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  • Updates 2018-08-15: Warmodes and more

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 days ago
    - Warmode System has been modified to change your level between [Current], [15], [30], [60] and [80].
    -- If your character is currently in mode1 (15) or mode2 (30), you will need to change to normal mode and then switch back to those modes to reset your level, stats, skills.
    -- Make sure you unequip your gear before switching out or you will get stuck in place (as a security measure) until you do.

    - Infinite Sanctuary changes:
    -- Core 1 will now require you to be level 15 or below to enter. Infinite Box Lv1 now contains Infinite Weapons Lv15.
    -- Core 2 will now require you to be level 30 or below to enter. Infinite Box Lv2 now contains Infinite Weapons Lv29.

    - Deep Desert 1 is now a level 70-80 map. Medicine Merchant was added to spawn point.
    - Deep Desert 2 is now a level 60 map, all mobs from DD1 were moved to this map.
    - /call command will now include map name.
    - Minimum required players to open GRB map has been changed to 3.
    - Guild Manager added to Auction House.
    - Auctions can now be set up with a 7 day duration.
    - Cross faction whisper is now enabled.
    - Level requirement for all mounts has been decrease to level 1.
    - Fixed the value of points of WIS to Attack to be multiplier of 1.3 as intended.
    - There is a check added to login server to prevent people from faction hopping. You will now need to wait 15 minutes to switch between different faction accounts.

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  • More Mounts? You got it!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 5 days ago
    Pick yours! A lovely raptor or a bengal thingy!

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  • New Item Mall items

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 weeks ago
    Two new instant mounts for the fashionable or the warmonger.
    Mount up in this lovely Pink Sheep to spread some love or in the back of Arachne to spread chaos and destruction, or not. :D

    New Pets enabled
    - Elvis, Bubba, Mini Dragon (Black) and Red Wine. These are the last pets that needed to be enabled, so enjoy having them.

    New Convenient items
    - Continuous Res Rune 7d and 30d -- Get a 7d or 30d rune to resurrect at 100% hp, mp, sp in the closest spawn point.
    - Weak Battle Rune 7d and 30d -- Double the kill points for 7d or 30d on blue grade enemies.
    - Medium Battle Rune 7d and 30d -- Double the kill points for 7d or 30d on yellow grade enemies. (not used yet but still in there)

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  • Updates 2018-08-06: Some changes

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 weeks ago
    Changes made:

    - Deep Desert 2 is now a level 70-80 zone and can be accessed by using the move to battlefield function. Mobs and drops will be updated in the future.
    - Added a functionality to prevent you from using TP Runes from any action bar.
    - Pressing S twice to perform a "dodge/jump/whatever its called" animation will now have a 5 seconds cool down.
    - Fixed the map name you get when you are summoned by a party member.
    - PvP Matches issue counting warrior/fighter guardian/defender classes as one is now fixed.
    - PvP Matches maps have been changed. We will be testing this map to see if the size works. Also modified to allow 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5.
    - Fixed Horizon Lapis.
    - Bonus range you get from skills will now apply to mobs too. (ie: Long Range)
    - Canyon of Greed map has been modified a little bit to see if we can get more fps out of it.
    - Deep Desert 2 map has been modified to add portals, spawns and change the texture used by default because it was too bright.

    - Bosses drops have been modified a little bit to see if we can get more randomness out of them so everyone in the raid can get something.
    Instead of having all the drops like before, each boss will have 9 boxes as drop, each box will contain all previous drops and you will get 2 items of them.
    Test it out and we will see if it's better or not. No more bananas, instead, mimics will drop some useful but not op items.

