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  • New Mount! the NightFury

    Events & Promotions, 4 days ago
    Beware for the night is long and the shadows can hide.. oh wait, he is right there!!

    Welcome our new mount, the NightFury!
    The Night Fury was once considered to be one of the most mysterious and fearsome species of dragons. But now, he is a friendly companion that will help you move from here to there in no time!

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  • Updates: 2019-09-10: Fixes and AFK System

    Announcements & Maintenances, 4 days ago
    Patch 115 change-log:

    - Skill Magic Veil keep time reduced from 3 minutes to 1 minute for balancing.
    - Fixed some general issues with targeting.
    - Fixed an issue that prevented harpoon damage to be rendered correctly, making both clients not log the first hit.
    - Fixed an issue that allowed players to ignore aoe lures when seated.
    - Fixed some weird interactions that allowed players to hide %skill damages.
    - New AFK system added to the game. After 120 seconds of not moving or fighting (auto attack does not count as fighting), you will be flagged as AFK and stop getting shared kills from raid or party.

    Lapis Extractors changes:
    - Bless drop was reduced from 600 to 100 points and the tick was increased from 180 to 300 seconds.
    - Respawn of extractors was changed from 1h to 2h per map.
    - Extractors now have a small chance to drop 64k Microchip alongside with the quest items.

    Thats all for now.

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  • Is that a plane? superman? no! Its Birb!

    Events & Promotions, 1 week ago
    A kind of fatty plane if you ask me, but hey! Its cute!
    Welcome our brand new companion Birb.
    She will pick up all the crap you get from monsters without saying a thing. Take good care of her.

    Available now at our item mall

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  • The Iron Invasion is back!

    Events & Promotions, 1 week ago

    The Iron Invasion is on motion once again.
    Lapis extraction operations are being conducted at Proellium Frontier, Cantabillian and D-Water Borderlands by the Vueltas army.
    Your mission is to stop them at all costs and retrieve what ever is left after the battle to add up to your faction's supplies. Don't let the enemies control it, none of them.

    Each faction will be informed when a new extraction operation has started so you can go and fight it off.
    Lapis Extractors will spawn every 1 hour cycling between the 3 maps up to a total of 21 spawns per day.
    New NPC Artifact Technician that can be found around the war camps on each of these maps that will help you salvage some components into 64k Microchip. Quest items are tradeable but limited by the mob drops.

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  • Updates: 2019-09-04: Healers changes and some extra stuff

    Announcements & Maintenances, 1 week ago
    We thought it was time to give our healers a little boost here and there to see if it improves their life expectancy.
    These changes are up for test, we will be checking how everything goes and do little changes if needed (or not).

    Patch 113 change-log:

    - You will now get a message in chat and a barrier effect when you hit an invulnerable mob or boss. These in-vulnerabilities come from a boss not called or from mob AI.
    - Boss mini pets are now level 31+. Since we are keeping the max OJs intact, these became too powerful for lower levels.
    - Fixed the position of names for Elf characters while using some mounts.
    - Did some changes to the random drop system. It should be working fine now.
    - Fixed raid invite when its on manual and already 30 members.
    - Item tool tips have been redesigned to incorporate other useful data.
    - Added missing title and effect to Little Rami pet.
    - Fixed an issue that made you start casting the same spell again if you spammed the key too much.
    - Dismantle function in Raids has been removed.

    Priest | Oracle
    - Skill Magic Veil cool down reduced by 90 seconds and duration increased by 3 minutes. The amount of attacks it can sustain was Increased by 1 but only at skill's max level.
    - Fixed an issue that prevented Etain's Embrace to work properly if it was used just before Transformation Skill expired.
    - Transformation Skill will now slightly increase your defenses for its duration.
    - After being resurrected on a FFA/FF map, healers will have a 20 seconds untouchable buff instead of the default 10 seconds.

