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  • New friends joining up! + Last days for Halloween Event!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 weeks ago
    Hello everyone!
    We are coming close to the end of the Halloween Event, clean up your calendar and free up some hours so you can get your halloween wings!
    Event will end this Friday, November 9th.

    Mother of Raptors quest line will stay permanently in the server, might tune it up a little bit or change something in the future, but its a permanent new quest.

    In the meantime, say hello to these new friends that will allow you to hop up and go into battle with them!
    Ifrit, Deathknight, Blue Troll, Brute and Cricket!

    Also, I have added the Item Transfer service in our Item Mall so you can do your transfers yourself.
    This is not an item you get in game, this is a web service, it will be processed and completed automatically in our website.

    The steps are explained in the description, but I'll explain here again:
    1. You select your character where the item to be transferred is (it needs to be in that character's inventory)
    2. You select the item you want to transfer
    3. You type the name of your friend (receiver) and search for it.
    4. If name is found, both characters (sender and receiver) are offline, and item is allowed to be transferred, the system will do the transfer.

    As from now on, I will not be doing any more item transfers or AP transfers due to this being now automatic.

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  • Zerg your enemies for real!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 1 month ago
    Mount up on this Hydralisk and zerg your enemies!
    Or join team bug with this big worm.
    Oh, and don't forget about the Troll.

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  • Halloween Patch + Extras

    Announcements & Maintenances, 1 month ago
    Halloween Events are now live.
    - Jack's quest to get the Halloween Wings.
    - Mother of Dragons quest to get... something.
    - Filler quests to work around.

    Shop Changes:
    - Added Horizon Lapis Lv1/Lv2
    - Added a Buff Bundle containing the most used 30d buffs so it's cheaper to get.
    - Added Halloween Wagon (Mount, 2 seats)
    - Added Halloween Clown and Scarecrow. (Pets)
    - Added Vampire Costume.

    New Costumes
    Loyal Mate

    Team Bug

    As always, if you find any issues, lets us know!

    The Referee

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  • Spooky October!

    Events & Promotions, 1 month ago

    Spooky Halloween!
    Halloween Zombies and Halloween Pumpkins have been seen roaming around our battle zones.
    Help your faction by exterminating these pests and keeping their generals in line.

    If you wander too much around them, you will find who is in charge and that would be the Mad Pumpkin (Lv15), the Mad Pumpkin Princess (Lv30) and the Mad Pumpkin Queen (Lv80)!
    Oh and by the way, if you see The Most Ugly Pumpkin (Lv80) in the world, stomp it!

    The Nightmare before Halloween
    Help Jack the Skeleton free his wife from the hands of the Mad Pumpkin Queen by gathering the required materials for it.
    You will require three special pumpkins for him to regain his strength. Check out around the city for someone to help you out.

    A witch's gift (Daily)
    Talk to Esther/Aisha and help her out by gathering the candies she want. Witches like candy too!

    Nightmare on Halloween (Daily)
    Lapoon/Hashi have trouble sleeping. Find out why!

    All NPC are in your Capital City.
    Mad Pumpkin spawns in Proelium Frontier every 8 hours.
    Mad Pumpkin Princess spawns in Cantabilian every 8 hours.
    Mad Pumpkin Queen spawns in D-Water Borderlands every 8 hours.
    The Most Ugly Pumpkin spawns in D-Water Borderlands every 8 hours.

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  • The Mother of Raptors travels our land

    Events & Promotions, 1 month ago

    The Mother of Raptors seeks aid!
    Help the Mother of Raptors recover her loved pets so they can grow free and strong. She will be visiting your capital cities just outside of the main gates.
    You will need to travel to different battle zones and find these crazy Raptor Hunters and put and end to their enclave. But be aware of the monstrosity they are summoning in Deep Desert.

    New quest chain that will make you go through each battle zone farming mobs to help the Mother of Raptors.
    New Raptor Hunter mob for each zone.
    New Raptor Slayer boss spawns in Deep Desert every 12 hours.

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  • Rides from Hell

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago
    Ride your own demon into battle and conquer your foes!

    Introducing these two new mounts: Demonic and Destroyer

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  • Shop Update

    Announcements & Maintenances, 2 months ago
    I have made some minor changes in the shop:

    - Removed all 1 day mounts.
    - Added Kill Transfer Service
    - Added 2 new mounts: Dino & Stinger.