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  • Updates 2018-07-29: Minor Updates

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 weeks ago
    Changes for today:

    - Raid Summon Stones are now available at Item Mall. This item will be in mall for now while we see how to add it to game.
    - You can now use TP runes in Mists.
    - PvP Matches won't allow more than 2 characters of the same class in your party. (4v4, 5v5)
    - Respawn time of some mobs in CoG has been reduced.
    - Most immunities of mobs in CoG have been removed.
    - Triple Lapis drop rate increased a little bit.
    - Dual Lapis Lv5 removed from lower level zones.
    - Helm Lapis Lv2 removed from lower level zones.
    - Deceive Lapis and all its related items have been discontinued and removed from drops.
    - Endure Lapis and all its related items have been discontinued and removed from drops.
    - Elemental Lapis Lv1 has been discontinued and removed from drops.
    - Town Portal (Guild House) added to AH NPC.
    - Changed some values in one of the infinite dungeon stages to prevent mobs spawning out of bounds.
    - Skill Arrow Bombing changed from flat damage to bonus damage.
    - Skill Deadly Poison changed from flat damage to bonus damage.
    - Skill Mental Storm - Lure: duration increased from (1, 2, 2) to (2, 3, 4).
    - Skill Greater Provocation: cool down increased from (34, 32, 30) to (64, 62, 60) seconds. / Success rate reduced from (90, 95, 100) to (70, 75, 80)
    - Tiered Vote rewards added to website.
    - Spin2Win Wheel Prizes changed.
    - Faction Population added to website.
    - Event's Calendar added to website.

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  • Promotion More Pets!

    Events & Promotions, 1 month ago
    Welcome these new pets:

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  • Updates 2018-07-13: Some changes! - Event Forgotten Resort has ended

    Announcements & Maintenances, 1 month ago
    Changes for today:

    - New player command /call to send an announcement to your faction when calling for bosses.
    -- Target the boss and type /call to send it. This command is only available while in union party to leaders and sub leaders.

    - Fixed a teleport issue in one of the Infinite Dungeon stages where you were spawned below the floor.
    - EXP increasing stones will be ignored if you are level 15, 30 or 60 and you are in your pvp map.
    - Death counter has been removed.
    - Fixed the most disgusting bug in-game: "Obtaineditem_name" will now read "Obtained item_name".
    - Healing Potions and Super Potions will now heal 50%.
    - Etain Potions now heal 75% and share cool down with healing potions.
    - Arcane Potions now heal 100% and share cool down with super potions.
    - Whisper to GMs is now allowed to both factions.
    - GMs can now send [Trade] messages that will be read by both factions.
    - Mount Black Wing is now instant cast as its supposed to be.
    - Mount Bluephant is now level 1.
    - GRB instances wont expire until the end of it so you cannot reset bosses any more.
    - Forgotten Resort event has ended and its portal is closed.
    - Mists map changed. We will now have Mists PvE on wednesdays and Mists PvP on sundays. Portals will be in the same place.
    - New scrolls on Petra Monroe to exchange 20 Vials and 40 Normal RR for 20 Stat RR.
    - Warehouse Recall Runes can now be obtained from Mists and GRB drops.
    - Luminous Boxes required by Luminous Chest Converter reduced to 6.
    - Infinite Weapons required by Infinite Weapon Converter reduced to 2.
    - Lapis Creation Kits success rate was increased to 100% and its price reduced.
    - Priest/Oracle: increased defense of luminous armor by 100 per piece giving you a total of +500 def. We will be testing these values to see if healers get more survivability.
    - Bosses AI modified to control if enough players are around to kill it otherwise the boss is rendered immune. They will also spawn a box filled with random useless items to randomize drop once its killed.(edited)
    - Dios Exiel, Commander Opal and Greendieta Seraphim have been modified with higher level, increased hp and more loot.(edited)
    - Potion's Bag added to Infinite Dungeon boxes.
    - Removed Stat RR from Infinite Dungeon.
    - Removed 3h Continuous Resurrection Rune from Infinite Dungeon.
    - Drop Rates in GRB and Mists increased a bit. Mists PvP has higher rates than Mists PvE.