    These 2 changes are big for gameplay and will be tested in live for a week to see how people react. Range was not reduced like last time, it should be the same and horizon lapis should now work on heals and dispel (not like before)
    - Dispel and Healing Spells will now check for Line of Sight. Some tall objects or walls will now block your line of sight and give you an error when trying to use these spells.
    - Dispel and Healing Spells will now check for spell range and automatically close distance to target if needed, unless you have no line of sight.

    Return of The Iron Invasion
    - The Vueltas Army is gathering resources around Relics at Proellium Frontier, Cantabillian and D-Water Borderlands.
    - Each faction will be informed when a new extraction operation has started so you can go and fight it off.
    - Lapis Extractors will spawn every 1 hour cycling between the 3 maps up to a total of 21 spawns per day.
    - New NPC Artifact Technician can be found around the war camps on each of these maps that will help you salvage some components into 64k Microchip.
    - Quest items are tradeable but limited.

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  • What? New Fwends??

    Events & Promotions, 4 weeks ago
    We were feeling alone in game so we added new friends to share our adventures!
    Meet Rami, Chompy and Froggy. You can find them in out item shop right now!

    Little Rami | 10% Critical Damage Increase | All stats +10

    Chompy | Normal pick up Pet | All stats +10

    True Tree Frog | Normal pick up Pet | All stats +10

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  • Summer Rollback?

    Events & Promotions, 4 weeks ago

    Someone forgot to tell summer that is over and the portals to the Forgotten Resort are now open again!
    Feel free to roam around the beaches and have a last chance at getting the Morpho Menelaus wings.

    Along with this, we introduce you the latest two new creations:

    Siren's Song +15

    Coral Magic +15

    You have around one week to enjoy the last of summer.
    Have fun!

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  • Updates: 2019-08-19: Small changes

    Announcements & Maintenances, 4 weeks ago
    Patch 111 change-log:

    - Client version update. I have encrypted our client so we can safely add new stuff.
    - Made some fixes to Borderless settings and added missing resolutions. I'll wait for more reports on issues and try to fix as long as their appear.
    - Guild Warehouse size has been increased like with Personal Warehouse. Same amount of slots.
    - Friendly FFA Map will now ignore active battle runes. All kills will be increased by 1 unless the map is set to have bonus kills.
    - Fixed an issue that allowed party members target and attack invisible enemies in Friendly FFA.
    - Boss mini pets will now give you a fancy title and an extra 10% critical damage bonus. Max OJs won't be modified.

    Behind the scenes:
    - Added support for map based kill quests so I can make quests requesting kills on certain maps.
    - Removed fruit boxes from bosses.
    - GM can now use Raid Command Sit | Play even if not in the same raid.

    Thats all for now.
    Report any issues you might find so I can fix later. No bugs, no job, right? :D

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  • Updates: 2019-08-08: Small changes

    Announcements & Maintenances, 1 month ago
    Patch 108 change-log:

    - Changes to Canyon of Greed:
    -- Tunnels will be kept unwalled for now.
    -- A no-skill zone has been added to the tunnel entrance to prevent players healing or dispelling from the inside.
    -- Debuff guards have been changed: range is reduced but with increased area of effect and will only lower your attack speed.
    -- All changes to CoG are still part of our tests to make this map more enjoyable and fair to everyone.

    - Changes to Caelum Sacra F3:
    -- Added a new safe spawn location so you can load the map without being killed. Once in the map, you will see a portal that will move you to the boss room.

    - Setting up a raid will now automatically select random loop option.
    - Boss and other mobs with custom AI will always process their drops as if random loot was enabled, no matter what you have selected in your raid config.
    - Recreation Roll window will now show the item current values as shown in the screenshot.
    - New command /guildnames on|off to enable|disable showing guild names. This setting will be saved after relog.
    - Game window settings reverted to original state. Borderless and Show Taskbar options will be ignored for now until I find a better way to set it up.
    - Warehouse display has changed from 40 slots per page to 80 slots per page, keeping the amount of max slots (for now).
    - Price for 7d Elixirs have been reduced by 30%.
    - Permanent Elixirs will be added to WebShop in shortly after update. These potions are character bound but the bundle is tradeable.