    I'll work on other services next but wanted to release this one at least.
    That's all for now :D

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  • Updates: 2018-08-29: LUC Ranged Damage and more!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago
    Update for today:

    - Skill Aura of Health is now party buff.
    - Skill Resurrect will now work on all character levels.
    - Skill Leadership will now also increase ranged attack power.
    - Skill Charge: fixed an issue that allowed this skill to be used while rooted.
    - Casting Death's Touch on a target already having this skill active will now be ignored.
    - Casting Lures on a target with an active lure will now be ignored.
    - New quest scrolls and npc for Infinite Weapons lv15 added inside Infinite Dungeon.
    - Quest Sweeper's Request changed to reward Drop of Light instead of Crest of Deceit.
    - Canyon of Greed Effulgent related NPCs have been moved to Capital Cities.
    - Gold Merchant added to Guild Houses.
    - LUC to Damage for ranged attacks was increased from 0.3 to 1.0.
    - Hoziron Lapis added to Cloron Dragon and Fantasma Dragon drops.
    - Fixed a mob debuff bug that increased your physical attack damage.

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  • Some new mounts!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago
    Ever wanted to ride your own bear into battle? Or the most evil and cute sheep? Now you can!
    Check out these new mounts, now available in item mall!

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  • Event's Schedule has been updated!

    Events & Promotions, 3 months ago
    This covers the week starting on Monday 20th until Sunday 26th.
    Check it out here:

    15.00 “Defend the Castle” (Lv80 PvE)
    Your Capital city is under attack. Go defend it for the honour of your faction!
    19.00 “Exploring new lands!” (Lv15 PvP)
    Go on an adventure in unexplored territory to find new treasures and opportunities!
    21.00 “Come find us!” (Lv80 PvE)
    Lumen and his friends have escaped from their bounds in Kallium Illos. Go find them and put them back where they belong!

    10.00 “Humble beginnings” (Lv80 PvE)
    Your starter friends are being hunted by robots. Go save them!
    16.00 “Defend Medius” (Lv80 PvP)
    Team up with your faction to hold the relic!
    22.00 “Cuddling goodness” (Lv80 PvE)
    Cute creatures are lurking with nice goodies to collect!

    10.00 “The Riddler” (Lv80 PvE)
    Solve all the riddles to find your way to a hidden treasure!
    18.00 “Old macdonald had a ..” (Lv80 PvE Mists)
    Battle the strange monsters in the Mist to find proper treasure! Portals will open in each Capital.
    23.00 “Follow the leader” (Lv15 PvP)
    Team up with your faction to hunt the opposite leader to gain prizes!

    10.00 “Tropical vacation” (Lv80 PvP)
    Defend the Oasis from the opposite faction to enjoy the monsters hanging around there!
    16.00 “Defend your newer players” (Lv80 PvE)
    Starfumos and Willoseu are under attack. Fight off the defenders!
    22.00 “Protect Reno” (Lv80 PvP)
    The opposite faction has come to take the altar as well as some sneaky monsters. Take the altar and you will prevail to glory!

    12.00 “Time to fight” (Lv80 4v4 Matches)
    Make your teams and get to the top!
    18.00 “Defend the Castle” (Lv80 PvE)
    Your Capital city is under attack. Go defend it for the honour of your faction!
    20.00 “Time to fight” (Lv80 4v4 Matches)
    Make your teams and get to the top!

    14.00 “Devine interruption” (Lv80 PvP)
    The goddesses have come to life to check on their armies when they arrived the opposite faction started hunting them. Go protect your goddess and be the first to destroy the other’s!
    18.00 “Time to fight” (Lv80 5v5 Matches)
    Make your teams and get to the top!
    22.00 “Cuddling goodness” (Lv80 PvE)
    Cute creatures are lurking with nice goodies to collect!

    14.00 “Winged Demons” (Lv80 PvP)
    The angels have left their sanctuaries and came to rule new lands. Stop them before they become too powerful!
    18.00 “For Honor and Glory” (GRB)
    Fight for the honor of your guild to claim the top 1 spot!
    19.00 “See through the Mist” (Lv80 PvP Mists)
    Help your faction defeat the opponents and claim the mist for your own!

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  • Updates 2018-08-18: More inventory space

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago
    A little update today to fix some internal issues before GRB, plus:

    - Added an extra tab to the character's inventory. You can now haul 24 more items.
    - Fixed some tool tip display issues (height, position, etc).
    - Added tool tips to warmode buttons.
    - Target Resurrection Runes will now work on all maps but with 15s cool down.(edited)
    - You are now allowed to use teleportation items inside PvP Maps.

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  • Updates 2018-08-15: Warmodes and more

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago
    - Warmode System has been modified to change your level between [Current], [15], [30], [60] and [80].
    -- If your character is currently in mode1 (15) or mode2 (30), you will need to change to normal mode and then switch back to those modes to reset your level, stats, skills.
    -- Make sure you unequip your gear before switching out or you will get stuck in place (as a security measure) until you do.