    - You can now right click to remove 'removable buffs'. (instead of shift+right click plus accepting the popup)
    - Pressing R to cycle skills will step over the current slot if it requires a chain to be used.
    - Skill Dispel Lv2 is now instant. Dispel Lv1 cast time reduced from 0.75 to 0.5.
    - Skill Impact Buffer now lasts 30 minutes.
    - Skill Arcane Aura now lasts 30 minutes.
    - Skill Bomber Shot cool down reduced from 16s to 13s.
    - Skill Fan Shot cool down reduced from 15s to 12s.
    - Skill Blood Rain cool down reduced from 15s to 12s.
    - Skill Bull's Eye cool down reduced from 8s to 6s.
    - Skill Sustained Shot cool down reduced by half.
    - Skill Entice range reduced to 4.

    - New Boss Summoning stones to be rewarded after each GRB to the top 3 guilds.
    -- You can only use these stones at your Guild House and the Guild Leader must inform all his members of this event.
    -- This event reward will start working next week, but this weekend top guilds will receive their stones.

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  • 4 new pets now active!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 1 month ago
    We have activated 4 new pets for you to enslave!

    Meet: Ronia, Snow, Sherikan and Trico!

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  • Updates 2018-07-04: WarMode and some other things

    Announcements & Maintenances, 1 month ago
    Patch log:

    - War Modes functionality added to the game. You can now switch between Normal Mode and Mode1 or Mode2 to have 3 different sets of stats, skills and equipment.
    -- How does it work?
    -- If you open your inventory, you will see 3 tabs to the right. Switch between tabs and click on the button next to them to activate that mode.
    -- While in modes 1 & 2 you wont get experience. Everything else is just the same as your normal mode.
    -- Each mode has his unique saved data for stats, skills and equipped items.

    - After testing for a while, we have decided to roll-back the changes on the Assassin's chain skills. It will work just like before and the stun cd are now back to normal.
    - All Bosses will now required a minimum of 2-3 players to be able to defeat them. This is a workaround to prevent people doing solo bosses. If you see a boss saying "You cannot defeat me alone!" dialog, means you don't have enough people around to kill him.
    - Fixed an issue with warehouse sorting not allowing you to add more items after gaining slots by using the sort function.
    - Added 2 new set of daggers lv80 with rec,wis,int and wis,rec,int base stats. Names: Infinite Alfheim Bodkin/Deflector for AoL and Infinite Helheim Bodkin/Deflector for UoF. These will drop in the same places as the other weapons.
    - Removed the restriction for using TP to party member / Summon party member from Dios Exiel's room.
    - Skill Long Range Lv6 will now last 30m as the other levels.
    - New player command /all on/off to toggle all previous commands.
    - Continuous Res Rune was added as reward to Infinite Dungeon. This buff will be used to allow you to revive with 100% HP, MP, SP after death so you can get back into battle quickly.
    - Weak battle rune added to Infinite Dungeon.

    - New 4v4 Matches added to the game.
    -- We will be testing this system by enabling/disabling the NPC to queue into matches.
    -- Matches can be fought against same faction players but you won't get kills from them, only if you play against opposite faction.
    -- By winning a 4v4 match you will receive a reward item and some kill points.

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  • Updates 2018-06-25: Some changes

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago
    Changes for today!

    - IMPORTANT: Bosses with random respawn will now spawn, ONLY for the first time, after 5-20 minutes of a server restart. What does this mean? Only the first spawn after a server restart will be after 5-20 minutes of the restart so we don't have people rushing bosses.
    - Using a mount while in stealth will now automatically remove your buff so you can mount up.
    - Added Dual Safe and Mystic Lapis Lv6 to the game.
    - Drop rate of Lapis 8s and 9s have been increased.
    - Panta/Teo overall drop rates increased so you can farm a little bit before going to real pvp maps.
    - Added 2 new Altar pets that you can get by destroying altars/relics/obelisks in pvp maps.
    - Target Resurrection Rune was added to the Item Mall. This item cannot be used in PvP Maps.
    - Accessory Lapis added to Queen Servus / Queen Caput dungeon drops.
    - Wait time to post trade messages reduced to 3 seconds.
    - Immunities from Sacra and Greendieta angels have been removed.
    - Infinite Dungeon stage complete popup message have been removed. You will now receive your reward by just stepping over the portal.