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  • Updates: 2019-08-01: Bye bye summer!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 1 month ago
    Good news everyone! CoG is back!

    Summer event is over, no items were removed but all portals are now closed. If you still have quest items, you can keep them for the next time or sell to NPC.
    On other news, I have made some changes to Canyon of Greed, again, after checking feedback from users. Almost got drowned by tears :D

    Patch 107 change-log:
    - Summer event has been disabled, all portals and maps are now closed.
    - Canyon of Greed invisible walls have been removed and replaced with setback portals. Snipers have been removed and replaced with de-buffing guards. (watch out with these ones)
    - Skill Razor Will duration extended to 30 minutes.
    - Crit Pet has been renamed to Falkor and will now auto pick up items and gold like before.
    - New Command: /titles on|off to enable|disable showing player titles. This setting will be saved after relog.
    - Using Magic Arrow will automatically target the closest enemy but only if you have no target already selected.
    - Fixed range issue on archer/hunter when attacking same faction players.
    - Fixed chat bubble not showing up when transformed into mobs.
    - Fixed name not showing up when transformed into mobs. It will only be shown when player is targeted.
    - BOT Police has been updated. You will now have to select 1 out of 4 buttons containing the number provided by the message.

    Let me know if you find any issues, thank you all.

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  • Oh Sexy!

    Events & Promotions, 2 months ago
    Created out of Scattie's mind, we bring you this new and exclusive fashion set to make everyone jelly at the beach.
    This is the first creation in the collection, let us just hope we can get more!

    Scattie's Collection #1

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  • Updates: 2019-07-15: Crit Pet Buffed, FFA Fixes and more...

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago
    Summer Event is still going and portals will stay open for another 15 days until end of July! So you still have time to get those fancy wings!

    Now, lets talk about the changes:
    - Critical Pet has been buffed a little bit. It will now give a bonus based on your overall damage, not just the damage you get out of LUC. Tests will continue and this pet might keep getting changes until we find something balanced.
    - Fixed the position of name, guildname, title and chat bubbles.
    - Fixed an issue preventing raid leaders from using Raid Mark on same faction players.
    - Fixed a chat issue when typing % in raid chat.
    - Raid mark messages will now be displayed to everyone within the raid while in FFA map.
    - New emote icons for Raid Mark, Raid Sit, Raid Play.
    - Healing spells can now be used on enemy players inside FFA map.
    - Resurrection Spell and Target Resurrection Rune are now blocked in FFA map.
    - Fix for skill bar 3 to be automatically placed at the third position of skills.
    - New Attack Player behavior that will target and attack the closest enemy player.
    - Renamed GM Extraction Hammer to Perfect Extraction Hammer to allow it to be searched in the auction board.

    - New raid leader command: Raid Sit
    -- This command can only be used in a designated map and will move the targeted player to the sitters position.
    - New raid leader command: Raid Play
    -- This command can only be used in a designated map and will move the targeted player to your position.

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  • The Savior of Raptors

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago
    After months of rescuing and protecting their children, The Mother of Raptors has finally allowed us to start giving them a new home.
    Welcome the unpronounceable new permanent pet that will enhance your critical damage by 20% plus giving you the fancy 'Savior of Raptors' title.
    Check it out at our Item Shop > Pets > Special Pets


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  • Updates: 2019-07-01: Summer Escapade!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago

    Welcome back to the Forgotten Resort !
    Summer is here and we are planning an escapade to the forgotten resort, problem is... its still full of monsters!
    Gather your friends and adventure one more time into this mystic island to discover what secrets it holds.

    Portals are located on each main capital, outside city walls (Apulune / Iris) and will be open all July.
    Sealakel Leaders spawn every 3 hours and one of them guards a portal that will allow you to access the enemy's resort. Be on your watch!

