies allowed).
    - Whoever is seen trying to make lag (like spamming costumes, etc) will get disqualified.
    - The following classes are not allowed to use pots: mages/pagans, defenders/guards, priest/oracles.
    - Everyone should avoid exploits and bugs.
    - Battles will be same classes also between faction. For example: fig vs fig, fig vs war, war vs war.
    - There will be only one match at a time. Participants will be called by event moderator.
    - Matches will be best of 3. Winning 2 in a row makes you win the set.

    Everyone willing to participate, please fill the following form:
    Then contact one of the hosts to pay your entry fee.

    - AryaGoesWest (@Monkey#3556)
    - [GS]Makarov (@Chad#1462)

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  • Updates: 2019-10-02: Changes and Fixes

    Announcements & Maintenances, 5 months ago
    October is here and we need to prepare for Halloween! But before that, I wanted to release these changes so we can focus on the next event patch.

    Patch 119 change-log:

    - Skill Armored Tank redesign (since current one was kind of lame)
    -- Instead of giving REC to your target, it will now give some Absorption, depending on the level of the skill. (cannot be used on self)
    -- Cool down increased to 80 seconds
    -- Range increased to 20 meters.
    -- Keep time stays at 12 seconds.
    -- Level required by each skill level was also changed to accommodate the new absorption values.

    - Canyon of Greed
    -- Invisible portals on the left and right side of each faction's base have been moved closer to spawn. That pvp free farm area? no more.
    -- Removed some obstacles from mid area, lowered a bit some others to allow healers cast spells easily.

    - Stable Erde
    -- Respawn is now possible on this map. You will be automatically moved to the default zone for your level.

    - General
    -- The cool down of Teleportation Stones, Movement Runes, Summon Party Member, Summon Raid and all Town Portal Runes has been set to 2 seconds.
    -- Fixed the walking animation problem when transforming into mobs.
    -- Changed the healer's skill Evolution so they can't transform you into a mob if you are mounted.
    -- Fixed an issue that made your char stand up for no apparent reason.
    -- Changed so your target is cleared when your selected character dies.
    -- Event maps are now no TP zone, so you can't use teleportation items or skills to go into them.
    -- Stacking of lures is now possible as long as the skill used is different as the one currently in your target.

    That's all for now, let me know if you find any issues.

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  • Staff Applications are up!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 5 months ago
    Good news everyone!

    You can now apply to be part of the staff team! Starting as GameSage, of course.
    To do so, please go to the following link: or just log at our website and check under your account, you will see the link to the gs application form.

    Please read carefully because the misuse of this form could lead to your account permanently banned. So watch out!

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  • New Mount! the NightFury

    Events & Promotions, 5 months ago
    Beware for the night is long and the shadows can hide.. oh wait, he is right there!!

    Welcome our new mount, the NightFury!
    The Night Fury was once considered to be one of the most mysterious and fearsome species of dragons. But now, he is a friendly companion that will help you move from here to there in no time!

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  • Updates: 2019-09-10: Fixes and AFK System

    Announcements & Maintenances, 5 months ago
    Patch 115 change-log:

    - Skill Magic Veil keep time reduced from 3 minutes to 1 minute for balancing.
    - Fixed some general issues with targeting.
    - Fixed an issue that prevented harpoon damage to be rendered correctly, making both clients not log the first hit.
    - Fixed an issue that allowed players to ignore aoe lures when seated.
    - Fixed some weird interactions that allowed players to hide %skill damages.
    - New AFK system added to the game. After 120 seconds of not moving or fighting (auto attack does not count as fighting), you will be flagged as AFK and stop getting shared kills from raid or party.

    Lapis Extractors changes:
    - Bless drop was reduced from 600 to 100 points and the tick was increased from 180 to 300 seconds.
    - Respawn of extractors was changed from 1h to 2h per map.
    - Extractors now have a small chance to drop 64k Microchip alongside with the quest items.

    Thats all for now.

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  • Updates: 2019-09-04: Healers changes and some extra stuff

    Announcements & Maintenances, 6 months ago
    We thought it was time to give our healers a little boost here and there to see if it improves their life expectancy.
    These changes are up for test, we will be checking how everything goes and do little changes if needed (or not).

    Patch 113 change-log:

    - You will now get a message in chat and a barrier effect when you hit an invulnerable mob or boss. These in-vulnerabilities come from a boss not called or from mob AI.
    - Boss mini pets are now level 31+. Since we are keeping the max OJs intact, these became too powerful for lower levels.
    - Fixed the position of names for Elf characters while using some mounts.
    - Did some changes to the random drop system. It should be working fine now.
    - Fixed raid invite when its on manual and already 30 members.
    - Item tool tips have been redesigned to incorporate other useful data.
    - Added missing title and effect to Little Rami pet.
    - Fixed an issue that made you start casting the same spell again if you spammed the key too much.
    - Dismantle function in Raids has been removed.

    Priest | Oracle
    - Skill Magic Veil cool down reduced by 90 seconds and duration increased by 3 minutes. The amount of attacks it can sustain was Increased by 1 but only at skill's max level.
    - Fixed an issue that prevented Etain's Embrace to work properly if it was used just before Transformation Skill expired.
    - Transformation Skill will now slightly increase your defenses for its duration.
    - After being resurrected on a FFA/FF map, healers will have a 20 seconds untouchable buff instead of the default 10 seconds.

    These 2 changes are big for gameplay and will be tested in live for a week to see how people react. Range was not reduced like last time, it should be the same and horizon lapis should now work on heals and dispel (not like before)
    - Dispel and Healing Spells will now check for Line of Sight. Some tall objects or walls will now block your line of sight and give you an error when trying to use these spells.
    - Dispel and Healing Spells will now check for spell range and automatically close distance to target if needed, unless you have no line of sight.

    Return of The Iron Invasion
    - The Vueltas Army is gathering resources around Relics at Proellium Frontier, Cantabillian and D-Water Borderlands.
    - Each faction will be informed when a new extraction operation has started so you can go and fight it off.
    - Lapis Extractors will spawn every 1 hour cycling between the 3 maps up to a total of 21 spawns per day.
    - New NPC Artifact Technician can be found around the war camps on each of these maps that will help you salvage some components into 64k Microchip.
    - Quest items are tradeable but limited.

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