    - New player commands:
    -- /pets on/off (Show/Hide all pets)
    -- /wings on/off (Show/Hide all wings)
    -- /effects on/off (Show/Hide all particle effects)
    -- /guildtags on/off (Show/Hide all guild tags)

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  • Maintenance Updates 2018-06-19: Some changes

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago
    Changes for today:

    - Added Town Portal merchants to AH.
    - Added Movement Rune to Mysterious Woman in AH.
    - Exp Stones are now stackable.
    - Item Perfect W/A Lapisia are now tradable.
    - Move to Battlefield function will only check for prerequisites if you are in a PvP map.
    - Click to Whisper function has been fixed.
    - Fixed an issue that allowed you to keep jumping or stepping back while stunned.
    - Raid messages will now be shown like notices.
    - You can now use /r or /raid to type your message.
    - Party Summoning message will now show the map name you are going to be moved to.

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  • Maintenance Updates 2018-06-16: Minor Updates

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago
    Changes for today:

    - Warehouse Sorting is now possible. !!
    - Boss spawn is now fixed. Every boss should respawn on server start and, once killed, respawn at the time it is supposed to respawn.
    - Skill Transformation: mobs wont land debuffs on you while transformed.
    - Skill Stun Slam cool down increased to 10 seconds.
    - Skill Quelling Kick cool down increased to 10 seconds.
    - Chain requirement on Assassin Skills removed.
    - Guards in CoG have been moved back in the tunnel so they don't interfere with pvp.

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  • Maintenance Summer is here! Visit the Forgotten Resort today!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago

    Summer Break Event!

    A portal has appeared in your main cities that will send you to the Forgotten Resort. Once a place of beauty and rest, now an isolated island full of lizards.
    Feel free to visit this place and enjoy the sun and the beach but watch out for the evil that wants to own the place!

    Two new daily quest:

    - Help the Worried Sealakel get rid of those who want to destroy the peace.
    - Help the Talking Mice solve the mystery of the plague roaming the isle.

    - Skill Transformation has been changed. You are now only immune to debuffs and death effects. Auto attack and normal skills will land normally.
    - Added Gold Bar Merchant at AH.
    - Fixed an issue with Lv80 Level up boxes giving unused pets.
    - Stats of Level 80 Capes have been increased a little bit.
    - Skill Stun Slam cool down increased to 8 seconds.
    - Skill Quelling Kick cool down increased to 8 seconds.
    - KI Bosses now have an smaller spawn area so you can find them more easily.
    - Boss Log at website has been changed to fix times and remove useless bosses.

    Portals Locations in second post

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  • Maintenance Updates 2018-06-10: The Mists

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago

    The Mists Update

    The Mists is a new level 80 pvp map that we will use for Boss Hunt events.
    This map will open every Wednesday at 18hs and every Sunday at 19hs (just after GRB) for 2 hours. To enter, use the portal in your main city.
    Map drops will be a merge between GRB and CoG drops. You can check our map drops list for more information.
    Inside The Mists you will find some bosses and a few mobs to farm. Have fun!

    - General Changes:
    - Skill: Repair All, Spirit Surge and Stamina Conversion will now last 30 minutes.
    - We have changed Boss drops a little bit so you get more useful things: check it out here: LINK
    - Entering Queen Cervus and Queen Caput will now require 2 players instead of 5.
    - New NPCs at Infinite Sanctuary so you can exchange your Goddess Smiles for Lv29 and Lv59 Infinite Weapons.