    - Infinite Sanctuary changes:
    -- Core 1 will now require you to be level 15 or below to enter. Infinite Box Lv1 now contains Infinite Weapons Lv15.
    -- Core 2 will now require you to be level 30 or below to enter. Infinite Box Lv2 now contains Infinite Weapons Lv29.

    - Deep Desert 1 is now a level 70-80 map. Medicine Merchant was added to spawn point.
    - Deep Desert 2 is now a level 60 map, all mobs from DD1 were moved to this map.
    - /call command will now include map name.
    - Minimum required players to open GRB map has been changed to 3.
    - Guild Manager added to Auction House.
    - Auctions can now be set up with a 7 day duration.
    - Cross faction whisper is now enabled.
    - Level requirement for all mounts has been decrease to level 1.
    - Fixed the value of points of WIS to Attack to be multiplier of 1.3 as intended.
    - There is a check added to login server to prevent people from faction hopping. You will now need to wait 15 minutes to switch between different faction accounts.

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  • More Mounts? You got it!

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago
    Pick yours! A lovely raptor or a bengal thingy!

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  • New Item Mall items

    Announcements & Maintenances, 3 months ago
    Two new instant mounts for the fashionable or the warmonger.
    Mount up in this lovely Pink Sheep to spread some love or in the back of Arachne to spread chaos and destruction, or not. :D

    New Pets enabled
    - Elvis, Bubba, Mini Dragon (Black) and Red Wine. These are the last pets that needed to be enabled, so enjoy having them.

    New Convenient items
    - Continuous Res Rune 7d and 30d -- Get a 7d or 30d rune to resurrect at 100% hp, mp, sp in the closest spawn point.
    - Weak Battle Rune 7d and 30d -- Double the kill points for 7d or 30d on blue grade enemies.
    - Medium Battle Rune 7d and 30d -- Double the kill points for 7d or 30d on yellow grade enemies. (not used yet but still in there)

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  • Promotion More Pets!

    Events & Promotions, 4 months ago
    Welcome these new pets:

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  • New Pets!

    Events & Promotions, 5 months ago
    3 New Pets added to Item Mall

    Mr Cuddle, Scar and the Red Queen

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  • 3 New Pets!

    Events & Promotions, 6 months ago
    Welcome our new pets: Lala, Larry and Loui!

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  • 3 New Companions!

    Events & Promotions, 6 months ago
    Stop being alone and find company in one of these 3 new friends!
    You can get them at Item Mall as 30d and Perm versions or in future events.

    Meet Shredder, Trixie and Freya!

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  • Meet Eliza!

    Events & Promotions, 6 months ago
    Let me introduce to you these new companions that will follow you everywhere you go.
    These girls will also pick up any items or gold you may get from killing mobs.

    Meet Eliza and Bloody Eliza

    To be available soon at the Item Mall or in-game events.

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  • Event Screenshot Event! Year of the Dog

    Events & Promotions, 7 months ago

    Hey, guys!

    Since our online base has increased nicely, we can start doing some forum events to increase the amount of free rewards you can get :D!

    The first and most basic event every mmorpg has is SCREENSHOT EVENT! Cool, huh?

    But, since our dev has been so busy decorating the server for you, I think the best we can do to start is making the theme of this event the new decorations!

    Instructions of the Event:

    -Take a Screenshot of your character in our server, showing some spot where the new decoration is.
    -Upload it to some image host, and post the image in our forums. In your post, the image must be visible! (use img tags).
    -The event will remain open until April 26th!

    Rules of the Event:


    -Screenshot must show the new decoration (for more info, click here)
    -We will judge the best screenshot! You can always add some effects with design tools, some text, or whatever. But in the end, they must add to an already amazing picture. No amount of editing will make a lame picture good.
    -Each player can participate only once! We will check IPs! if you get caught with several entries, you will be disqualified!

    1st place: One of the following costumes: Golden Blade, The Jester, Pretty Guardian (30 days duration), one of the following pets: Mushu y Rainbow Bird (30 days duration), 750 coins.
    2nd place: One of the following costumes: Golden Blade, The Jester, Pretty Guardian (30 days duration), 500 coins.
    3rd place: one of the following pets: Mushu y Rainbow Bird (30 days duration), 250 coins.

    For all that participate 250 coins.

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  • Event Easter's Event

    Events & Promotions, 8 months ago

    Easter has come and with it a lot of bunnies!
    They are invading each of the PvP zones and its your job to control this pest.
    Go out and kill as many as you can to get some useful rewards.

    Note: late this week we will add a list of items that you can get by exchanging your Easter Eggs.

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