    - We have made some changes to Canyon of Greed that will prevent people from going back inside their faction tunnel. Instead they will need to go around the long path (or use town portal). We will be testing and checking feedback on this change to see if it improves (or not) the daily CoG pvp.
    - A Tiny Raptor pet (from Mother of Raptors quest line) is now a 10% critical bonus damage pet with max OJ values of 10/20. This pet will grant you the title "The Caretaker" for its duration.
    - Eyjafjallajokull pet (from Mother of Raptors quest line) is now a 20% critical bonus damage pet with max OJ values of 10/20. This pet will grant you the title "Savior of Raptors" for its duration.
    - Removed hidden cool down for Potions in Quick Bar and Revolver Skill Bar (Z/X and R). There was a weird delay on the use of these slots that did not happen on normal quick bars or inventory.
    - New 7 day version of Cure/Dispel/Abolishing/Blessing/Holy potions was added to the Mysterious Woman at Auction House. You can purchase these with gold. Permanent version will be added later to Item Mall.
    - A new quick bar was added to the game. You can enable or disable it by pressing shift + plus|minus. It will work with the same hotkeys as the second quick bar. Check hotkeys options for more information.
    - Fixed mixed party system to allow raids in ffa map.
    - PvP Matches map have been changed back to the original one.
    - Made some fixes to chat input to prevent words being removed. Please report if this keeps happening and on what circumstances.
    - Movement Rune will now allow you to use it on any party or raid member.
    - Position for raid tabs, raid party and loot options will now be saved after relog.
    - Skill bars will be unmovable while having the Skill bar lock option enabled in User Settings.

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  • Updates: 2019-06-05: Patch 98 / Some minor changes...

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago
    Patch 98 Change-log:

    - Bonuses given by the Blessing of the Goddess has been balanced. Now both factions will get the same bonus at the same bless stage.
    - Infinite Sanctuary portals have been moved to each faction's map 1 (Ereumana / Reikeuseu). Same location as Core 1. All other locations have been closed.
    - Dispel Lv1 is now instant cast but only if you are level 30 or below.
    - Several fixes to mobs drop system.
    - Some fixes to pet equip action to prevent them going invisible.
    - Emotes can now be targeted to another players.
    - Fixed an issue that made bosses spawn instantly after a server restart.
    - Several fixes and changes to chat display and chat tabs.
    - Added missing minimap to Lost Grove.
    - Added missing icon to Underworld Garment.

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  • New Underworld Garment!

    Events & Promotions, 4 months ago

    Unleash your inner darkness and vanquish your foes while wearing these dark leather clothes. Fashion will never be dead, but they might.
    Introducing Underworld Garments, now available at our item mall.

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  • Updates: 2019-05-14: Patch 97 / The End of Easter

    Announcements & Maintenances, 4 months ago
    Sadly, we have to let our bunnies go.. even if it's nightmare's bunnies.

    - Easter patch has been removed along with all its related items.
    -- Heavenly Cores and Dust will remain one more week so people can try to complete a last pair of wings.
    -- No further event mobs will be spawned, so don't ask.
    - Fixed Clean Dyes function making you lose connection.
    - New Show Taskbar option to be used with Borderless Window, for those who always want to see their windows bar.

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  • Updates: 2019-05-10: Patch 95 / Random Drop & Stuff

    Announcements & Maintenances, 4 months ago
    - Raid Random Drop option was reworked:
    -- It will now give one item to a different eligible member up to the maximum of items it can drop. (in most cases, this value is 9)
    -- The order of these items will be randomized, so you can't fix your position in raid to get the one you want. (will also work like this for team order)
    -- Quest items will only go to those players with the quest active and will only drop in floor if the player is not eligible to receive the item.
    -- Note: An eligible player is a member of the killing raid that is close by and alive. If that player is not close to the kill, or its dead, or its teleporting around, item will go to the next one until there is no one else. No items should drop on floor anymore.