    - Items Changes:
    -- Holywater of Prolelium: (already dropping from altars) was added to mobs in pvp 15 zone.
    -- Holywater of Cantabilian: (already dropping from altars) was added to mobs in pvp 30 zone and will now required level 16+ to be used.
    -- Holywater of Bolderland: (already dropping from altars) was added to mobs in pvp 60 zone and will now required level 31+ to be used.

    - New Items:

    -- New Luminous Chests with specific contents to reduce the randomness you get from the original one. These boxes will be dropped by different bosses.
    -- New Luminous Chests with specific contents for each class. These will be obtainable by using the new 'Luminous Chest Converter'
    -- New 'Luminous Chest Converter' chaotic box that you can use to exchange normal Luminous Boxes for a class specific one. You can get this item from all mobs in CoG. (rare)
    -- New 'Infinite Weapon Converter': this is a chaotic box you can use to exchange 5-slot Infinite Weapons for a 6-slot one. Get this item randomly from Core 5 boxes.
    -- New 'Fancy Costume's Box' that contains a random 30d costume +10, +15, +20 and will be dropped by bosses.
    -- New 30d PU Mini Pets of different bosses as reward for killing them.

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  • Maintenance Updates 2018-06-02: Some changes...

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago
    Note: Pay attention to the patch notes as some items have been removed or replaced.

    - All Pets are now +10 so we normalize the values between each one.
    - Critical Bonus from Brave Rerio and Rainbow Bird has been removed. If anyone have these pets and want to change them from a new one, let me know at Discord.
    - Remade all costumes, pets and mounts to have 3 versions: Perm, 1 day and 30 days. Some duplicated items have been removed so if you find yourself with a "zUnused" item, let me know so we can replace it.
    - Wait time for Character deletion reduced to 45 minutes.
    - Trade between factions is now possible but only in AH.
    - Changed the text color of the right click menu on other characters.
    - Changed whisper chat color so its different from trade chat.
    - Drop rate increased for: Lapis 8, Lapis 9, Fortune Coin 4, Fortune Coin 5, Armor Lapisia Box Lv3. You can now get more Lapis Lv8 so you can use them with the Lapis Creation Kit to make 9s.
    - Capes/Mantles removed from view when you are in a mount to prevent it going places its not supposed to go.
    - Vials needed to make Stat Recreation Runes added to drops in PvP15, PvP30, PvP60, DWater and CoG. (Uncommon Rate)
    - Skill Stamina Conversion and Critical Strike duration increased to 30 minutes.
    - Skill Etain's Embrace is now fixed.
    - Skill Resurrection: cool down reduced to 50 seconds at lv4.

    - Absolute Recreation Rune changes:
    -- It will now prioritize 2 of the best stats for your class.
    -- It will no longer give HP/SP/MP to weapons and accessories like normal Recreation Rune. Due to this change: all OJs found in weapons and accessories will be removed. Sorry for this, but OJ was never supposed to be on these stats for weapons and accessories.
    -- It will no longer give you more stats than the allowed max OJ stats for each item.

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  • Maintenance Updates Today

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago

    - GRB time is back to 18hs like before.
    - Perfect Weapon Lapisia added to Core 1, 2, 3 and 4. Same as Core 5.
    - Gold Bars are now tradable.
    - Added some weapons to level up boxes Lv51 and Lv70.
    - Duration on some buffs has been increased to 30 minutes. Let me know in suggestions (by skill name) if I forgot some.
    - Lots of drop rates changed, I will update the drop list file soon. Mostly, increased rates and moved some items to another zones.
    - There is a new system for map drops that allows me to add more content in it by item group ID instead of individual item IDs. You should feel you are getting less items but this change will allow us to get more variation of items in the future.
    - Security changes has been made to the client to prevent the use of dual boxing and some speedhack programs.

    As always, feel free to drop more suggestions about past, present and future changes.

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