    General changes:
    - Elemental icons will now be shown for equipped items.
    - Fixed tool tip information for items equipped in different war modes than the one active. It should now show correct lapis/enchantment/ojs data.
    - Fixed an issue preventing getting a trade request while warehouse rune was active.
    - Fixed an issue preventing the use of warehouse rune on new maps.
    - Trade/Duel requests will now be automatically rejected if you have a window dialog open. (npc dialogs, trade, bank, wh, extract/link, etc)
    - Trade channel has been disabled inside GRB to prevent nonsense spam.
    - Dragon pet obtained from the last quest in Mother of Raptors quest chain has been upgraded to 45 days duration.
    - While in PvP Maps or PvP Matches and not in a Duel: changes to enemy equipment, other than weapons, will not be rendered by your client in order to reduce game freezes. We will be testing this feature the next few days and if it does indeed improve the overall playing experience, it will stay.
    - Blessing of the Goddess will now take 3 minutes to fully reset.
    - New graphic options that will allow you to enable or disable the processing of in-game shaders. By disabling shaders you will get considerably more FPS out of the game.
    - New graphic options to enable or disable border less window.

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  • Easter Event: The Envoys of Spring

    Events & Promotions, 5 months ago
    The Envoys of Spring are here and are asking for your help!

    Winter seems to want to stay and they are recruiting brave warriors to adventure into the Realms of Winter and fight the source of its problem.
    Help our little piggy friends to get rid of winter and the cold and discover the many rewards you can get in this new (recycled) map. Talk to each Herald of Winter to receive their daily quests.

    The Realms of Winter is a PvP Map where both factions will fight to get access to 2 bosses that spawn every 5 hours.
    These bosses are important because they will drop one of the required items for the Heavenly Wings quest. You must contact Puny Trevor in there to access the quest.

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  • Easter Event: The Nightmare Realm

    Events & Promotions, 5 months ago
    Crazy Willow has opened a portal to a place we are not supposed to go! The Nightmare Realm.
    Guards tried to help out but they are too weak! We need your help defeating these demons.

    Find Willow and his assistants at each Capital City and help him contain the terrors inside this new Event Dungeon.
    Only the bravest will be able to face the evil monsters inside this place..

    In this map you will find 3 mini bosses with a 4 hour respawn and 1 boss with a 4 hour respawn. In order to get to the last boss, you will need to kill all 3 mini bosses to unlock all doors.

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  • Secret Valentine!

    Events & Promotions, 7 months ago

    Valentine's Day is getting close and I don't have a date yet! Oh well, better find me someone to get me a present, just in case. Cakes accepted <3

    Join us in this community event on which every single one will be able to sign up for a secret valentine's game.
    You have time until February 10th (inclusive) to apply, after that, a random player will be assigned to you so you can deliver your gift! Be nice and make a thoughtful one.
    The value of the gift will be in the intention of it, not in the price. But you must send a gift! Failing to do, might end up with punishments.

    We hope everyone can apply and we all have a happy time.

    Press on the image or here to apply.

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  • Christmas Events! (ends 10th January)

    Events & Promotions, 9 months ago
    Christmas is getting closer and we need to be ready!
    But there is an issue! Santa has crashed his sleigh and all the reindeer have escaped! Help him out, and all his friends, so we can save Christmas!

    You will find the following quests in your Capital City:
    - Santa's Lost Presents (repeatable)
    - Catch the Mischievous Goats (daily)
    - Catch a Myth (repeatable)
    - Christmas Decorations (daily)
    - Preparing the Feast (daily)
    - A Troll Problem (daily)
    - Donner and Blitzen (daily)
    - Get Filled with the Christmas Spirit (repeatable)

    Discover all the rewards you can get by doing the daily quests and if you complete enough tasks to get filled by the Christmas Spirit, you will be able to get your own Christmas Wings!

    Hope you guys like the events.

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